The 10 Best Hiking Shoes for Men in Reviews

One of the most excellent ways of breaking the monotony of long hours in the office or home environment is going for a hike. But do you have the appropriate gears for the adventure? Hiking is the most thrilling activity that occupies your spare time. This is more important more so because technology has impeded your will to take time enjoying camping, trekking or enjoying in any other way. So, if you want to have a blissful time during your hiking time, then it’s appropriate to go with the right gears. Nothing beats the hiking shoes because it will ensure your feet are well protected during your hiking period.

With that in mind, you can now definitely plan for your next hiking time. But before that, where and how will you shop for this wears? Don’t worry because we have you on our back. Here are the best 10 Hiking Shoes for Men Reviews.

#10. Arkeen Work Steel Toe Safety Lightweight Shoes for Men Outdoor Hiking

At the tenth position is Arkeen Work Hiking Shoe for Men with lightweight design. This shoes are currently trending all over mainly because of its flexibility and comfortably nature. Also, this unit is shock and heat resistance, so your safety is kept higher. With the lacing system, you can wear it with ease. If you want hiking shoes that are way better than work boots, then Arkeen is your desirable pair. Moreover, they are very nice kicks for an affordable price. The design is simple and the colors are enough to make it look like a great tennis shoe.


  • Provides comfortable hiking shoe that offers excellent ankle support
  • Perfect cushioning and the rubber sole makes it durable
  • A comfort system that helps reduce foot fatigue
  • The lacing system on the shoes makes it easy to put on


  • Not super comfy but can’t beat it for the price

#9. TFO Men's Air Cushion Non-Slip Outdoor Sports Hiking Trekking Running Sneaker

TFO Men’s hiking shoes for men is a full-length air circulation shoes that ensure every step is fresh with breathable circulation. This shoe suits all men who are planning to for off-road hiking and adventure. Using these shoes is an end of foot fatigue. The shock absorption effects on the air cushion ensure you feel comfortable all your entire hiking time. Also, the air circulation insole keeps you in constant safety against bruises. Moreover, this pair has a lightweight and improved design that ensures you’re fully protected. You can use this unit for a long time without feeling much weight.


  • Has a lightweight design for enhanced movements
  • The high strength hard protective piece for toe cap and heel prevent bugs & snake bites
  • These are shoes that are usable daily
  • Comes with the breathable insole to alleviate your foot fatigue


  • The sizes are a little bigger than normal

#8. BomKinta Breathable Quick-Dry Anti-Slip Lightweight Men's Trekking Hiking Shoes

Hiking is sweet when you go with all your family members, but it becomes sweeter when you have the appropriate hiking shoe. For that reason, we have BomKinta Trekking shoes that ensure your adventures is made successful. This marvelous option fit almost every man with varied colors and sizes. These shoes are lightweight and you can comfortably walk around without feeling stressed. Additionally, durability and slip resistance outsole offer a long way of walking. Moreover, it is super comfortable in both wet and dry conditions. Go with this gear to the waterfall, hiking, water, and other adventurous places.


  • The speed lace makes it easy to wear and makes your feet feel better
  • They are highly breathable and ultra-light for comfortable walking
  • Super comfortable in both dry and wet conditions
  • The breathable hole for better support and cushioning


  • Hard to keep tied well because of the hooks instead of loops at the top

#7. Dabbqis Trail Running Sneaker Lightweight Athletic Trekking Breathable Hiking Shoes

Dabbqis Hiking Shoes for Men is athletically designed hiking shoes with breathable and lightweight mesh lining that lets moisture escape with ease. You can take advantage of this set more so when you have a long hiking time. If you can then of all shoes that have revolutionized hiking experience, then you wouldn’t miss this model on the rated brands’ list. Also, it has a triangle-dart lug all over the sole that enhances your stability while walking. Although this model is lightweight, the sturdiness is unquestionable altogether. Besides, it enables you to walk freely and offer foot muscle for the all-day walking exercise.


  • They have made hikes more comfortable and enjoyable
  • Have triangular dart lugs for grip and traction to ensure you don’t slide
  • The lightweight and sturdiness allows you to walk with ease
  • The dual-density mid-sole allows you to walk freely and reluctantly


  • They are cheaply made

#6. CAMEL Cowhide Non-Slip Low Climbing Work Waterproof Trekking Men's Shoes

For a unique and well-designed hiking men’s shoes, then try CAMEL Cowhide Trekking Shoes. This shoes are comfortable and look good. The built quality of the shoe was better than expected considering the price. This particular shoe is suitable for mountain climbers because of its wear-resistant, non-slip and super-quality cushions. Whether it is a rugged mountain or wet slippery wetlands, these shoes enable you to move forward without any external explosion. Hurry and get yourself a pair while stocks last!


  • The quality of the item is way beyond your expectations
  • They are suitable for a business trip, daily wear, hiking, and all other outdoor activities
  • Available in both black or brown color, dust-proof
  • Made of split leather material that enhanced its durability


  • The edges where the lace wrap are a bit sharper than it should be

#5. ALEADER Wet-Traction Grip Breathable Synthetic Ribbon Men's Water Hiking Shoe

These are the perfect water shoes to go for. If you are running some errands and it’s raining this won’t get you bothered. Also, its soles are quite cushiony making them more comfortable for you to wear. The shoes are highly breathable that ensures it quickly dry for the next wear. Besides, the synthetic ribbon along the side offer extra support stability. Additionally, the quick lacing system ensures a secure customized fit; you just need to pull, lock the toggle and set to go. The insole has good shock absorption feature that gives you extra comfort as you walk.


