Top 10 Best Knife Sharpener in Review

Having a sharp knife has made the culinary world take another level, but the problem comes when purchasing a knife sharpener. As a professional cook or chef, you understand that finding the best sharpener is not that simple like walking to the supermarket and grabbing the first sharpener available. That is because there are different type of knife sharpeners to consider, which includes stone set, electric and manual sharpener. Also, you will find out that some are straightforward sharpener while others involve 2-4 sharpening process. Since each of them is of different types, you have to know what you want.

Our review has put all your consideration into place, and that is why we have provided you with the best knife sharpener to consider in all categories. We hope that by reading through, you will settle on one of the best that you can rely on throughout your culinary activities.

10. FILWIN Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Having a blunt kitchen knife is so discouraging, especially when you are on the mood to prepare your favourite dishes. But, with FILWIN professional kitchen sharpener, you can rely on its three-stage sharpening professionalism to make your knife sharp again. This sharpener is suitable for a boning knife, chop bone knife, santoku knife, fruit, scissor and kitchen knife. Its base is of EVA material with non-slip effect, therefore, remains stable while sharpening. Meaning your countertop gets protected and your safety is also a guarantee. Lastly, its ergonomic handle offers good grip and control while in use.


  • Professional 3-stage knife sharpening system
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Multipurpose use
  • High-quality construction therefore durable
  • Small, compact and lightweight


  • The sharpener is not machine washable.

9. Homegician Kitchen Knife Sharpener

The Homegician kitchen knife sharpener is the newest version sharpener to consider. It is a whole metal frame sharpener that handles all types of blunt knives in seconds. The arms are of tungsten carbide that contours to the knifes edge better this a sharper knife. More so, its instructions provide you with all guidelines to ensure easy use of the knife sharpener. For instance, press harder for a sturdy chopping blade or lightly for a fine blade. Besides, you can rely on it for professional use because it is not only portable but also works on all knife blades. Apart from sharpening, it also hones knives; therefore, you get a reliable sharpener to realign the blade and restore its luster.


  • Suitable for use in all knives
  • Sharpens hones and polish the knife
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Its solid construction makes it durable


  • The sharpener can chip the knife a little

8. THRITOP 3 in 1 Electric Knife Sharpener Tool

Although many people do not consider electric sharpener to work better than manual ones, we guarantee you that purchasing THRITOP knife sharpener will clear all the misconception. That is because it sharpens not only all types of knives but also scissors and screwdrivers. That makes your job more efficient. With just one touch on the on/off button, your sharpener will be ready to use. Its design is also outstanding. That includes a built-in retractable power cord that retracts with a press on the power button and also for easy storage and portability. Your safety is also a guarantee with this machine as it has four non-slip feet under the machine to keep it firmly in place while in use. That not being all, it also aids in fast heat dissipation therefore convenient and reliable.


  • Non-slip feet thus, safe for use
  • 40 Watt powerful motor making it convenient for use
  • Easy to use with on/off button
  • Multi-functional usage
  • Uses Japanese grinding wheel


  • The retractable blade breaks easily.

7. ASEL Premium 4 Side Knife Sharpening Stone Kit comes to designer functional sharpener set, then ASEL side 400/100 2000/5000 grit whetstone takes it all. If you love sharpening your knives using stone, then you can secure this set. It sharpens any type of blade that includes pocket knives, kitchen knives carving tool and much more. You won’t need extra budget to buy sharpening oil as ASEL stone Kit only uses water for sharpening. Don’t worry because a full guide on how to use this premium knife sharpening stone set is also included. When it comes to quality, it is of professional grade white corundum which is heat and corrosion resistant with the corners and edges demarcated. Lastly, it has the value of money, therefore, a perfect investment.


  • Easy to use by following the guide instructions
  • High-quality water stone
  • The bamboo base and bonus angle glider .akes it sturdy enough while in use
  • Sharpens any type of blade
  • You get 60-days refund if not satisfied


  • Not suitable for ceramic and serrated blades

6. Secura Electric Knife Sharpener

With an electric knife gaining more popularity, the Secura knife sharpener a is one to go purchase. It has a two-stage sharpening system that is perfect for all type of blades apart from serrated blades. The first stage will sharpen and rejuvenates the edge while the second stage hones and polishes the blade. Its heavy-duty non-slip suction cup feet keep the sharpener in place, therefore, no mishaps. More so, the on/off switch button makes it secure and easy to use the sharpener. Its construction and power setting is only suitable for North American Electrical Standards so ensure it works perfectly for you.


