Top 10 Best Handheld Shower Head in Reviews

Handheld showerheads have continuously become famous thanks to their versatility and functionality. Compared to the typical showerheads, these models are more sophisticated and designed with comfort in mind. Besides, they’re also handheld, which means that directing water to where it’s needed is quite easy. Moreover, handheld showerheads come with many functions that allow you to have required settings for excellent showering experience. Some of the primary features include water-saving economy, power rain, massage, and so forth.

Better yet, handheld showerheads feature restrictors that aid to conserve water – although you can get rid of such restrictors to have an excellent time in the bathroom. If you want to purchase the best handheld shower head, this article is suitable for you. Given below is a list of the top ten best handheld shower heads with a buying guide that will keep you on track while you shop.

#10. Kohler Converge 2-in-1 Showerhead & Hand shower Combo 5-Spray (Brushed Nickel Finish)

Kohler Converge shower head have a vibrant brushed nickel finish. It allows you to have a luxurious showering experience right in your shower room. This high-performance has five transformative sprays that resist mineral buildup for hassle-free cleaning. These five sprays include; infinity, silk, full coverage, infinity plus, and silk plus shower. The installation process is quite simple with a 1/2 –inch NPSM connection that doesn’t require any tool –it only needs hand tightening. Besides, it conserves a lot of water while ensuring you get optimum shower experience. Look no further for a high-performing showerhead other than this budget-friendly model.


  • Vibrant brushed nickel finish complement your bathroom styling
  • Offers you three showering experience in one spray
  • It’s easy to adjust with one click spray control
  • Easy installation with no tool needed


  • It’s not long-lasting

#9. Hydroluxe 1433 24 2-in-1 Function Handheld Chrome Finish Rain Shower & Shower Head Combo

This advanced unit combo comes with a handheld shower with a hose shower head. The two shower heads can be used separately or separately using the different 24 water settings. Besides, the five settings enable you to leverage on the appliance for optimum shower experience. The three-zone click lever dial makes controlling the shower quite easy. Besides, the hose nuts enable hassle-free tightening. What’s more, you can install this unit with ease without the need for an extra tool. You’ll never wrong by purchasing this exhilarating model.


  • Offers you different water flow rate for a beautiful shower experience
  • The chrome finish makes it luxurious & top-notch
  • You can install quickly with no extra tool needed
  • Tightening the hose nuts is easy and reliable


  • Delivery tube rust after a while

#8. Moen 26009SRN Multi-Function Magnetix Hand Shower & Rain Shower Combo (Brushed Nickel)

When it comes to a pleasant shower experience, you’ll never get enough of Moen 26009SRN hand shower and shower head combo. It comes with a distinctive design that complements any bathroom décor. The lustrous look works well with today’s lifestyle. Besides, it features a 60-inch kink-free metal hose that makes it flexible for extended reach. Better yet, it uses magnetix technology that features an innovative magnetic docking system for effortless handling. The chrome finish, on the other hand, is super-shiny and works seamlessly with any decorating style.


  • The kink-free metal hose is flexible and offers extended reach
  • You can customize your shower with distinct shower settings
  • Has a nickel finish that ensures your bath is left clean
  • Built to last backed by Moen’s limited lifetime


  • The price is a bit higher

#7. DELTA FAUCET 75486C 2-in-1 4-Spray Clean Handheld Shower Head with Hose Chrome-Finish

DELTA 2-in-1 shower features a removable hand shower used separately from or at the same time. As such, you’ll get maximum flexibility without foregoing warmth because you can select to have water coming from the hand shower only, showerhead only, or both. Besides, the pause settings allow you to shave, lather, or do any other shower task; then, you can easily restart the water with the temperature you left initially. Aside from that, the spray setting helps you in a big way to conserve water; thus, you don’t have to worry about water supply going down. With this combo, you can create a luxurious shower experience right in your shower room.


  • Offers you versatile & luxurious shower experience
  • Touch clean spray holes allow for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for bathing loved ones and pets
  • Installation is quite easy and fast


  • The center portion output is a bit limp

#6. Waterpik High-Pressure Handheld & Rain Shower Head Combo w/Hose Body Wand Spa System

What a luxurious way to nurture your hair and body, Waterpik body wand spa system with power pulse massage and power comb stream is the newest way to care for your body, hair, and mind. It can rinse your hair without damaging it. Besides, the unique power comb sprays that it comes with acts as a water comb for thorough rinsing, scalp massage, and muscle tension relief as well. Additionally, the large rain shower head offers max coverage and four settings, with power pulse massage and relaxing rainfall. Even better, it features pinpointed dual nozzles that provide a therapeutic body massage, thus leaving you relaxed and stress-free. Moreover, body wand help alleviates muscle tension in the shoulder, back, and neck.


  • You can install in minutes without the need of a plumber
  • Offers you a luxurious way to nature your hair & body
  • A great way of revitalizing your scalp
  • It’s flexible and easy to use


  • Made from cheap-quality plastic

#5. AquaDance 7 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze 3-Way Rainfall Combo High-Pressure w/Extra Long 72 Inch Hose

AquaDance rainfall shower combo provides you with an ultimate shower experience. It comes with 30 setting that makes showering time fun and effective. For sure, you’ll love your modern three-way rain shower unit. The two showerheads have six full spray settings that are easy to use. The combo can be used at the same time or separately, depending on your needs. Changing from setting to setting is quite simple, thanks to the click-lever dial pad. Cleaning the nozzles is very easy because it features rub-clean jets. Better yet, it conserves water using the saving mode; hence it makes it ideal for boats & RVs.


