Top 10 Best Kids’ study Chairs in Reviews

Home proves to be a good place where kids can study and play. In this case, you need to make sure that the kids’ room has proper space where they can do their homework and other creative things like drawing. When all these are met, you will need to get the best kids study chair to give them the best and the most comfortable experience. Good study chairs for kids are the ones that will not only keep them comfortable but also match with quality desks for kids in the market. These should grow with the kid and should basically serve from one generation to the other. To help you choose the best that there is, we shall later highlight some important factors to consider when choosing.

The reason why we made this post was to help parents in choosing the best kids study chairs for their kids. Our research team did an extensive survey before coming up with the selection in this review. Since would be a daunting task for you due to the endless list of these items in the market. Provided that you follow this well-organized piece to the end, you will find it easy to choose the best. Without any further ado, let us get straight into the review:

10. Amazon Basics Stackable Kids Chairs, 2-Pack (Pink)

This arrives as a set of 2 premium plastic chairs that come in pink color. One of the aspects that you will love about the chairs is that they feature a fun and modern design. They will therefore be good enough for the kids’ bedroom and playing rooms. Featuring UV-resistant plastic, you can be sure that the chairs will be safe and durable. Cleaning the chairs will only require a damp cloth.

The contoured seat has also been perfectly sized for the kids. It has smooth and rounded edges that help to keep the little one very safe. You will also be happy to learn that the chairs have a stackable design making storage easy and also contributing to saving space. Owing to the strong construction quality of the chairs, they will support a maximum weight capacity of 165 pounds.


  • This arrives as a set of 2 molded plastic chairs for kids in a pink color
  • Features fun and modern design that fits well in the kids’ bedrooms and playrooms
  • The lightweight construction allows for simple transportation between rooms
  • Features a stackable design that makes them easy to store and save space


  • Durability is not guaranteed for these chairs

9. VIVO Height-Adjustable Kids Chair, Chair Only

VIVO claims to design their kid chairs with quality and creativity in order to bring the kids the comfort that they deserve. The seat has a height-adjustable design meaning that it will grow with the kid. You will also appreciate the universal design of the chair that allows it to complement different kids’ desks in the market. The recommended age for which kids can use this chair is 3 to 10 years.

This is a height-adjustable chair for kids that will encourage the kid to develop a good and healthy sitting posture. It basically adjusts from 12.6 inches all the way to 15.7 inches. Its frame features solid steel that will bring it excellent stability. With its strong feet, the chair will remain very safe and strong on different types of floors.


  • Created with quality and creativity to bring the kids the comfort that they deserve
  • The universal design of these chairs will compliment different kids’ desks in the market
  • Its versatile design is backed up with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • This chair features a strong steel frame that brings it excellent stability


  • Its poor locking mechanism can interfere with its safety

8. HOUCHICS Wooden Chair for Kids with a Safety Non-Slip Pad

When assembling this kids’ char, you will be happy to learn that you can adjust the height to suit the needs of your little kid. The good thing about its assembly is that it is straightforward and will not take more than 10 minutes. With the exquisite design of this chair, it remains suitable for the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even in kids’ gaming rooms.

Every leg for this chair comes with 2 anti-skid pads that increase friction and improves the anti-slip of the chair. Other than preventing slippage, this also helps to protect your floors from getting scratched by the chairs. The chair has been assembled with strong wood that brings out a strong structure which makes it sturdy and durable. With the curved edge design, this chair eliminates the chances of your kids getting hurt by the chairs.


  • This chair comes in a height-adjustable design to make it comfortable for your kid
  • Features an anti-slip gasket that will protect the floor from getting scratched
  • Its curve edge design will make sure that kids never get hurt upon bumping on it
  • Features a solid wooden material that makes it very strong and durable


  • You might receive a damaged product

7. GreenForest Chair for Kids with Low Back, Purple

This is a teen’s office chair that comes in a great purple color. It is this cute and bright color that makes it easily match with any room decoration as well as stationery. This greatly helps to bring a good mood for the kids. The other feature to appreciate about the chair is that it has a very simple assembly which will not take more than 10 minutes. This chair will be a good gift for both boys and girls.