  • In case water gets into them they dry quickly
  • You can wear them with ease because of their airy nature
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for best and suitable in class shock absorption
  • Quick lacing system ensures a secure and customized fit


  • Not suitable for beaches because sand gets into the shoes

#4. RAX Slip-Resistant Aqua Men's Quick Drying Excellent Ventilation Water Hiking Shoes

These shoes are perfect for outdoor walking. They are mainly designed for water sports like stream hiking, kayaking, and beach walking and canoeing. The outsole is a rubber slip-resistant this feature provides grip during hiking. They are quick to dry in case they get wet because of the triangular hole on the side of the sole that enhances convection. Additionally, the shoe toe is wrapped by rubber and TPU that offers good toe protection. The excellent ventilation allows you to feel okay as you walk. These shoes are versatile and can be used for almost all hiking occasions.


  • The rubber anti-skid outsole makes it a perfect choice for summer outdoor trekking
  • The build and look is much presentable and unique
  • The shoes have their toe wrapped by rubber and TPU for excellent toe protection
  • Made from quick-drying materials that keep your foot dry at all times


  • The adjustable straps at the back are not adjustable

#3. Clorts Waterproof Suede Leather Lightweight Outdoor Backpacking Trekking Trail

MEN, are you looking for those hiking shoes that are one of a kind? Clorts are the best type to go for. The pair offers superb comfort in case of long trail days. Also, it has a midsole that gives your feet a customizing feeling and comfort. Your feet and ankle are held in place with the high collar and solid laces. This makes it more comfortable. This type grips the ground deeply offering you more stability. In case of wet ground, you won’t slide. This pair is a top adventure choice that ensures water, dirt, and debris don’t enter your feet. With the protective rubber toe caps, you can be certain that you will be protected against trail hazards.


  • The waterproof design ensures water doesn’t enter the shoes
  • Rubber toe cap protects your toes when hiking
  • They are durable because they are made of suede leather
  • Your feet remain cool throughout the hiking period


  • They are heavy causing fatigue during long trails

#2. Merrell Suede Synthetic Sole Men's Accentor 2 Ventilation Hiking Shoes

Are you someone that loves long hikes? You then would go for Merrell hiking shoes. They are suitable for such long hikes. They are designed in a way that allows you to have a comfy hiking time. The shoes are the best. The quality itself is awesome and it won’t be disappointed at all. With its stylish look will attract you. The soles are designed in such a way that they won’t fail you on trails or rocky terrain. Also, they are comfortable and your feet won’t lose traction.


  • Suitable for both wet and dry conditions
  • It has a stylish look that makes it attractive and appealing
  • Made of suede leather that enhanced the durability of these shoes
  • They are lightweight making them easy to walk on


  • The bottom traction on the soles begins to come off after a while

1. KEEN Rubber Sole Dry Waterproof Breathable Membrane Men's Targhee Hiking Shoes

Ever desired to wear comfortable hiker shoes? Keen Utility Hiking shoes give you that comfort you need in wherever you will be. These kind of shoes are great, they wouldn’t disappoint you at all. Additionally, it is suitable for all-terrain because of its resilient outsole that adds more to its stability. Since it is made of leather and upper-performance mesh on the upper, you can be assured that these shoes would last for a longer period. Also, the dry waterproof and breathable membrane will ensure you stay safe always wearing the shoes.


  • They are waterproof in case you step on the water
  • For easy lace adjustment, it has speed hooks
  • These shoes are durable with the presence of leather mud shield
  • It’s breathable and supportive making it more comfortable


  • The soles wear out that easy

Factors You Should Look for When Purchasing Hiking Shoes for Men

Internal Support

The main factor to consider is the internal support each pair offer. Your feet should feel sufficient comfort without leaving your feet swollen later. Check for thin plates in the inner side that will give you full protection against bruises that may be caused by sharp rocks.

Hard Outsoles

Unlike other walking shoes that are designed to be adherent and flexible, hiking shoes are tough from the outside, to protect you against being hurt by sharp roots. Consider opting for hiking shoes with carbon and rubber outsoles because they are tough materials. Also, those with lug pattern are ideal because they offer grip to the hiker, so no chances of sliding whatsoever.


Of course, another factor that should be on your fingertips is the waterproof nature. If you’ll be planning to go hiking during winter, then you have to shop nothing less than waterproof hiking shoes. This will enhance your hiking experience without leaving your feet smelling or developing foot rot.


Quality dictates the durability of any product. So as long as you a high-quality product, you can rest assured that you’ll have guaranteed durability. As you know, your hiking shoe will be usable in a hard environment, so its strength to withstand harsh conditions is important.


Hiking shoes are indeed the way to have a wonderful hiking time. Camping or trekking is never easy without these gears. That said, we are pleased to inform you that our picks include the best of the best hiking shoes for men that will serve you appropriately as you go for hiking. Yet there are many important features that you should put into consideration before taking any step, we have the main four factors above that set everything straight. Take your time and go through this review, and certainly, you’ll get your desired hiking shoes. Have a wonderful shopping experience!

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