Top 10 Best Hair Dryer and Volumizer in Reviews

Hair dryers and volumizers have a very long history in the fashion industry. Life seems incomplete without a proper hair dryer for women. The reason why these products are very popular is the fact that they have more than one function of drying the hair. If you ask any woman who loves beauty and fashion, they will disclose that a hair dryer does more than that. They save you lots of cash since you will not need to buy different hair beauty products like hair curlers, blow dryers, and others. The good thing is that they are ideal for almost any hair type. Even better, they are pretty easy to use even for novices. The elephant in the room is how to get the best hair dryer and volumizer from the already flooded market.

With the rising popularity of hair dryers, so many brands are now making these products in bulk. In this regard, consumers are always faced with the challenge of choosing the best. The simple fact that a certain hair dryer works for a friend is not a guarantee that it will work for you as well. It is for this reason why you should invest time to research for a product that will serve you well. Since this will be too much work for you, we did it for you. Have a look at the picks below and make your choice.

10. DIOZO Hair Dryer Brush, 3 Heat Setting

This hair straightener is known to generate negative ions that will saturate the flow of air. In this regard, you can be sure that your hair will be safe from any damages. The hair brush is generally going to help in conditioning, smoothening, and also locking water to keep the hair shining. All these are made possible by the sense that the hair brush has a 4-in-1 functionality.

The other good thing about this hair brush is that it comes with three heat settings. It, therefore, means that you will be able to control the heating according to your styling needs. Its nylon bristles and the ball tips will be gentle to the scalp when massaging. One amazing fact about this hair dryer is that it has been recommended for different hair types including the thin and fine ones.


  • The hair straightener generates some negative ions that will protect your hair from damages
  • Its 4-in-1 design allows it to dry, straighten and curl the hair replacing the blow dryer
  • Features 3 heat settings for all hair conditions as well as styling needs
  • This hair brush has been recommended for all types of hair including the bleached ones


  • Poor customer support services

9. HAUSBELL Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Upon buying this hair dryer brush, you will never be required to buy other hair dryers, combs, and hair curlers. The reason for that is that it has all those functionalities in a single place which will save you money at the end of the day. Its ergonomic design together with the nylon pin and its tufted bristles are going to soften your frizzy hair. This proves to be a good gift for your girlfriend, wife, and daughter as well.

The hair brush operates on 1000 watts of power meaning that it will provide just the right heat and also take the least time to heat up. In this regard, you can be sure that the hair brush is going to shape your hair just the way you want it. Manufacturers have made it with three heat settings to make it ideal for different hair types. With its 6.5 feet long power cord, it will be very easy to maneuver it during operation.


  • Buying this product is going to save you from buying hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers
  • The 1000W hair brush offers the right heat to easily shape your hair the way you wish
  • This hair dryer comes with the ETL certification to give you peace of mind when using it
  • There are three heat and two speed settings for flexibility purposes


  • Larger than it appears

8. Bvser Hot Air Brush, 3 in 1 Design

This hair dryer features tufted bristles and a nylon pin which greatly helps to detangle the hair and also increase its volume. You will also appreciate its oval body which makes it ideal for creating volume or smoothing the hair. This is a 3-in-1 hair dryer that can be used for blow-drying, Volumizing, and straightening your hair. It is therefore a must-have item for beauty lovers regardless of the hair type.

Just like other quality hair dryers, this one operates on 1000W power and provides the right heat depending on your styling needs. The best thing is that you can adjust the heat to suit your individual needs. By using this product, you will end up with a shinier and healthier look for the hair. You are also set to enjoy the aftersales services from this brand and a one-year warranty.


  • This is a multi-functional hair brush that will be essential for people with any type of hair
  • It operates on 1000W power and has three heat settings for flexibility in styling
  • You will spend less time styling your hair and reduce hair damage at the same time
  • The hair dryer has been backed with a warranty for one year from the manufacturer


  • Not as powerful as you might think

7. JOYYUM Hot Air Brush Kit, 3-in-1Design (Purple)

This is yet another 3-in-1 hair brush kit that will allow you to easily dry and also smooth the hair. The manufacturers made it in a lightweight design which makes it very easy to operate. Apart from that, this kit comes with different attachments where you choose based on your styling needs. It also comes with a release button for simply switching between the different attachments.

