Top 10 Best Hot Towel Warmers in Reviews

Regardless of the day weather conditions, you ought to stay warm using a warm towel. And this implies that you need the best hot towel warmer to ensure you have exciting routine. These towel warmers are progressively getting more thanks to the novel features incorporated. Besides, these appliances are facile to set up and use, versatile, quick, and result based. The hot towel warmers that come with timers are ideal because they offer rapid warming solutions. You’ll only need to adjust the time to achieve the appropriate warming.

Searching for the best hot towel warmer isn’t easy as there are myriads of options flooding the market. Nevertheless, we’ve got your back. In this review, we present to you the top 10 best hot towel warmers in reviews. They have exceptional features, and we’re confident that you’ll come across the one that meets your needs. Besides, we’ve included factors to consider to enable you to make a well-informed decision. Check out.

#10. Haven Temperature Control Transparent Lid Supports Up to 2 Towels Hot Towel Warmer

Coming at the last position in this list is Haven hot towel warmer, which is affordable and efficient in warming your towel. This appliance has an ergonomic design, and the auto-shutoff feature, operating this towel warmer is straightforward. Besides, it’s straightforward to set up and last long. Unlike other towel warmers that offer mediocre performance, this choice is the best choice to take your towel warming routine to a different level. It doesn’t consume a high amount of power, hence saves you a colossal electricity bill. Although it comes with many user restrictions, it works exceptional results when all the restrictions are adhered to.


  • The towel warmer is practical and offers consistent results
  • Coms with a convenient size to warm towels & robes
  • It makes the towel comfortable by making it warm
  • The most affordable towel warmer in this list
  • Works quietly and heat very fast


  • Comes with too many restrictions on the use

#9. LiveFine Large Bucket Style Adjustable Timer w/LED Display Auto-Shut-Off Luxury Towel Warmer.

Chilly air makes the towel challenging to dry off, and that’s why you should seek refuge on this bucket style towel warmer by LiveFine. The wet cotton towel is turned into a soothing embrace. It can fit up to two towels simultaneously, thus offering users great warm towels ready for use. Additionally, with the spacious interior, you can also fit other fabric items like face and hand towels, small robes, neck towels, hair wraps, and many more. It has a sleek LCD with helpful indicator lights and comfortable touch-button performance. Better yet, the easy-set adjustable timer offers you a better way to customize your towel temperature for the remarkable bathing experience.


  • The timer enables you to warm the towel up to your preferred temperature
  • The safety indicator lights show you when the towel is toasty warm
  • It’s easy to set up and use with easy touch-button operation
  • Has a super chic design that adds style to your bathroom


  • The power button is wonky

#8. Ivation Lockable Lid Large Bucket Style Removable Lid w/Carry Handle Luxury Towel Warmer

Whether you want to warm the robes, small sheets, blankets, and other fabric essentials, the Ivation towel warmer is the way to go. You can rest assured that you have desired comfort and relaxation out of the use of such a unit. It’s ideal for salon, house, shower, home, and more. The lockable lid offers you peace of mind to provide safety for your kids. The spacious heating compartment can support up to two over-sized 40-inch x 70-inch towels. The carry handle on the lid offers an easy mode of carrying it. As if that’s not enough, it has stabilizing feet that keep the unit firmly planted on tile, ceramic, porcelain, and other floors. Now, pamper your friends and family with this unit as a gift or a present for their anniversary, birthday, etc.


  • Built with carrying handle that enables you to move around with ease
  • The lockable lid design is safe and offers you a peace of mind
  • It can simultaneously warm large-sized towels instantly
  • The best gift or present to give your friends or family


  • It’s ideal for warming thinner fabric materials

#7. StateRiver 18L High-Temperature Multi-Purpose Oxidized Aluminum Interior Hot Towel Warmer

Are you a tattooist, beauty/salon/SPA consultant, therapist, or barber? And you are worried about the increasingly germs on your towels? Or you probably want to offer your customers an easy and clean wipe before dinner in your restaurant? Now you have peace of mind and stress-free using the professional towel warmer by StateRiver. This unit can warm towels at 175 Fahrenheit. With an 18 liter capacity, you can place approximately 60 manicure or facial towels in regular size. And the fact that its CE approved, you can only hope for the safe and reassuring experience. Additionally, the interior chamber has an aluminum lining that ensures heat conduction optimized. Even better, it’s suitable for both family and commercial use.


