Top 10 Best Kneeling Chairs in 2022 Reviews

If you want to deal with sciatica, neck and back pain while improving your productivity, whether working at home or office, you need to invest in the best kneeling chair. You might have given a try an ergonomic chair or standing desk, but the outcome still becomes the same. And that’s where these exclusive kneeling chairs come into play. They help in improving your posture and enables you to sit all day without feeling fatigued. Better yet, these units are designed to aid you to maintain a natural contour in your lower back to get rid of the pressure.

With the limitless number of kneeling chairs available in the market, making the right decision is not easy that said and done. The last thing you want is to buy a unit that doesn’t conform to your needs. However, we’ve done the homework for you. In this post, we’ve reviewed and put together the best ten kneeling chairs in the market. Let’s get rolling.

#10. EXERCISE N PLAY Balans Posture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Office & Home (Light Wood)

Are you experiencing lower back pain, sciatic pain or neck pain yet you still seat an ergonomic office chair? If so, you need to go for an ergonomic kneeling chair. EXERCISE N PLAY model is one of the functional yet straightforward kneeling chairs you can think of. It’s made to keep a natural curve in your lower back to get rid of the pressure and ensures your entire back is at ease. This unit does not only get rid of the back pain but also supports your whole body for greater comfort. Since it has two knee rest, unlike others with one ample knee rest, it supports all users more so the kids with ease.


  • The chair helps to relieve tension in the back and back
  • Has a much more excellent construction than the metal types
  • Built with a sturdy and robust base for support
  • Keeps you straight up and comfortable


  • Takes a bit longer to assemble

#9. Cinius Improve Posture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair w/ Angled Seat & Non-Deformable Cushions

This high-quality ergonomic chair by Cinius is perfect for those who work while sitting. The chair help in keeping the correct posture and aligning the spine to keep away spine-related issues. With non-deformable padding and resistant fabric, the cover makes the kneeling chair much stronger. And to make it accommodative and comfortable, its seat and backrest are adjustable. If you have better usage, then you can move aside one knee at some point from the knee pad to remove the buildup pressure. Moreover, it’s suitable for people below 6 feet tall and a weight of up to 200lbs not to forget its simplicity.


  • It’s constructed with high-quality materials
  • The chair is of high-quality upholstered
  • Offers great support and comfort
  • Easy to assembling and assemble


  • Assembling instruction is written in Italian

#8. Cinius Wooden Frame Foldable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Improve Posture w/Angled Seat

Unlike the previous model, this ergonomic kneeling chair by Cinius is foldable and has solid wooden frames. It has high-quality upholstered having very resistant fabric covering and non-deformable padding. Better yet, the padding is designed to offer comfortable support. The angled-cushion encourage a correct posture which relieves your spine for a healthier lifestyle. The tilt is adjustable to ensure your spine is always positioned correctly. Moreover, it can support up to 200lbs and hassle-free to assemble. This chair will also help reduce back and hip pain, you’ll work in your at your office or from home all day long without feeling fatigued.


  • Constructed from reliable and high-quality materials
  • The wheels make it easy to move around your office
  • It helps your back pain, hip pain and posture
  • Ideal for a low back injury


  • The cushion is a bit hard

#7. Stand Steady ProErgo Pneumatic Fully Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Home & Office

Stand Steady ProErgo pneumatic pump ergonomic kneeling chair is a new and improved unit that offers increased height-flexibility thus you can personalize for perfect comfort level. It’s designed to help you relieve stiffness as a result of sitting too long in your ergonomic office chair. Besides, this unique chair entirely alleviates the pain on the back and neck region of the body. It features breathable three-inch fabric cushions to offer you maximum comfort all day. And since it’s designed with sturdy and durable metal base, you can count on this unit to provide long-lasting usage and supports a weight of up to 250 lbs effortlessly.


  • Has a sleek all-black style a perfect fit for your home or office
  • Features four-rolling wheels for better maneuver
  • Can support up to 250lbs of weight
  • Helps to relieve workday stiffness
  • It’s effortless to put together


  • It’s a bit wonky

#6. Varier Variable Balans Revive Fabric w/Black Ash Base Original Flexible Kneeling Chair (Dark Grey)

Varier Variable Balans kneeling chair has an exemplary design while its functionality makes it an icon that stands out among other competitors. The advanced kneeling design seamlessly tilts your pelvis forward, which boost a natural upright posture. Also, the robust core muscles and less pressure on your spinal discs makes your shoulder and back to relax. If you want to feel a new siting experience, then look no further than this kneeling chair. It contours well with your body for even weight distribution. What’s more, it’s from most flexible and most reliable wood ever found on the market to ensure it gives you desirable flexibility.


  • The modern classic look adds a style to your office or home
  • Made from high-quality wood that offers a durable use
  • Balances your weight right while relieving back pain
  • Stimulates muscles and improves posture


  • It’s a bit pricier

#5. Papafix Faux Leather Thick Comfortable Molded Foam Cushions Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Papafix ergonomic kneeling chair is classically designed to offer support to your back while providing the freedom to do your job. It distributes your weight evenly across your body hence a more ergonomic posture compared to any standard chair. This kneeling stool boost forward tilts in the pelvis region to ensure the lower back is in its right position while in use. Better yet, it puts your body weight on your butt, thus getting rid of imbalance and realigning your body with consistent use. The knee pad and seat is padded with 100% molded foam which is more reliable than recycled foam cushion. As if that’s not enough, this unit enables you to breathe naturally and promotes better blood circulation.