  • Has a rub-clean jet that makes it easy to clean
  • Thoroughly tested to meet US compliance standards
  • Comes with matching style hand shower
  • Easy tool-free connection


  • Look more chrome & not nickel finish

#4. WASS 9 Distinct Spray Settings Easy to Clean Handheld High-Pressure Shower Head w/60 Inch Hose

Are you frustrated with your old and single-setting showerhead that offers mediocre performance? If yes, consider purchasing WASS handheld showerhead. This new handheld shower head is hassle-free to install. Besides, it’s an all-purpose shower head that offers a geyser robust enough for cleaning and soft drizzle ideal for babies and pets. Besides, it allows you to have a full-spectrum shower. Having nine spray settings, handheld flexibility, simple installation, you’re guaranteed of long-lasting use. Moreover, if you’re facing a pressure issue, this handheld device can increase the flow through the showerhead and offers you a spa-like shower experience.


  • It allows you to enjoy wonderful shower time
  • Offers you one of a kind water pressure
  • You can install it in minutes
  • Easy to clean nozzles


  • Instructions are not detailed

#3. Gurin Adjustable Angles Handheld Shower Head Luxury Bathroom (Chrome Plated Finish)

Never worry about low water pressure since Gurin handheld shower releases water at a desired pressured. This unit is designed from high-quality brass materials that are durable and do not break easily. It has up to 90 silicon jets for an ideal flow when in the shower. To spray water in all directions, the brass swivel ball joint is made easily adjustable. This showerhead pushes water at a faster rate to wash away any shampoo or soap, leaving your skin very clean. You can use it with hard water since the jets do not clog because of the high pressure. Installation is a hassle-free task since it comes with an extra water filter and a Teflon tape.


  • With water flow of 2.5GPM, your costs are saved
  • Only weighs 11.4 ounces thus easy to carry around
  • Has a larger size to spray in all bathing direction
  • Installs easily since it only takes a few minutes


  • Has a rounded connection that is hard to tighten

#2. Baban Rainfall Handheld Shower Head Combo Tool-Free Connection w/100 Silicone Nozzles (White)

Baban handheld shower is all you need to meet all your showering needs. It is constructed from high-grade ABS materials with a chrome finish making it more durable and looking good. The 60 inches stainless steel hose comes with conical brass nuts to ensure a tight system free from any leaks. This shower hose makes it ideal for washing pets, cleaning kids, and so on. You can easily install a suction cup holder on the wall where your family can easily access. With a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, you are assured of high-pressure ideal for bathing. The rainfall shower has up to 100 nozzles to ensure a wide water flow rate under an ideal pressure


  • Has an adjustable rotate the ball to change the angle of the showerhead
  • Ensures a wider water flow rate coverage as it has up to 68 nozzles
  • Comes with a clearly instructed manual for easier installation
  • Has three different sprays modes to meet all your needs


  • The showerhead has a cheaper suction cap

#1. Kohler 76465-G-BN Angled-Nozzles 10 Inch Easy to Clean Awaken Rain Head (Vibrant Brushed Nickel)

If you are looking forward to installing your handheld shower on the wall or the ceiling, then this brand from Kohler. It is available in 8 inch and 10-inch rain heads to meet all your needs. The nozzles are well angled to ensure a wider spray coverage for a great shower experience. You can as well easily adjust the direction of the showerhead since it has an adjustable ball joint swivel. Additionally, the spray face can withstand hard water without clogging. Since it has a flow rate of 1.75GPM, you are assured of a higher shower pressure for a quick bath. The materials it is constructed from can resist any tarnishes, thus retains its new look for an extended period.


  • Has a contemporary design to match your bathroom decor
  • You can remove the flow restrictor for a higher pressure
  • Resistant to corrosion since it made of quality materials
  • Convenient since it releases water at a steady rate


  • The pressure doesn’t allow for a thorough rinsing

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Handheld Shower Head

Hose Length

When selecting the best handheld showerhead, it’s the best idea to consider the length of the Hose. As such, a 48-inch hose is suitable for most people. But, other people may need a moderate length of Hose – and you might want to consider the one with no more than 60-inches.

Spray Settings

Well, the number of spray settings is also is an aspect to consider when purchasing the best handheld showerhead. Some models come with fewer settings, while others come with two or more parameters. Even though these should be from a personal choice, a typical showerhead should have not less than a spray, a massage to make it useful. Other advanced spray settings heads have a shower spray, water-saving setting, a high pressure plus shower spray.

Flow Restrictors

This function ensures the water is used economically and when necessary. Most of these flow restrictors are removable for convenience. With a removable flow restrictor, you can always remove it when you need high water pressure. Ensure to ascertain the model that you purchase to ensure that the National Energy Act fully certifies it.

Built-in Filters

Most handheld showerheads come when equipping with built-in filters. Such filters are critical in collecting contaminants that may be in water channels and prevent them from reaching to you in the shower. Besides, it also plays a role in ensuring the showerhead is not clogged.

Head Size

Handheld showerheads come in a variety of sizes, and it’s always the decision of an individual to choose the one that suits them best. However, a standard showerhead should have at least 5-inch in diameter. On the other hand, the bigger size is also right, but you should consider your water pressure first.


Up to this far, we’ve offered you the best ten handheld showerheads that you might want to consider. They come with great features that enable them to be used with ease. This review has cut down your search, and you can now choose the best handheld shower head with ease. Go through everything that we’ve presented to you to ensure you purchase the best handheld showerhead. You’ll never go wrong if you follow our guide while making a selection. We hope that this post has touched on everything you need to know before you can purchase the best handheld showerhead.

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