Top 10 Best Inversion Table in Reviews

Are you almost giving up looking for cures to remedy your back pain? Or has your back pain made your life miserable? You may have tried out numerous medicines, techniques, therapies, and sedatives but what you get is a temporary relief. The suitable and permanent way to end this problem is by using an inversion table. Although medical practitioners don’t support the use of these units, they are far the best tools to remedy severe acne in the neck or the back. Users who have interacted with these tables have been so happy with the outcome.

It is, however, advisable for people to use this unit regularly for prolonged benefits. Also, getting the right inversion table is the way to start when you wish to obtain the best out of your exercise. Not all inversion tables work the same, each comes with their distinctive features and functionality. Therefore, you need to select carefully. In this review, we have made things easy for you by offering you the top 10 best Inversion Table Reviews. Read along if you wish to make an informed decision.

#10. Body Extreme Fitness Comfort Foam Backrest Advanced Heat & Massage Inversion Table

Body Extreme Fitness Inversion Tables opens our best-ranked list. This unit reduces all the back pain issues, promotes good blood circulation and improves your flexibility. Also, it is a perfect exercise device with strong and sturdy heat and vibration for great body massage. Besides, it comes with multi-mode massage settings that offer you a great and perfect massage experience. Additionally, the four-position adjustable safety pin offers easy positioning. Furthermore, this system can accommodate users of up to 280 pounds of weight. Lastly, the roll and fold design make it easy to store after use.


  • Reduce back pain problems and promotes blood circulation
  • Readily accommodates a user of up to 280 pounds of weight
  • Has a rubber non-skid floor that offers great stability
  • It is foldable making storage much easier


  • The inversion table doesn’t have a compact design

#9. Yoleo Gravity Adjustable Protective Belt & Backrest Heavy Duty Inversion Table for Pain Relief

Yoleo Inversion Table is heavy-duty equipment that sorts out the back pain problems. It comes with an adjustable height to suit almost every individual’s height. The tool is a great remedy to good blood circulation and body posture. Also, it comes with comfortable wrap around ankle holders that keep you in the right position. Besides, the roll and fold design help in ensuring easy transportation and storage. Even better, it has a triangular structure that makes this unit stable and safe. The handles of this set have a foam cover to enable you to return to the upright posture with ease. This is a gear that should not miss in your home if you or your family member is struggling with back pain.


  • Made with heavy-duty extra-wide steel frame for enhanced durability
  • The height is adjustable to accommodate heights of different individuals
  • Great gear to improve blood circulation and cure back pain
  • Folds away for convenient storage and transportation


  • It is a basic inversion table good for beginners

#8. HAIPHAIK Withstand 350 Lbs. Weight Adjustable Inversion Table for Relieving Back Pain

When it comes to acquiring a professional fitness kit, you can’t go wrong if you decide to settle for HAIPHAIK Inversion Table. The equipment is an exercise tool to deal with issues like brain fatigue, pressure on the back spine, pain on the body muscles, cardiopulmonary issues, etc. Also, it has a heavy-duty cushions for great comfort as you do your exercise. The multi-gear adjustment suits everybody’s height. Besides, the seat belt is also adjustable to serve as a safety mechanism during training. Foldable design makes it convenient to store and carry along. Besides, this unit can support up to 50 lbs. of weight. Moreover, because it is made from a heavy-duty steel frame it offers you unbeatable reliability.


  • Made with heavy-duty steel material that offers great reliability
  • Has a foldable design for easy carrying and storage
  • The seat belt with adjustable fitness put safety at the top
  • It offers perfect body exercise like eliminating brain fatigue
  • Heavy-duty cushioning offering great comfort


  • The seat belt is sometimes so rigid to fit a given size

#7. UBOWAY Heavy Duty with Headrest & Protective Belt Stretcher Inversion Machine

In case you need an inversion machine that comes with safety in mind, then UBOWAY Inversion Exerciser is your absolute choice. The unit makes inversion exercise a breeze because it is easy and safe to operate. Made from a heavy-duty steel frame that makes the table stable and durable. Also, it has been fully certified for safety. Besides, you can simply shift your body weight by just moving your arm which in turn helps you return to your normal posture, relieve pressure on the nerves, etc. Moreover, it has an ergonomic design with high memory foam for backrest support. Besides, it is foldable and portable thus making it convenient and can fit any space. This inversion table will completely end the prolonged back pain.


  • Convenient because it is portable and foldable for easy storage
  • Heavy-duty system and can support up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Adjustable headrest pad and padded backrest offer great comfort
  • It offers unmatched durability and security


  • The graphics and keys on the manual are not elaborate

#6. Health Gear ITM5500 Heavy-Duty Advanced Technology Up To 300 Lbs. Inversion Table

Health gear is built with soft padded backrest for comfort during inversion exercise. Also, it is adjustable to suit different heights and weights. The 4-sided inversion pin of 20, 40, 60 and 90 degrees allows you to select the angle of your inversion. Additionally, it has 4” styled foam backrest for more comfort. Moreover, it is equipped with a removable adjustable vibrating massage pad which allows you to have it in your car or bed. Besides, it is built with transport wheels and foldable design for easy portability and transport purposes. Lastly, it offers support of up to 350lbs of weight and heights of up to 6.5″.


  • Has a hand controller to set your time, heat and intensity
  • You can do some press-ups because this table is stable when in use
  • You can easily store the hand controller in a storage pouch
  • It takes less than 25 minutes to put this item together in the place


  • The nuts and bolts require tightening frequently

#5. IRONMAN Gravity AIRSOFT Ankle Holder Inversion Table Highest Weight Capacity

IRONMAN inversion table is structured to suit all your inversion exercises. This table itself weighs 76 pounds and supports the user’s weight of up to 350lbs. A person of up to the height of 6.6″ can use this unit. Also, it has a wider frame of high-quality stainless steel with a scratch-free coating for long useful life. You can invert this exerciser up to 180° depending on your inversion requirements. The backrest is extended and comes with a removable pillow to support your back. For more stability during your inversion exercise, it is equipped with non-slip stabilizers.


