Top 10 Best Indoor Rowing Machine in Reviews

An indoor rowing machine is an equipment that is taking your cardio health into the next level. Now, there are many sleek, highly-refined models ready to offer you great exercise experience. Even better, having a rower that can work comfortably in your home is a big win. It enables your muscles to stretch to your limit comfortably. Generally, a rowing machine offers you an outstanding method of keeping fit by burning many calories and strengthening muscles in a low-impact and safe way.

So, if you’re on the watch for the best rowing machine for your home fitness, you need to keep in mind that there are various features and styles that you’re put into consideration before selecting. As the norm, high-quality models come with a price, yet there are other great and reliable rowers selling at a lower price. In this review, we are going to provide you with the best units of the time. That’s said, here are the top 10 best Indoor Rowing Machine Reviews. You’ll surely find your suit.

#10. Harvil Hydraulic Adjustable Resistance LCD Monitor & Safety Straps Rowing Machine

If there is that rowing machine that was built with humanized design, then the Harvil Hydraulic rowing machine takes it all. This indoor unit offers optimum workout using its full range motion arms, easy to read LCD and adjustable hydraulic resistance. Additionally, its steel frame with a molded seat makes it durable and ergonomic. While the pivoting footplates with straps enhance the safety of the machine. Not forgetting the compact design that brings about portability. The monitor displays varied readings including time, distance, many calories burnt and total rowing count. This unit is your ultimate choice!


  • The large footplates having straps offer maximum safety as you row
  • Comes with foldable arms and compact look that ensures easy storage
  • Great for home use, office use and private dens
  • It is built with easy to read LCD monitor


  • After rowing a bit you have to stop to massage your butt

#9. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 40'' Inseam 285 LB Weight Magnetic Rowing Machine

Tackle your fitness ambition and enjoy a low impact and full-body workout using the SF-RW5801 Synergy Magnetic Rowing machine. The brand comes from Sunny & Fitness Company. We can assure you that the power that comes out of this system is exciting and your leg muscles reap great benefits. Also, the unit has a large and sweat-resistant seat to support you while you do your workouts thus keeping you focused and comfortable. Expect the best during your exercise time from this indoor rowing machine.


  • Presence of digital computer is handy to display time, count, scan and calories
  • Fully padded seat and non-slip handlebars you get sufficient comfort and support
  • It has 8 adjustable levels of magnetic tension that controls your workout
  • The built-in transportation wheels offer easy storage and portability


  • It is very low to the ground

#8. MaxKare Dual Belt Dynamic LCD Monitor Air Rower Rowing Machine for Home Use

MaxKare air rowing machine s built with progressive air resistance with two-belt drive, the quicker you’ll pull, the higher the resistance you built from the air rower. After you are done with each stroke, you’ll feel the relaxed and gentle breeze. This rower can work as your best exercise trainer if you want a low-impact yet experience full-body exercise. As a fact, the machine can help you exercise your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and lips scientifically. Moreover, the ergonomic comfortable seat makes your exercise experience vibrant and thrilling. The rowing strap is also durable because it is made of high-quality nylon. What doesn’t it cost to get a reliable and affordable exercise kit? Grab yours while it’s still in the store.


  • Has large non-skid footplates with adjustable nylon foot straps for safety
  • Durable rowing strap offers you prolonged rowing experienced
  • The comfortable seat from PU makes your exercises enjoyable
  • Built with a digital monitor that displays all the required units


  • If you don’t follow the instructional manual, putting together can be a daunting task

#7. Goplus Foldable LCD Display Adjustable Resistance Cardio Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

If you need a new and advanced rowing machine available currently on the market, then, we suggest that you go for a Goplus foldable magnetic rowing machine. This machine is excellent and professional in terms of offering you a platform for workouts. Get ready to burn many calories and build muscle in the safest way possible. Made of long-lasting steel. Also, the machine is quiet and smooth thus doesn’t become a nuisance to those around you. Additionally, the unit features elastic resistance with 8 levels of adjustable tension hence making your home gym a reality.


  • The built-in flywheel lowers noise production
  • Reading the LCD is a breeze and quick
  • Offers you a thorough exercise i.e. Shoulders, arms, back, and core
  • Made of reliable and durable steel and plastic material


  • The seat is not that comfortable as you may wish, but they work okay

#6. EFITMENT RW036 w/LCD Monitor 245 LB Wight 51'' Rail Length Aero Air Rowing Machine

Here comes the EFITMENT Aero rowing machine with its exceptional rowing experience. The rower slide with ease on the long-lasting 51.18” steel and can support up to 245lbs. Also, it operates in a very simple manner using the belt-drive to get the fan running. Built with a sturdy nature to withstand any intense workouts. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the foot pedals with straps ensures you remain stable and safe all the time as you row. Besides, the onboard digital display visualizes your display to ensure you keep an eye on your progress. That means you can track your stroke count, time, calories burned and RPM. Give a try this unit and you’ll thank me later.


  • Comes with a sturdy-construction that support even intense workouts
  • Saves a large amount of space because it is foldable
  • Has transportation wheels that make the rower portable
  • The digital monitor display shows your workout progress


  • Unable to adjust the resistance level

#5. Merax Magnetic 8 Adjustable Resistance Extra-Padding Large LCD Exercise Rower (BK)

Do you need a rowing machine that will give you the best results? Merax rowing machine has built-in the flywheel to reduce the noise from the machine. The frame is foldable for easy storage. The LCD allows you to track your rowing progress. You can monitor your time and calories burnt, it has got 8 different resistance levels to allow do a rowing exercise that best suits you. The seat is comfortable for long exercises. This is the best choice for those who need the best workout results.


