Top 10 Best Kid Bikes In Reviews

A bike is one of the best gifts you can get for your youngster, especially if your kid loves to cycle. Just like learning to swim or reading, biking is essential to kid’s development. It will help your child to develop gross motor control, get some exercise, and burn off all that energy. The best children’s bikes makes learning easy and amusing as possible. However, there are numerous bikes in the market, and getting the best one becomes a challenge. In this review, we have listed the top 10 best kid bikes in reviews. These bikes combine durability, safety, proper weight and size, and enhanced traction.

#10. ChromeWheels Kid's Bike with Training Wheels for 2-6 Years Old

The first product that we are going to introduce to you is ChromeWheels Kid’s Bike. It is a durable and safe bike that consists of two training wheels, a Hi-tensile steel frame, cushioning padded seat, and EVA tires. It is easy to assemble as it comes 80% assembled; thus, you just need to put the rest of 20 percent parts together. Moreover, the bike comes with two flexible pedals, and it is ideal for kids aging between 2 to 4 years old.
The rear coaster brake makes it safer and more comfortable to ride and learn. And yes, the bike comes with a Shining outlook to attract kids easily. Also, it comes with different colors; thus you can choose your preferred color choice. To conclude, this Kid’s Bike is beginner-friendly and can be used by both boys and girls.


  • Comes 80% installed and it’s only takes 30 minutes to finish the whole installment
  • Durable and safe bicycle with cushioning padded seat
  • Beginner-friendly bike with rear coaster brake making it safer to ride
  • Its shining outlook attract kids and comes with different colors


  • Instructions are too complicated

#9. Retrospec Koda Bike for Kids with Training Wheels

This bike by Retrospec comes with all the right features that matches with your rider’s requirements. First, it comes 95% assembled; hence the child can start riding ASAP. Moreover, it has wide, grippy tires that give total control over driveways, sidewalks, and more. The rear coaster brake and front caliper brake offer your kid the option to choose where they can stop or slow down the bike.
Ideally, this bike is made from a high-quality steel frame and features a full chainguard that ensures added protection. Subsequently, the bike has 7 bright colors with shiny streamers. It also comes with baskets for girls and water bottles holder for boys.


  • Comes 95% assembled ideal for beginner to start riding ASAP
  • Has wide, grippy tires that offer total control over sidewalks
  • Hand-built steel frame and a full chchainguardo ensure protection
  • Rear coaster brake and front caliper brake to slow down the bike


  • Plate on the handlebar is fragile

#8. Huffy 12 inches Spider-Man Marvel Boys Bike, Red

Moving to our next kid’s bike is the Huffy 12 inches Marvel Boys Bike. It will guide your young kid during his first rides and learn how to ride with confidence. It is ideal for kids aging 3 to 5 years and with a height of 37 to 42 inches. Ideally, this boy’s bike has ultra-cool graphics that decorate the bike, and we are sure that your child will love it. It just requires minor assembly for training wheels, pedals, and front tire.

The bike is made of a durable steel frame and features removable training wheels making it ideal for start riders. Moreover, it has comfortable hand grips and web tread sidewalk tires. Lastly, this bicycle is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Made of durable steel frame thus it is built to last
  • 12″ removable training wheels ideal for beginners riders ages 3-5
  • Minor assembly for the front tire, training wheels and pedals required
  • The seat is well padded allowing comfortable ride


  • Not everyone will love the name

#7. JOYSTAR 12 inch Toddler Kids Bike with Full-Cover Chain Guard and Training Wheels

The JOYSTAR is a great beginner’s bike for boys and girls. It comes with all the components that you require to get started on a bike. These 12-inch Toddler Kids is constructed from Hi-tensile steel, making it sturdy enough and will survive the bumps of riding. In addition to that, it comes with a study training wheel for early rider where you can mount it to learn ride or remove it to learn how to balance.
This kid’s bike comes 85% assembled, where all the basic assembly tools and quick release gear are included. Moreover, it has reflectors that shine at night for safety. It is also included with Mud-free full chain guard cover and tough back-pedaling brakes. The product is backed by a worry-free 12-month warranty.


  • The bike is made of hi-tensile steel and will survive even on bumpy roads
  • Stable training wheel included making it perfect for the early rider
  • Comes with 85% assembled body and come with basic assembly tools
  • Reflectors shine brighter at night guarantying safety


  • The assembly tools included are fragile

#6. Schwinn Koen Toddlers Kids Boys Bike

Have your little kid enjoy his riding experience by purchasing him Schwinn Koen Toddlers Bike. It features kid-specific proportions and durable steel frame for easier handling and pedaling. Besides that, it includes both front caliper brake and rear coaster brake easing the transition. A full-coverage chain guard is added on the bike to protect your child’s feet, hands, and clothing.

The bike is ideal for kids who are 28 to 38 inches tall or 2 to 4 years old. The slack seat-tube angle and adjustable saddle allow this bicycle to grow with your child. Above all, this bike also includes a number plate, saddle handle for storage and towing, training wheels, and a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Includes both front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake for easing the transition to a bigger
  • Ideal for kids 28 to 38 inches tall or 2 to 4 years old
  • Made of durable steel frame and has kid-specific proportions for easier handling and pedaling
  • Includes training wheels and limited lifetime warranty


  • The bike is a bit heavy compared to others

#5. Nice C BMX Boy and Girl Bike with Training Wheels and Dual Disc Brake

This is a cute Bike your small princess will love. It is made of magnesium alloy metal making it lightweight weighing only 16.7 lbs. This means that your child will be safe in the event of an accidental fall over the bike. Moreover, the zero welding single-piece frame usually adds longevity, making this bike durable and stronger when compared to other competitors. The thick tires on this bike make it to run smoothly on the surface, while their multiple rubber layers offer better shock absorption.
Unlike other kid’s bikes, Nice C BMX bike has a dual brake system, which makes braking more efficient and smooth. A set of training wheels are included; thus, you don’t need to spend extra cash buying training wheels. This bike is offered with a 3-month warranty.