  • The extra-long handles make it easy to return it to its original position
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation purposes
  • Has a clearly instructed manual that is easy to follow
  • It is cheaper compared good vision model


  • Does not supports persons of more than 6.6″

#4. HARISON 180 Full Inversion Heavy Duty 3D Memory Foam Adjustable Height Inversion Table

This product weighs 8.5 lbs. and accommodates persons of heights between 4.5″ to 6.6”. Users of up to 350lbs can also use this product. The exercise kit is adjustable from 20° to up to 180° for varied inversion needs. Furthermore, it features a non-slip nuts, safety belt, soft handlebars, and ankle holding system for a comfortable inversion exercise. This inversion table relieves any pain in your back and neck and also helps in reducing weight. The high-quality memory foam ensures a good backrest, releases any form of pressure and maintains good health.


  • The triangular frame is steady to prevent it from moving during inversion
  • The safety belt is adjustable to suit your size and prevents you from slipping off
  • No need of going to the gym because you can have it in your house
  • The high-quality materials ensure the kit becomes durable


  • Ankle cuffs are not such comfortable as it causes ankle strains

#3. Innova ITX9900 with Air Lumbar Support Heavy Duty Double Adjustment Deluxe Inversion Table

Innova Health and fitness inversion table is the best brand in the market. This inversion table accommodates users of a maximum weight of 300lbs. Besides, it is equipped with a 6-pin angle selection system to enable you to choose the angle you want to have for your exercise. Also, it is from high-quality steel materials to avoid rusting and improve on its durability. The backrest pad and headrest are meant for a comfortable inversion exercise. The handlebars are from soft materials for a good grip when exercising. During an inversion, your ankles are also fully protected.


  • More natural and effective compared to medicinal massages
  • Lasts long enough without incurring any replacement costs
  • Can relieve both back pain and butt pain
  • Easy to set up and to use as it requires no skills


  • Assembling the inversion table takes much time

#2. Doufit IT-01 Adjustable Foldable Heavy Duty Inversion Table Workout at Home Machine

Duofit inversion table is a greater exerciser to have for your body physically fit. The unit is equipped with high-quality foam backrest and handles for a more comfortable exercise. Besides, the height is adjustable to suit different heights of your family members. The ankle holder is also adjustable and has sponge sleeves to keeps your ankles safe during the exercise. When done with your exercise activity, you can easily fold it and store it. Besides, it does not occupy much of your space. The covers of this inversion table have a non-slip design to prevent you from sliding as you exercise.


  • You can control the inversion angle using the angle control rod
  • It easy to operate as you can shift it using your hands
  • Health-wise it is beneficial as improves blood circulation
  • Operation is easy and also the procedures for assembling are clear


  • The divot of the seat doesn’t seem to align smoothly

#1. Body Vision IT9825 Heavy Duty 250 Lbs. Premium Adjustable Head Pillow Inversion Table

Body vision inversion table has 4 position side inversion pin that allows you to select between the 20, 40, 60 and 90-degree position without necessarily getting off the table. Also, it has high-quality steel materials and a scratch-resistant finishing to last long with no frequent replacement. This inversion table accommodates a person’s minimum height 5.1″ and a maximum of 6.6″ and is made adjustable to suit persons of that age bracket. Additionally, it has a foldable design to allow you store easily and carry it out around with no difficulty.


  • Has wheels to easily have it anywhere in your room
  • The support pad can be used in your flights or your car
  • Non-marring caps prevents it from having scratches on your floor
  • Good exerciser for your back, shoulders, and neck


  • Cannot accommodate persons of weight more than 250lbs

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Inversion Table

Ease of Use

The balancing of an inversion table you decide to acquire will either break or make a great inversion experience. If you wish to enjoy a continuous stretching, opt for an inversion table that has a time-tested structure to offer you the perfect balancing and great control. A slight arm movement should allow a swift shift of your weight.

Key features

There are some features that any standard inversion table should not miss. Ergonomically designed bed, Ankle system for maximum comfort, Auto-locking hinges to prevent accidental separation. These features are all geared towards making the unit to offer maximum benefits.

Ease of Assembly

Of course, no one would like taking much time in assembling an inversion table. A nice unit comes with pre-assembled packaging, which means, you only unbox and get started relieving the neck and back pain instantly. Also, the one that comes with an instructional manual with pictures is desirable because it makes assembling easy.

Built for the benefits

The best brand will offer you with an inversion table with in-built features and ergonomically designed to offer greater benefits. For instance, the one that comes with a smooth table surface lowers friction and helps your body get decompressed stretch. That helps you lower back pain. Also, other features like assist handles will help the user gain the maximum to stretch while decompressing fully.


Last but not least is the other unique thing about the unit you opt to buy. Does it have a gift? How best does it offer help to those with back pain? Is it versatile? If one of these questions is answered by a tangible answer, then it’s upon you to weight the option that outweighs the other choice.


In summary, it is worth noting that there is various inversion table for any price. But, you should purchase the one that impresses you no matter the price. Others come with sophisticated features like heat therapy and massage, but they are much pricier. The foldable options are also desirable but all the same, the one that lets things get done is suitable. We are sure that after you read this review, it will help you in making an appropriate choice. We have tabled everything you need to know as far as an inversion table is a concern. Don’t overlook any factor, because they assist you in tailoring your selection. Pick one of the inversion tables and back pain will be an issue of the back.

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