The desk chair prides itself on a height-adjustable design and the 36-degree swivel feature which makes it very easy to handle. It is, therefore, a good product for kids of different ages. Its midback and fishbone design for the back also helps in making sure that it remains very comfortable. Owing to its strong and sturdy design, it comfortably supports a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.


  • This kids’ chair features a good purple color that will easily match with room décor and stationery
  • It is very easy to assemble in a process that will take less than 10 minutes
  • This chair features an adjustable height design with a 360-degrees swivel feature
  • It has a fishbone design for the back with a soft seat that makes it comfortable for the little ones


  • It is just overpriced

6. Kore KOR3103 Kids' Adjustable Wobble Chair, Yellow

This chair offers an outlet for kids that have sensory seating needs such as autism or ADHD. It also prides itself on a multifunctional design serving as a perfect area for homework, reading, drawing, and even eating. For safety reasons, the chair comes with an anti-roll safety ring on its gently rounded base. This will therefore prevent any tip-over or falls.

With this chair, the knees, the back, and the hips are going to find very comfortable and ever-changing positions. It is the continuous movement that helps to increase secondary focus. It will be great for smaller kids since the seating height easily adjusts to suit their needs. Additionally, it comes with the 360 degrees actuator ring making it effortlessly grow with the kid.


  • Offers an outlet for kids with sensory seating needs such as autism and ADHD
  • Features a patented anti-roll ring that prevents tip-overs or falls
  • Its multi-purpose design makes it suitable for homework, reading, or eating
  • The height can be easily adjusted and it can rotate through 360 degrees for convenience


  • There is none for now

5. WH-AOERPUMY Solid Wood Chair for Kids

This chair has been made of solid wood which is environment-friendly and safe for delicate bodies. It basically means that this chair will offer a very safe learning space. It comes in a height-adjustable design making it for different kids and adults alike. Given that the chair can be easily adjusted, it is clear that this seat will grow with the kid. Its strong construction on the other hand promises to give the longest service life.

The back design for this chair features an ergonomic design with quality and elastic sponge being selected for that. You will therefore appreciate that the chair is very soft and will collapse easily. Another good thing is that this seat cover remains very easy to clean. Assembling the chair remains very easy given that it comes with instructions and screws needed for that.


  • Made with environmental-friendly materials offering the best and safest learning space
  • It has a height-adjustable design making it ideal for different kids and adults too
  • Its back features an ergonomic design with a quality sponge for comfort
  • It is very easy to assemble since it comes with detailed instructions and tools needed


  • Still new in the market

4. ECR4Kids Natural Kids Wooden Table & Chair Set

One unique aspect about this furniture set is that it is easily adaptable. It arrives as a chair and desk set that will be used as tables, stools, chairs, benches, and even shelves to say the least. The set prides itself on a compact and lightweight design keeping in mind that it comes with in-built handles. This will help to guarantee that you have effortless transportation for the set when the need arises. Additionally, its natural finish will basically complement just any environment.

Since this set is designed with 2 seat heights, it means that this is something that the kid will grow with. The set basically gives the kid a playing or working space that is going to last for years. What will motivate you more to buy this set is that it is safe and certified according to VOCs and CPSIA. Even better, the set arrives fully assembled meaning that it will be ready for use upon arrival.


  • This is an adaptable furniture set that can be used as stools, side tables, or even shelves
  • It has a compact and lightweight design with in-built handles for an effortless transportation
  • Simple height adjustment feature allowing it to grow with the kids
  • It has a natural finish that will basically complement any environment


  • A very poor packaging

3. FCD Kids' Study Chair with an Adjustable Height, Blue

This chair was designed with the kids’ needs in mind. It features auto-brake casters that will stop the chair from moving whenever one is seated. This is a safety feature that has become a standard for so many chairs. In terms of adjustability, there are a2 adjustable parts for this chair and these are the seat height and the seat depth. Different users will therefore be able to adjust the chair very easily and get the comfort that they desire most.