  • Able to warm traditional and disposable towels thoroughly
  • The removable tray underneath prevent dripping
  • It’s CE approved to offer you guaranteed safety
  • Comes with a user manual for easy operation


  • The warmer look small, but the storage is huge

#6. Koval 16L Capacity CE Approved Built-in UV Sterilizer Plug & Play Hot Towel Warmer Durable Shelf

Koval hot towel warmer combines a warmer and sterilizer to ensure all your towels are kept germ-free. It features a 16 liters capacity that allows you to place between 30 to 40 pieces of towels. Since its CE approved, you can rest assured of safe and reassuring sterilization. It effectively and evenly warms either traditional or disposable towels within no time. The interior area is of aluminum construction to ensure there is better heat condition. Not to mention its durable shelf that organized towels in an orderly manner. And if you are worried about the setup procedure, then worry no more because this appliance is plug and play with no assembly needed.


  • It’s easy to set up and operate with no assemble needed
  • Built with a durable shelf that effortlessly stores towels
  • The UV sterilizer keep your towels germ-free
  • Fully approved by CE for guaranteed safety


  • The temperature tends to get too hot at times

#5. Salon Sundry Professional High Capacity Facial Spa & Salon Equipment Hot towel Warmer (Black)

Electric tower warmers have never gotten this better, thanks to the innovative design being displays by the latest models of these units. Salon Sundry is one of such exemplary devices that has taken towel warming to the next level. This appliance is ideal for SPA, salons, massage therapists, restaurants, gyms, and tattoo artists. The heater built inside this unit uses rated 200-watts to heat the towels to an average of 176 Fahrenheit. It features a metallic cabinet having a cool-touch blended door and amalgamated handle having magnetic latch for a stylish addition into your space. Even better, to maximize efficiency and minimize heat loss, the door is double sealed. What’s more, a removable drip tray is added underneath the cabinet to collect drips and moisture.


  • Maintains the temperature of 176-Fahrenheit for even towel warming
  • It’s CE certified and has a US-standard grounded three-pin plug
  • Instructions are included in the manual for the best way to use
  • Has the potential to warm up to 72 towels at once


  • The door is slammed too hard to open

#4. ForPro Premium UV Sterilization Holds 24 Facial-Sized Towels Rust Resistant Hot Towel Warmer

ForPro Premium hot towel warmer is a reliable unit that offers you assured dependability and performance of the highest quality. It can heat the towel to 180 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 30 minutes without any thermostat and has a UV sterilizer that keeps the towel fresh and clean. Moreover, it includes a water drip tray with two stainless steel racks that will offer you durable service. The well-insulated cabinet remains fresh all day. Better yet, it can be used for massage stones, neck warmers, and hot packs. Also, it has the potential to hold up to 24 facial sized towels that are 100% cotton washcloths.


  • Holds up to 24 facial-sized towels with effective warming
  • Has a compact design to fit into a small footprint
  • The UV sterilizer keep towels clean and fresh
  • Constructed to offer reliable performance


  • The racks are loosely fixed

#3. Spa Luxe SL18FSB UL Approved UV Sterilization Hot Full-Size Towel Cabinet Warmer (Silver/Black)

If you wish for a luxurious life, then go for Spa Luxe hot towel cabinet. It allows your moist towel to become steamy and warm. With two convenient shelves together with the under-mount drip ensures your whole warming an easy-breezy task. Besides, it works at an optimum temperature of 160-degrees, thus enabling your towels to be warm easily for convenience. Also, this towel warmer is sizeable that can carry up to 24 towels. You’ll even fancy the decorous look and the superb internal design that style your room. Finally, the UV light inside offers the best sterilization for all your towels.


