The 10 Best International Travel Adapter in Reviews

Do you frequently travel overseas? Or might be you’re planning for international travel and you’re trying to put together everything you’ll be carrying. Either way, using your electronic gadgets should not be compromised just because you lacked something to charge. Therefore carrying an international adapter should be your priority.

Whether you’ll need to charge your cell phone, a laptop, use an electronic razor or straightening your hair, you ought to have an international adapter to enable you to use your appliances and electronics as you are traveling. In most cases, plugs are designed such that they vary from country to country, for instance, a plug that is standard in Australia is not standard in the United State. An adapter that works in Japan wouldn’t work in France.

For this reason, it’s prudent to have an international adapter while you travel overseas. Given that there are various types of international adapters, picking an appropriate one for you is a daunting task, but we got you guaranteed since we’ve sampled out the best 10 International Travel Adapters you should give a try.

The 10 Best International Travel Adapter Reviews

#10. DOACE 2000W International Travel Adapter

Traveling overseas can be so sweet and incredible if you are traveling with an adapter that works well in most countries. DOACE international Travel Adapter is one of the leading Inverter/Adapter being appreciated by most travelers. Has a four locking structure and releasing structure that is compatible with UK, US, AU plugs. The converter/adapter is a lightweight thus making it portable, you can move around in the rest of the world without feeling any burden. Capable of stepping down power from 220V to 110V.

If you want the best method of charging your handset devices like cell phones, laptops, MacBook, Hair straighteners, and then this is the most reliable adapter to give a try. Travel safely to any country without fearing the standards plugs compatibility, because as long as you have this one adapter, everything sorts itself.


  • Ultra-compatible and available for worldwide usage
  • Offer multi-protection systems
  • All in one travel converter/adapter
  • Can step down foreign currency


  • Slide buttons seem not to work

#9. Rapida Power International Travel Adapter

How about getting an adapter that is capable of charging your appliances and at the same times doubles up as an inverter? It a brilliant idea, yes? Thanks to Rapida Power International Travel adapter. This gadget enables you to use electrical appliances in a safe and easy way. Enables you to step down foreign currency from 220V to 110V. The best choice for appliances using 200W or less like electrical toothbrush, iPad, laptop, kindle, Bluetooth speaker, light, fan, etc.

Have the convenience of traveling more than 150 countries without feeling stressed just because you don’t know whether the charger you have is compatible with their sockets. Comes as a protector of your devices against overheating, short-circuiting, overcharging and also prevention mechanism against overcharging. They come with 4 adapters, one power converter, and 5” power cord. Instructional book and a soft travel bag.


  • Enables you to travel safely to overseas
  • Protect against overcharging and short-circuiting
  • Has a silent cooling fan that prevents overheating
  • Can be used in over 150 countries worldwide


  • The power sometimes get surging

#8. ODION Universal International Travel Adapter

Wearied of usually traveling for a vacation and you don’t get the best adapter to charge your laptop or your smartphone? Are you yearning to get an adapter that can support all your appliances at once? ODION a universal travel adapter comes as a 2 in 1 USB cable that best fits Android, iOS and other electronic devices.

The 5 different sockets it comes with serving a different purpose. What you need to be happy about is the fact it charges your device in an ultra-fast speed, thus saving you a lot of time. Other auspicious features making this adapter to stand out are the child protection safety cover, intelligent identification chip, protection against overheating, overpressure and overcharging.


  • Comes with five different sockets
  • Comes with a child protection safety cover
  • The fast-charging feature is perfect for saving your time.
  • Lightweight makes it be portable


  • Current it has no cons

#7. GLAMFIELDS Universal International Travel Adapter

GLAMFIELDS Universal International Travel Adapter has a built-in safety shutters and one-handed operation. The ergonomic design makes it easy to be operated with one hand. Additionally, it fits into the current trend, as the traditional sockets have to be operated with two hands. Inside the plug are the safety shutters, which are meant to protecting the user against direct touch to living parts to avoid electric shock. In essence, it is capable of conducting current when the holes are plugged in making it safe for kids.

This adapter has undergone various certifications and it is accepted worldwide, travel to overseas countries without any fear of how you’ll charge your appliance since this adapter is a guarantee. Under high temperatures, the adapter is not able to deform, therefore can be used in all environments. It is CE, ROHS and FCC certified, therefore enables you to buy with great confidence.


  • Certified and a lifetime guarantee
  • One handed operation
  • Built-in with safety shutters
  • Smart chip for intelligent distribution
  • New upgraded auto-resetting fuse


  • Seems sliding, otherwise, the adapter is functional

#6. DigiPower 4 Port USB International Travel Adapter

Searching for the best adapter with more advanced features like sensors that is capable of charging your phone to its maximum and switches off? You don’t know how DigiPower 4 port USB is taking charging. This adapter automatically senses your gadget needs and delivers fast charging as well.

Charging as many appliances to a max of 4 is a guarantee. The most convenient way of charging your appliance as you make international travel. If you want your family to be organized in the mode of charging, then, this is an ideal method to get started, since you don’t have many cords all over the house. Enjoy the best plug to charge your smartphones, laptops, iPhone, tablets and other handheld electrical appliances. Actually, using this adapter is a no-hassle task, you can charge your appliances as you enjoy your favorite movie or song.