This feature-rich chair has a thick padded foam as well as upholstered in quality fabric keeping in mind that the seat covers are also included. With armrests and a footrest, this chair is basically going to promote the right sitting posture among your little kids. Assembling this chair is a straightforward task that will not take more than 15 minutes. The reason for that is that this chair comes with the tools and instructions needed for that. You will also love the excellent services that you get from this brand.


  • The chairs feature auto-brake casters that prevent the chair from moving when someone is sitting on it
  • The chair can support a maximum weight capacity of 180lbs owing to its quality construction
  • It features armrests and a footrest that will promote an ergonomically correct seating position
  • Very easy and fast to install since it comes with all the tools that you need for the installation


  • It easily tips over

2. SIDIZ Kid Desk Chair with a Footrest

This chair basically brings ergonomics to your rowing child. It has been perfectly designed for those kids who are aged between 6 and 13 years. What is unique about this chair is that it helps the kid to get the correct posture which is very vital for the growing child whenever he or she is seated. This is an award-winning chair given that it has a rounded design that makes it very safe for the little one. Among the awards won by this chair include reddot and iF.

Another unique feature about the chair is that its backrest can be easily adjusted which helps to leave more seat space. This will therefore help to make sure that kid remains in the most comfortable form possible. Other aspects that you will like about the chair include the sit-brake casters and the footrest feature. Other than offering you the needed support, the chair will basically be very comfortable to sit on.


  • Perfectly designed for growing kids aged between 6 and 13 years
  • It is an award-winning chair courtesy of its rounded design and safety
  • Comes with sit-brake casters and a footrest that makes it safe and comfortable
  • This chair has been backed with a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years


  • It is too overpriced

1. SitRite Ergonomic Kids Chair, Easy to Assemble

One of the features that you will appreciate about this kids’ chair is that it has an ergonomic cushioned back support. It also has a thick-padded and slideable seat whose height can be adjusted easily to suit the needs of different people. With the 360 degrees swivel feature, kids will find this chair very convenient whenever they wish to turn around or get off the chair.

For added support and comfort, this chair features a detachable footrest and armrests too. The other feature that the chair prides itself on is the fact that it comes with urethane wheels with some attachable wheel covers for ultimate protection. Its unibody design features high-quality materials that will contribute to the durability of the chair.


  • Features a unibody design with quality materials that help to promote durability
  • Comes with urethane wheels with attachable wheel covers for ultimate protection
  • For added support and comfort, the chair features a detachable footrest and a rounded armrest
  • It has a height-adjustable design with a very silent gas lift cylinder for convenience


  • It does not get high enough

Factors to consider when buying kids study chairs


This is one of the factors that you will need to consider when choosing a kids’ study chair. Depending on this, you can tell whether the chair will be durable, stable, and safe for the little one. The chair, therefore, needs to be very strong to make sure that it supports the weight of the kid. It should also promise to stand the test of time. Most importantly, the chair’s finish should not feature toxic chemicals for it to remain safe for the young angels.


This is basically worth considering when making your selection as well. The chair needs to meet the purpose for which it was bought. Good study chairs for kids allow you to adjust the height to a comfortable position for the kid. The seat and the backrest should also be well padded to make sure that the kids do not get tired after sitting for an extended period. It would even be better to choose a chair that will be stored away easily and save space too.


These chairs arrive in different sizes to meet the needs of different buyers. One of the factors that will dictate what you are going to buy will be the space that you have in your kids’ rooms. You, therefore, need to make sure that the unit fits easily and also leaves some space for which kids can play. You should also address the storage of the chair when thinking about the size. This does not however mean settling for a product that keeps the kid uncomfortable.


A good study chair for kids will offer them the best place for writing, playing and drawing too. It should allow the kid to easily adjust the height to keep them in the best sitting position. Most importantly, it should feature the best construction to make sure that the kid remains safe and that the chair lasts. From the guide section above we listed some of the key points to consider when buying. With these, it should be easy to settle for your ideal pick. All that you need to do is compare the above options and choose whatever matches your needs. Enjoy your shopping!

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