  • UL approved to meet the highest electrical safety standards
  • The quick warmer that operates at a constant temperature
  • Built with convenient shelves for placing the towels
  • It’s a great addition to the décor of your home


  • Take some times to heat up

#2. Cedergren Stainless Steel 7L Mini Cabbie UL Certified Durable & Elegant Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

Design with durability and simplicity in mind, Cedergren hot towel cabinet is a unique appliance that follows the CE standards to the latter. Unlike other towel warmers that come from cheap plastic, this unit is made from sturdy metal that ensures durability and elegance is not doubtable. In essence, the stylish and minimalistic design of the cabbie matches all the interior styles. The heating system will shut-off automatically when the temperature reaches 175 degrees Fahrenheit and turns on when the temperatures drop below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The packaging has a well-instructed manual that offers a guide on how to set up and operate this towel warmer.


  • Ergonomically designed to ensure you warm your towels optimally
  • It’s safer and more durable compared to cheap plastic models
  • The built-in thermostat regulates your temperature accurately
  • Can hold up to 20 manicure size towel more comfortably


  • It sometimes leaks a little bit

#1. Elite Holds 48 Facial-Sized Towels w/Water-Drip Pan Hot Towel Warmer plus Salon Equipment

Are you looking for a high-quality towel warmer that can warm several small towels at once? Look no further than Elite Mini hot towel warmer. This unit can hold up to 48 facial-sized towels hence becoming suitable for SPA. Also, it’s an ergonomic towel warmer that features internal temperature control. With this, the temperature will be kept at a constant level to prevent overheating. And still, it offers you consistent heating. The reason is that the unit has a padded heating substance that covers the entire interior wall. Be sure to check this novel model because it’s one of the reliable towel warmer in this list.


  • Can hold up to 48 facial-sized towels for efficient warming
  • The internal temperature control prevents overheating
  • Has a stylish look that complements your space décor
  • It’s compact and lightweight to fit into a small space


  • There is no way to adjust the temperature on this unit

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Hot Towel Warmer


The choice that you opt for should be constructed from high-quality materials to offer you long-lasting use. Having a durable appliance means that you can trust the unit for its regular use. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on a cheap and poor-quality towel warmer because you might regret sooner than later.


In case you want to heat a particular towel to a specific temperature, going for a towel warmer with a timer feature is desirable. These models, with a timer, offer accurate results. Also, timer lowers the need to have you around to look after your towel when it’s being warmed.


When choosing a hot towel warmer, consider purchasing a choice that can offer more than one functionality. If it can warm blankets and robes, the better. In that case, go for a multi-purpose towel warmer so that you can enjoy more exciting use.


This factor has to do with the space available in your home to place the towel warmer appliance. If you need a large size towel more summery, then the area should be readily available to place the device. However, if you have space limitations, then a small unit will offer you the ease of operation.


The power consumption also defines the suitability of a towel warmer. Those that consume high power aren’t ideal because they have a huge maintenance cost. For those who want to reduce the bills, it preferable to go for those models that don’t consume a lot of power yet effective.

Ease of Use

When shopping for a towel warmer, check at the instructions and how easy it is to set up and use. The “plug & play” option is preferable because they don’t require any extra-tool to work. Also, if it comes with clear guidelines on how to set up, the better.


Selecting the best hot towel warmer isn’t a plain sailing task, and it’s obvious, you’ve had to do thorough research. However, we’ve done the research part for you. Your work is to pick the choice that best meets your needs from the above options. We’ve presented you with some novel choices that suit any budget needs and offer impressive results. And still, the list we have all the features you might want to consider. Don’t hesitate to go through the buyer’s guide section to enable you to make a wise decision. Have a thrilling shopping experience!

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