Top 10 Best Heart Rate Monitors in 2022 Reviews

Being acquainted with your body, and in particular, your heart will enable you to take care of yourself in a better way. The best heart rate monitor doesn’t not only tells you your pulse rate, but it also displays other vital functions in your body. You can track your blood pressure or oxygen levels while on the other hand, taking the heart rate readings. In case the worse occur, you’ll anticipate knowing of the current heart rate is high or if there is any other cause for panic.

However, getting the specific heart rate monitor that will go handy with your specification is not easy said and done. And of course, you don’t want to make the purchase anyhow. There is no need to burn yourself out; we’ve done the hard work for you. We evaluated tons of heart rate monitors to single out the finest. That said, here are the top ten best 10 Heart Rate Monitors in reviews.

#10. Santamedical Portable Pulse Oximeter Latex-Free Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor - SM-150

Are you looking for an affordable machine to measure either heartbeat rate or oxygen level? Look no further than Santamedical SM-150 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter. Besides, it’s easy to operate because it has a one-button design. As if that’s not enough, it has a compact portable design that makes it easy to carry and handle. Better yet, it’s so essential for pilots and athletes to get precise and quick oxygen saturation readings. The digital LED display, and the reliable battery can continuously show you readings for 30+ hours. What’s more, the hanging neck and wrist strap with the case offers you a better way of moving around.


  • The LED display enables you to see readings even in a low light area
  • Latex-free finger chamber is from hypoallergenic silicone
  • Lightweight and compact to allow you to move with ease
  • It’s easy to use on your fingertip


  • It’s for aviation, and sports use only

#9. CHOICEMED Dual OLED Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor (Green)

The next device on the look also offers you an affordable way of precisely checking your pulse rate and oxygen level. CHOICEMED dual OLED finger pulse oximeter is a functional unit that can provide you with accurate readings in less than 10 seconds. People who can use this machine include pilots, athletes, and other individuals who might want to know their pulse rate and SpO2 more quickly. Additionally, this oximeter operates conveniently and straightforwardly. Even better, it has a compact and lightweight design that makes it be carried around with ease. Since it works in a precise way, you can turn on or off with just a touch of a button. Remember, this isn’t a medical gadget; it is ideal for aviation and sports.


  • The accurate dual-color oximeter offers reliable readings
  • Includes instruction manual for hassle-free operation
  • It is ideal for all ages and allergic individuals
  • Easy to operate with one-button operation


  • Doesn’t auto-switch orientation to take readings from different angles

#8. TrackAid Portable & Compact Pulse Oximeter Finger Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate Monitor

If you are looking for a reliable, consistent, accurate, and portable pulse oximeter, then you have every reason to smile because TrackAid Fingertip pulse rate monitor offers you precisely that. With a clear LED display, you can accurately take your pulse rate and oxygen saturation level reading naturally. Also, it’s lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere. In addition to that, the screen can automatically shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity. This heart rate monitor is easy to use. Even better, you can take your pulse rate, Blood’s SpO2 oxygen saturation, and pulse strength in less than 10 seconds.


  • The device is compact with a long battery life
  • The package contains all accessories needed
  • Offers you accurate and reliable readings
  • It is portable and easy to carry


  • Not sure if it stands the test of time

#7. Wellue Wearable O2 Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor w/ vibration Alarm & Health Report

Wellue has gone an extra-step of manufacturing innovative and top-notch wearable monitor with ring sensor that makes it more comfortable and stays on your finger for daily home use. The unit consistently monitors your heart rate, oxygen level with a fully charged battery that can work up to 16 hours. Even better, the free app that supports iOS and Android enables you to check the graphic report and the trends of blood oxygen saturation and heart rate. In essence, data analysis can allow you to prevent unhealthy conditions and boost your lifestyle. Moreover, the smart vibration alarm can detect the oxygen level and is activated upon checking that the oxygen level goes down than the needed threshold.


  • Uses an android and iOS app to offer a graphic report
  • The battery can work continuously for 16 hours
  • Wearable and lightweight for home daily use
  • It is easy and quick to operate


  • The app responds slowly

#6. AccuMed CMS-50DL Portable Pulse Oximeter Pulse Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Monitor (Black)

Are you a workout enthusiast, and searching for the best oximeter? AccuMed CMS-50DL model is the finest solution. You can monitor heart rate and blood oxygen circulation within 10 seconds. Also, this device offers ease of use and speed at a budget-friendly cost. And for an added guarantee, this unit is backed with a one year warranty. Besides, the battery is highly conserved because when it’s not in use, it automatically turns off. The LED display enables you to take the readings in a clear and crispy way. You can view the pulse intensity on the digital tube screen displayed with a bar graph.


  • You can take precise crystal readings on the LED display
  • Includes instruction manual for easy operation
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case
  • Best device that conserves battery life


  • An alarm is not included

#5. MIBEST Purple Dual Color OLED O2 Saturation Monitor Blood Oxygen Finger Pulse Oximeter

MIBEST Luxury purple OLED pulse oximeter is a highly accurate device that offers precise measurements. Whether you want to take your pulse rate or Oxygen saturation level, this tool is the ultimate solution. With pulse oximeter case, lanyard, and AA batteries included in the package, you’ll have a chance to take your SpO2 level out of the box instantly. Since it is portable and lightweight, it allows you to take readings anywhere in a more convenient manner. Better yet, this oxygen saturation finger monitor can work as a pediatric pulse oximeter for children and kids as well as a SpO2 monitor for adults.