  • Made of magnesium alloy metal making it lightweight and high strength
  • Extra thick tires that run smoothly on any surface
  • Dual brake system makes braking more efficient and smooth
  • Comes with a 3-month warranty


  • Instructions are vague

#4. ACEGER Kid's 16-inch Bike for Girls with Basket and Kickstand

Our list is not complete without ACEGER Kid’s Bike. It is a 14 Inch bike designed for girls aging 3 to 4.5 years. It is a lightweight but sturdy Bike that comes with a variety of kids loving colors such as purple, limi green, white, and pink. The bike comes with training wheels that offer an easy transition from balancing to pedal biking. Besides that, it comes with lovely components such as reflectors, soft handlebar grips, and a bell.
Something else, this bike includes all the installation tools, and it will be ready to ride in less than ten minutes after receiving it. The optimized air-filled tires filter road vibration, and this makes riding more comfortable.


  • 14 inches bike with training wheels ideal for kids ages 3-4.5 years
  • Made of a lightweight but sturdy frame
  • Reflectors, soft handlebar grips, and a bell included
  • Comes with all the tools for easy instructions


  • The basket comes off easily

#3. Mongoose Skid Freestyle BMX Boy's Bike, Grey

This Bike by Mongoose comes with all features that every little boy dreams of. It is ideal for both learners and experienced riders alike. Ideally, the BMX Boy’s Bike is furnished with a low stand over the steel frame, which makes the beginner get on and off the bike. Moreover, it has a coaster foot breaks that make your child have confidence when riding the bike. Something else, it has two bolt stem with two-piece handlebars for additional strength.

The bike comes ready assembled, and it is perfect for riders aging 6 to 9 years old. What’s more, it features 16-inch wheels that easily maneuver on any surface. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty.


  • Perfect for experienced riders and beginners alike
  • The low stand-over steel frame allowing riders easily get on and off of the bike
  • Ideal for riders aging 6-9 years old
  • Retractable training wheels and16-inch tires for great traction


  • Heavy

#2. RoyalBaby Boys Girls 2 to 9 Years Kids Bike with Training Wheels and Hand Brakes

This kid’s bike comes with 2.4 inches wide tire and durable steel frame. It comes 95% assembled, leaving you only to install saddle, handlebar, pedals and training wheels. All the necessary tools needed for assembling are included; thus you can put the bike together easily and quickly. In addition to that, this bike has non-slip resin pedal, brakes, crank, enclosed chainguard, sturdy steel frame, soft seat, Safety grips, and high-quality accessories, making it more durable and stronger.

This sporty bike comes with rear band brake and front caliper brake for safety. Also, it features an adjustable seat and handlebar, making it suitable for kids of different heights. Finally, a water bottle, bell, and training wheels are also included on the bike.


  • 95% of this bike comes assembled and is included with all necessary tools to finish assembly
  • Made of durable, sturdy steel frame and as an enclosed chain guard for safety
  • Has a safe and stable training wheel and adjustable bicycle handlebar
  • The bike comes with a water bottle, bell and training wheels


  • Kids may outgrow it quickly

#1.Mongoose Legion 16-20-Inch Wheels Freestyle BMX Bike with Steel Frame

To masterfully prepare your small kid join the big bike young stars, the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike does not let you down. The fork and frame of this bike feature low stance geometry offering responsive riding and durability. Moreover, it comes with a high volume of 2.35” tires that will provide a complete BMX experience. The Alloy four-bolt stem with a two-piece bar offers added durability and strength.

Besides that, this bike has a Rear alloy U brake that provides crisp stops. The puncture-resistant tires ensure that your kids have a smooth ride; thus, they will have a lot of fun around the neighborhood.


  • It has rear alloy U brake that offers crisp stops
  • Made of a lightweight but strong frame
  • High volume 2.35” tires that offer smooth riding
  • The fork and frame feature low stance geometry to provide a responsive ride


  • A bit expensive

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Kid Bikes

Size and Fit

Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a bike that is too big on the idea that your kid will grow big. It can lead to a lack of control, which can be dangerous and very demotivating for kids. Choose the correct size depending on your child’s height and age. Some bikes are adjustable, and you can raise the handlebars and seat as your kid grows up.

Training wheels

Training wheels help the child to sit still on the bike and start using the pedals on day one. After they learn how to balance, you can take the training wheels off, enabling them to grips their balance.


All the kid bikes listed on this list uses either coaster brakes, hand brakes, or combination of both. Coaster brakes work with pedals and are only used on the rear wheel. On the other hand, hand brakes are usually standard on most bikes, and you just need to pull the lever to slow the bike down.


This list consists of only the best kid’s bike that guarantees excellent performance and quality. Moreover, they come with amazing design and are built with a sturdy steel frame for durability. Now, it is your time to make a choice on which one that will fit your kid. Reserve yours now while stocks last.

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