  • The machine is silent and causes no disruptions during exercises
  • Saves you on costs as it is from high-quality materials
  • It takes less time to assemble and install the machine
  • It is cheaper as compared to other models like concept2


  • Even the highest resistance is not super tough enough

#4. Fitness Reality Extended Full Body Exercise & Free App 1000 plus Magnetic Power Rower

As the name suggests it does get your body physically fit. This modernized rowing machine allows you to install an app called mycloudfitness app. This app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. This, therefore, allows you to monitor your rowing progress wherever you will be. Needless to say, it accommodates users weighing up to 250lbs. It is also equipped with an LCD that shows time, distance, calories burned and stroke of your rows. This machine allows for extra exercises like curls and triceps extensions. Finally, it has a foldable design for easy storage.


  • The different resistance levels give a maximum workout activity
  • Has a clearly instructed manual that is easy to understand and follow
  • It gives you a full-body workout that enhances blood circulation
  • The LCD is clear thus you do not have to strain to access it
  • Suitable for users of heights between 4.9″ and 6.6″


  • The wheels do not move the machine in a desirable way

#3. Stamina 35-1405 ATS 1405 Air Resistance LCD Fitness Monitor Foldable Rowing Machine

Exercises are part of our daily activities in this generation. Stamina offers you the best cardiovascular workout for good health. The foam padded seat offers you comfort during your rowing exercise. Also, its straps are adjustable to suit different users with different body shapes and sizes. You can monitor your rowing progress using the LCD. Moreover, it has built-in wheels for easy portability and transport purposes.


  • Can be folded for ease in storing or transporting this machine
  • Suitable for all users: kids, men, women or even the elderly
  • Easy to use and install as it does not require any skills
  • Made from high-quality materials to last long


  • It cannot accommodate users of more than 250lbs

#2. CIRCUIT FITNESS 986RW Deluxe Foldable 8 Resistance Magnetic Rowing Machine

Do you need strong muscles to work out? Get yourself this rowing machine if you want quick results. Made of high-quality super materials that enhance durability. Additionally, it has a maximum user capacity of 300lbs. The handlebars have an anti-slip design to avoid sliding during the exercise. You can check your rowing progress using the LCD that displays time, calories burned, distance and the temperatures. Also, it has a comfortable seat for good exercise. The 8 resistance levels allow you to choose the rowing level that best suits your needs.


  • Quiet exerciser with minimal noise so you can do other works as you row
  • Its value is worth its price as it not too expensive as compared to the concept 2 model
  • Has a foldable design for easy storage and transport purposes
  • Built with a sturdy design to accommodate users of up to 300lbs


  • The LCD cannot be switched off

#1. Concept2 Model D PM5 Low Impact Versatile Foldable Indoor Rowing Machine

Have you ever thought of having your gym in your house? Concept 2 rowing machine gives you a good workout. This exerciser engages most of your body parts like legs and arms. Also, it is designed to be used by most people. Moreover, the height is adjustable to about 14”, the footrests are also adjustable for more convenience. Additionally, it accommodates users with a maximum weight of 300lbs. This rowing machine has caster wheels and can be separated into two pieces for easy portability and storage purposes. It cuts off a lot of calories in a single row.


  • Easy to assemble as it does not require any extra tools
  • Installation is easy and takes around 10 minutes to install it
  • The rower works smooth and quietly without disturbing others
  • Comfortable to use without hurting your knees or arms


  • The handlebars are too small to accommodate all the fingers

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Indoor Rowing Machine

Type of resistance

Although rowing machines tend to have a similar design, they differ a lot in terms of their resistance mechanism. This is what makes the rowing machine to be most effective. These types of resistance may include; water resistance, air resistance, magnetic resistance, and hydraulic resistance. Every type of resistance offers their benefits and exceptional rowing feel, so it’s upon you to choose the type that impresses you.

Comfort & Adjustability

Second, you would prefer to own a rowing machine that works better to suit all your family members. For that reason, you need to consider a unit that is adjustable to fit different people’s requirements. Also, the rower with good footpads and comfortable seat is desirable. Opt for the adjustable model over the one that is permanently fixed.

Noise Level

It is worth noting that not all indoor rowing machine produces the same noise level. Some produce high tone noise that causes a nuisance to those nearby. That’s why it is a good idea to go for that machine with silent mode.

Weight Support

An indoor rower machine is not that selective in terms of weight it supports. Unlike another exercise machine like a treadmill, an indoor rowing machine can handle any weight. This unit has a lesser movable section to be stressed by a heavier person(s).

Display Option

Most indoor rowing machines come with specialized screens to enable you to track your exercise progress. For instance, many rowers use LCD as the screen to offer you information such as time, distance and number of calories burned. Besides, the one that supports app connectivity is also an advanced option that you may opt for because it let you read the results right on your smartphone.


Well, those are just but some few indoor rowing machines that we thought to be the best. If you do regular exercise on it, you can rest assured that your muscles will strengthen and calories burnt. What’s more, the advanced models will even offer you additional information like an LCD to track your workout progress. Unlike the treadmill, the indoor rowing machine exercises almost every part of your body. Overall, what remains for you to get started is to acquire an indoor rowing machine and keep rowing. We can summarize everything by saying, the best indoor rowing machine is that one choice that meets your budget and meets your body’s needs. Your muscles, mind, and heart will appreciate you!

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