  • ETL approved
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty included
  • Strong, sturdy and safe for sharpening
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet, efficient and easy to handle


  • Not suitable for ceramic and serrated blades

5. Grocery Art Electric Knife Sharpener

The 3 in 1 multipurpose electric knife sharpener is one of a kind when it comes to sharpening hunting knives, kitchen knives, screwdrivers, folding, utility and much more. It doesn’t take much of the space in the cupboard and cabinets, therefore efficient storage. This two-stage multi-angle knife is engineered to hone and polish by using the in-built auto angle. Meaning it brings back that sharpness to your knife. Using it is not a problem as you will have to insert the blade into the slot then press the power button to use. For safety purposes, do not clean its base water or liquids, just use a damp cloth then let it dry.


  • Has the value of money
  • Easy to use
  • Small and compact sharpening
  • Multi-functional
  • Simple and convenient


  • Tends to be noisy

4. G-TING Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone Set

G-TING sharpening stone set is a one-stop-shop that you can rely on whatever the type of item you need to sharpen or polished. This set is different from ASEL set as it is a set of 400/1000 to sharpen the edge and 3000/8000 to higher polish. Whatever the type of blade, G-TING is the way to go. More so, it is of white corundum which is corrosion and heat resistant. Also, you will have reduced your budget because it only needs water to sharpen so no expensive honing oils. What we like most about it is its ultra-precise sharpening design that guarantees peak performance. Lastly, it is 100% safe to use because of its non-slip base; therefore, no inconveniences while in use.


  • Has dual grit to repair and sharpen
  • Multi-functional use
  • Non-slip base thus, safe for use
  • Sharpens all types of blades


  • The stone may not fit the base of not double-checked.

3. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

The Work Sharp sharpener not only has the value of money but also offer great performance. What makes it better is the replaceable abrasive belts designed to meet all your needs. More so, it won’t damage or burn blade steel during sharpening. You can use it to sharpen lawn mower blades, shears, garden pruners, scrapers and much more. Also, it makes an ideal handheld detail grinder. Its use is also simple as a guide is included on how to use to avoid inconveniences.


  • Sharpening guides
  • Has the value of money
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile design
  • High-quality edge


  • Not suitable for short blades

2. Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener

One of the best electric knife sharpener to rely on is from chef’s choice knife sharpener. As we know that not all electric sharpener can handle serrated knives, this one tends to be unique. It uses an advanced patented flexible guide for accurate control and automatic adjustment by use of simple on/off switch. More so, the three sharpening stages system offers optimum versatility, thus providing a perfect edge, which also increases the longevity of serrated knives. For fast time sharpening, it takes one minute while resharpening is approximately ten seconds. Lastly, you have three stages to follow, so you must follow the guidelines for more tips.


  • Easy to use
  • 3-year limited warranty included
  • Offers three-stage edge select sharpening system
  • Diamond abrasive patented sharpening
  • Knife Sharpener for serrated and straight knives
  • Ideal for the professional chef


  • May damage the blades

1. Edge Pro Apex 1Knife Sharpener Kit

We consider Edge Pro Apex sharpener uses a patented knife guide system to sharpen any blade shape and size. That also includes serrated knives. You can sharpen your knife at the same angle, which makes resharpening fast. The set only needs a routine cleaning, not maintenance. Besides, it’s longlasting and also inexpensive to replace, therefore reduced budget. While in use, it does not create heat; therefore, it will not da.age the temper of your knife. Lastly, it offers many adjustable angles giving you lots of option. It comes with a carrying case therefore easy storage and portability; instructional also included therefore worth the purchase.


  • Easy to use
  • Of high-quality material therefore durable
  • Works perfectly with Apex stones
  • Has the value of money


  • May come defective

Factors to consider while buying a knife sharpener

There are many factors to consider before you make a purchasing decision. And since our review is a mixture of all types of knife sharpeners, the guide below is a summary of the main factors to consider. It includes;


The knife sharpener should be suitable enough for all your culinary needs. For instance, longer blades need large knife sharpener while for a very sharp blade, you need an abrasive sharpener. Please note;the type of material used in sharpeners construction should be harder than the knife blades.


It is necessary to go for a brand or product that is proven safe for use to avoid mishaps. That means that even your children won’t get hurt if they handle it abruptly. However, most sharpeners are encased to prevent harm to your body. Therefore find an appropriate knife sharpener that suits your whole family use.

Power and wattage

It is a vital feature to consider, especially if you are settling for an electric knife sharpener. That is because you will not like the unit that consumes lots of energy, thus adding to your bills. But, the listed electric Sharpeners uses very little power as it only takes a minute or less to sharpen the knife.


We encourage you to go for a knife sharpener that works on most blades and also can sharpen other tools like screws and scissors. And to prevent knife damages then considering a quality knife sharpener is beneficial. Also, depending on how you use it, always sharpen the knife before use. But carbon and stainless steel knives require sharpening after every use, so it is necessary to go for a knife sharpener that meets your culinary needs. All you have to do is to order any of the above and make your culinary world go round.

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