  • Has reliable batteries that can work for long
  • Offer accurate and precise measurements
  • This unit is easy to use and configureIt’s ideal for all ages and conditions


  • It takes a bit longer time to show results

#4. SonoHealth Portable Wireless Handheld Home ECG Cardio Machine EKG Heart Rate Monitor

When it comes to having a peace of mind while getting the readings of your pulse rate and oxygen saturation level, then SonoHealth portable ECG monitor is at your disposal. You can track your body health at your fingertips at all times. Whether you want to track, monitor, store pattern of arrhythmia, or irregular activities without the need to visit a healthcare provider, this portable device is your solution. It uses advanced technology with other tried and actual monitoring mechanisms to offer accurate readings. In less than 30 seconds, you can have your heart rate and other vital statistics served at your disposal. Better yet, the multiple sensors equipped with this device allows you to get more accurate readings and precise measurements.


  • Portable device for tracking, monitoring health conditions
  • The accurate multi-lead sensors offer precise readings
  • Comes with free unlimited data storage
  • Has an easy to read LCD


  • It doesn’t work when the charger is connected

#3. LOOKEE O2 Monitor Oxygen & Heart Rate Tracker with Free Mobile App for Sleep Insights

LOOKEE O2 monitor and heart rate tracker is an ideal tool for keeping you on a healthy lifestyle. It has an adjustable notification that’s close to your finger to detect a low oxygen level when the set level is not obtained. Also, it suitable for checking your pulse pre and post work out and oxygen saturation level. This overnight sleep monitor comfortably and continuously monitors your health conditions with a patented finger ring sensor. The free mobile app on tablets and smartphones is compatible with iOS 9.0+, and Android 5.0+, that generates you reports that enable you to sleep more comfortably. Trust us; this device is offering assistance to millions of people to live enjoyable and healthier lives.


  • The readout display enables you to take the reading with ease
  • Uses a free mobile app compatible with Android & iOS
  • Track your oxygen level and pulse rate at all times
  • Offer peace of mind with safe net


  • The battery only lasts for 8 hours when fully charged

#2. Wellue O2 Ring Oxygen Tracker Free App with Notifications for Low O2 Level & Heart Rate

Are you yearning to get the best heart rate monitor at an affordable price yet giving you accurate readings? Wellue O2 Ring Oxygen tracker is your ultimate solution. The adjustable vibration feedback ensures you know when you have a low oxygen level and irregular heart rate. This unit is the smallest, lightest, and most comfortable ring sensor that offers you continuous monitoring and suits most fingers. The rechargeable battery takes 2 hours to charge and provides a 14 hours usage fully. More exciting, this device runs automatically once you wear it.


  • The battery can offer you 14 hours continuous reading
  • The convenient ring sensor offer overnight monitoring
  • The free professional app displays plausible results
  • It’s durable and suits most fingers


  • The tool doesn’t fit some fingers right

#1. Overnight Wrist Oxygen Monitor Track O2 Saturation & Heart Rate with App & PC Report

The #1 heart rate monitor in this list is the Overnight Wrist Oxygen monitor. It continuously monitors and records the oxygen level and heart rate. When the oxygen level is below the threshold, you’ll receive vibration feedback that enables you to react appropriately. The free app and PC software let you save and share your report with ease. Additionally, the patented ring sensor is more comfortable and doesn’t drop off. It’s built with a high-efficiency Li-on battery that can support up to 16 hours of uninterrupted monitoring. With this device, expect better sleep and a healthier life. Finally, it autoruns when you wear it.


  • Has a long-life battery that offers up to 16 hours monitoring
  • The smart vibrator wake you up when the oxygen level is too low
  • Comfortable and convenient to check your body units
  • It is easy to configure and use


  • The O2 insight software isn’t detailed

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Heart Rate Monitor

Accuracy & Efficiency

The first pertinent factor to consider is the accuracy level of the heart rate monitor. There is no certainty that all the devices are accurate, so it worth consideration those brands that have proven to be reliable and efficient. Since they offer reading of what’s going on in our bodies, they need to have a minimal error. Also, they should be fast and efficient in giving results. By that, we mean, the machine should provide pulse and SpO2 readings in less than ten seconds.

Size & Weight

The next thing worth considering is the compactness and weight of the heart rate monitor device. It should be compact to enable you to move around with it without feeling uncomfortable. Better yet, it should be lightweight to be portable enough to move anywhere with it. Additionally, the device needs to have a carrying case for safety and ease movement.


If you want to get reliable service, then you need to purchase a heart rate monitor that can be used by anyone. And to ensure you are buying an option that will fit all ages, you have to consider the machine having smart-spring technology. With such an appliance, you’ll be confident that you get a model that can support all fingers. Also, the heart rate monitor should support both health and sports enthusiasts. The device of that kind can support skiers, bikers, and climbers.

Some other extra-features and factors you might want to consider when purchasing the best heart rate monitor include ease of use, durability, and affordability.


In a nutshell, these are the most excellent heart rate monitors to purchase right now. They outdo other options in the market, and therefore you should not worry about their quality. The factors we’ve laid in place will also enable you to understand your needs and will allow you to pick that best fits you. You have a reason to smile because you wouldn’t have to rummage through the market in search of the best heart rate monitor, this post has done the homework for you. Go straight and buy one of the listed devices with confidence!

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