  • The chair has a functional design that promotes better posture
  • Effectively relieves neck pain, back pain and hunching
  • It offers maximum comfort to your back
  • It’s a multi-functional kneeling chair
  • This is a perfect chair for work


  • The assembling instruction is unclear

#4. DRAGONN Thick Comfortable Cushions Improve Posture Kneeling Chair for Home & Office (Black)

Are you tired of looking at overpriced kneeling chairs? And you’re often complaining of back pain? It’s never late to improve your posture. DRAGONN ergonomic kneeling chair is an adjustable stool that is ideal for home and office needs. With a sturdy X design, it’s supportive and capable of holding up to 250lbs of weight. It includes excellent cushioning that offer comfort and not to mention the ease of use. Whether you’re a professional or a new user, this chair has no complication to use. Besides, it’s angled at a comfortable 90 degrees for more comfort and relieve back pain and stress. This chair has height adjustable from 21-inch to 31-inch to fit most users. What’s more, it improves your work productivity.


  • The four caster wheels offer you the freedom to move
  • Has a three-inch cushion to provide excellent support
  • Designed with a sturdy metal base to last
  • Offers better posture with a tilted seat


  • The tilt of the seat is too high

#3. NewMultis MF-MC185 Hydraulic Adjustable Correct Posture Ergonomic Kneeling Chair (Black)

When it comes to finding the best kneeling chair that offers stellar performance, think of NewMultis MF-MC185 model. This chair is the best choice because it has many excellent features. First, the sponge and PU leather make your body feel comfortable. Also, this piece of furniture is a perfect choice for correcting sitting posture and doing away with neck, spine and back problems. It’s compact enough to fit into a small footprint in your office or home. And the other exciting thing about it is the automatic adjusting mechanism that makes height adjustments a hassle-free work. The time you give a try this chair is when you’ll realize that myriads of people have accomplished before you. With the humanized design enables you to do whatever you’re doing without feeling distressed or uncomfortable.


  • Relaxes your muscles and alleviate your back pain
  • The best chair to correct your sitting posture
  • It more comfortable than the tradition chair
  • Built with a small size that saves up space


  • It’s still a new brand in the market

#2. AJ ZJ Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs Helps Prevent Coccyx Pain for Home & Office

AJ ZJ adjustable ergonomic kneeling chair is also another advanced chair that helps you maintain the correct posture while preventing slouching during long hours in front of a computer. It gets rid of the pressure on the vertebral discs, thus easing pain and discomfort. It also balances the body to relieve back orthopedic and neck pain. Additionally, it prevents back and neck pain by boosting upright and natural posture and spreading weight to the shins. The kneeling position enables you to breath deeper and improves blood flow while giving support to the abdominal muscles and core. Finally, it features reliable, hard, durable, excellent craft, moisture resistance, high-temperature resistance and corrosion-resistant construction.


  • Relieve back and neck pain by distributing weight evenly
  • Sustains you during long hours in front of a computer
  • It increases blood flow and deeper breathing
  • Has a strong base for long-lasting support


  • It’s a bit higher for short people

#1. Varier Wing High-Quality Fabric Norwegian Design Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for Home & Office

Are you looking for an ergonomic kneeling chair with durable wheels? Look no further than Varier Wing ergonomic kneeling chair. This brand is well-established and known for high-quality manufacturing units. It has improved rock and roll that offers you the option to glide seamlessly as you sit on a cloud-like padded seat. The unique design and functionality of this chair bring sensibility; you can use it in almost all working space environment that involves a lot of sitting. It’s ideal in combination with a desk in the office or at home. Better yet, it encourages systematic movement and a healthy posture.


  • Relieves back and neck pain while improving on your posture
  • Brings incomparable comfort in your office or at home
  • Has adjustable height seat with a versatile design
  • Made from high-quality fabric for durable use


  • It’s the most expensive choice in this list

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Kneeling Chair

Adjustable Height

Regardless of the height of the users, the kneeling chair you choose should be accommodative. It’s required that you go for adjustable height because it makes it versatile. If you get a model that offers at least a flexible of between 21-inch and 29-inch the better. This consideration is much essential more so when you’re purchasing a model that will be used in an office environment.

Weight Capacity

The next factor to consider is the weight support. Before you can shell out your money from your pocket, check the maximum weight capacity that it supports. In that respect, ensure to go for a model that is strong and stable to help many users. The best selection you can go for is the model that can support at least 330lbs. Even those with up to 250lbs f weight can help all users.


The last thing you can get out of a kneeling chair is discomfort. Every user needs to get optimum comfort from this chair, and therefore you need to go for the most comfortable model. Here, might want to consider a model with extra-thick cushions that offer extra comfort. Also, the design should be unique to help improve your posture. Moreover, it ought to adapt to all users, including office and home use.


If you want a kneeling chair that’s long-lasting and sturdy, then considering those models from high-quality materials is fundamental. The frame, for instance, should be solid to support most bodyweight without breaking early. On the other hand, the kneeling cushion knee should come from high-quality fabrics to ensure your spread your weight evenly to get better comfort.


If you work in an office or from home, you understand how it feels to seat the whole day on a chair or an uncomfortable seat. And if you need the best remedy now, you need to invest in one of the above kneeling chairs. We’ve done in-depth research on this furniture, you can’t afford to miss. Most importantly, they are suitable for different users because they’re adjustable and are very sturdy and robust. Other than that, they’re also portable and very comfortable. We hope this guide has offered you all the necessary information regarding the best kneeling chairs.

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