  • Wall charging design
  • InstaSense technology
  • Charge up to 4 devices
  • 4 port USB charger compatibility


  • Wish the charging system could charge even faster

#5. Sokoo Power International Travel Adapter

If there are an adapter and a converter that has gotten a worldwide usage and ultimate protection, then Sokoo Power International Travel Adapter is the one. Has the capability of protecting your personal and other electrical appliances against be short-circuiting by power and converting voltage in various countries between 90V – 260V to the US standards voltage of 110V.

This voltage converter also has two output sockets and five different types of adapters meant for traveling overseas, and usable in more than 150 countries. Moreover, the adapter uses advanced tech to ensure it operates in a quiet and safe way. The fan, for instance, will not begin to operate, unless the adapter temperature is above 105 F. For extra-safety, the adapter is built with fuse and the thermostat switch, which automatically switch it off to offer safety by preventing overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent or even short-circuiting.


  • Converter and travel size
  • Compatible with many appliances
  • Worldwide usage with 4 USB charger
  • Safe and quiet


  • Wish the USB ports were moved a bit far from each other

#4. TryAce 2000W 220V International Travel Adapter

TryAce 2000W 220V International Travel Adapter is one of the leading company that is committed to making high-quality inverters and adapter. The product has been tested and offer excellent services. The adapter has many usages but the main one being to charge your appliance without overheating or short-circuiting. The 2000W voltage converter has three international plugs that are US, UK, EU, AU plug which fits perfectly electrical outlets of various types thus can be used is more than 190 countries worldwide.


  • Safety protection and patent revered
  • All in one adapter and converter combo
  • Upgraded converter for hairstyle
  • Adapter and 3 plugs and 2 USB


  • The item should be used for the intended purpose

#3. POPWERJC International Travel Adapter

Wasted with cheap travel adapter that ends up dying after a short period of use? You need to have this long-lasting converter and adapter as well. Offers 1875W and has an MCU program that is designed to control power. The numerous circuit detection sampling to identify and ensures the output voltage stands between 100V and 130 in all cases.

Furthermore, the adapter is designed with surge protection, output short-circuits, overcurrent, overheating, and overvoltage. To aid in all this, the adapter is built with auto-shutter protection that shuts down in case of such anomalies. Enjoy traveling to as many countries as you wish with this adapter because it meets the requirements of many countries.


  • Meet the worldwide usage
  • Offer safety assurance
  • Adopts MCU program that controls the power
  • Offers sufficient power to drive the power appliances


  • Good value but questionable power spec

#2. Yarrashop International Travel Adapter

Do you have any plans to travel overseas soon? Are you are wondering which type of power adapter should you go with? Well, we have gone out of our ways and bring you the best adapter to accompany you in your travel, it is none other than Yarrashop International Travel Adapter. You can have a continuous conversation with your family members at home without a feeling of a battery running out. It is an international plug that caters to the need of over 150 countries, having four plugs acceptable worldwide. The four USB charging ports and the type C is compatible with almost all USB enabled devices like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, HUAWEI, Zite, and so on.


  • Meets the international standards
  • Charges a maximum of up to 5 devices
  • Guarantees safety
  • The gadget is durable


  • It is not a voltage converter

#1. SublimeWare International Travel Adapter

To close our list is the SublimeWare adapter, one of the best international travel adapter. Enables you to use this Universal power adapter in more than 150 countries. Match well with the UK, US, EU, China outlets. Unlike another USB adapter that usually comes in many pieces, this adapter comes as a one piece. Imagine charging simultaneously four devices right in your room. This is the only adapter you can ever imagine about. You can charge whichever appliances you want to charge. Charging is fast and it saves you a lot of time.

Further to that, this adapter has a pin locking mechanism for the secure plugin, it locks and unlocks the 8 pins securely into its fixed places. This adapter is so versatile and you can use it in any environment you want.


  • Pin locking mechanism for secure plugin
  • A perfect worldwide travel adaptor
  • Simultaneous device charging four devices
  • 4 port USB international plug for travel


  • USB ports are not that strong

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an International Travel Adapter

Your destination

First of all, think about where you are going before settling down for a travel adapter. If you want to undo everything, prefer going for a streamlined converter although, its functionality is limited to specific regions.

USB Ports

The latest type of adapters come with numerous USB ports, which in essence undo the requirements of USB to other peripheral converters for charging phones and tablets. How about the joy of charging more than one electronic gadget at the same time, which also charge other family members you are traveling with.


Going for a too much expensive adapter charger doesn’t add up since you’ll only use once in a while when doing international travel. Look for a converter that is of high quality but of medium price. It is also fundamental to avoid going for a too cheap adapter because they might be faulty or disposed of.


To sum up everything, It is seen that when you want to enjoy continuous browsing or using your phone during travel, an international travel adapter is a must-have thing. Plan to have yours prior to your travel because they are sometimes expensive around the hotels or the airport. Always buy an adapter with a reasonable price, because they are only required to perform a simple task. Check also for those adapters that have extra-features like many USB ports. Let our buyer’s guide lead you to buy the best international travel adapter.

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