With its 1000W power system, you can be sure to get just the right heat as well as a fast heat-up functionality. This serves as a great way of saving your time when it comes to styling your hair. With its tangle-free nylon bristles, this brush will easily detangle your hair. Apart from that, you are set to enjoy an increased hair volume after using the brush.


  • This is a 3-in-1 hair brush kit that will allow you to dry and smooth the hair very easily
  • Its 1000W power system is going to offer the right heat and a fast heat-up function saving time
  • This hair brush generates negative ions that make the hair shinier and smoother
  • It allows you to choose your preffe3red heat setting depending on your styling needs


  • It comes off the barrel easily

6. IEKA Hair Dryer Brush, 3 in 1 Design

The end result of using this hair dryer brush is a smooth and silky look by simply sealing your hair cuticles. You will therefore bring to end instances of split ends as well as knotting. What makes this product unique is that it can be sued on all types of hair including wet or dry hair. In this regard, you can use the product as a simple hair dryer or a general styler to make the hair wavy or straight.

This brush also prides itself on a ceramic barrel as well as 360 degrees airflow vents. With these, you can be sure of faster hair drying with less damage. The brush also comes in a lightweight design and a 360 degrees swivel cord which makes it easy and very flexible to use. Just like other quality hair dryers, this one has several heat settings. You will therefore be able to set your preferred heat setting depending on your styling needs.


  • The hair dryer will give the hair a very smooth and natural look
  • Its 360 degrees airflow vents are going to make no damage to the hair
  • Features an upgraded lightweight handle which makes it very flexible and easy to use
  • This hair dryer features multiple heat settings to make sure that you have professionals results


  • None identified

5. Aima Beauty Hair Dryer Brush, Pink

This product prides itself on a strong air-blowing system that makes it ideal for long and thick hair. It operates on a 110W power system that provides proper heat and also saves your hair styling needs. The hair dryer is basically designed to offer long-lasting and gorgeous hair volume in one step. If you are therefore looking for the best hair Volumizer, this one will be a good pick.

The dryer brush features a nylon pin and some tufted bristles which results in a gentle and much-focused styling. Apart from that, it gives off suitable heat based on the hair type. This, therefore, mean that there will less hair damage. As far as its safety is concerned, the Aima Beauty hair dryer comes with the ETL certification seal. In case of anything, the 12-month warranty will get you covered.


  • This is the ideal product for you if you have long and thick hair
  • The dryer brush comes with tufted bristles which guarantee a focused and gentle styling
  • It has met the US safety requirements and comes with the ETL certification
  • Features an ergonomic and lightweight design for operation convenience


  • It might get too hot

4. HOT TOOLS Professional Hair Dryer and Volumizer

This salon blow out is going to give you desired results in half the time that you could have spent in the salon. In short, it has a faster drying and will always give salon or better results. The charcoal-infused bristles are very perfect for refreshing your hair. It also prides itself on an even heat distribution which offers consistent results for all types of hair.

The other good thing that you will like about this product is that it comes with three heat and two speed settings. This, therefore, guarantees you the versatility that you need in terms of hairstyling. Safety is also guaranteed as is evidenced by the ETL certification seal. You should have complete confidence in this product given that it comes with a limited warranty for 7 years from the manufacturer.


  • This hair dryer is going to give you faster drying as well as salon results
  • Features charcoal-infused bristles which are ideal for 2nd-day hair refreshing
  • It comes with 3 heat and 2-speed settings for versatility in styling
  • The ETL certification seal guarantees that it is safe to use


  • Poor durability

3. Brightup Hair Blow Dryer Brush, Interchangeable Brush Head

This is a 4-in-1 brush that will be ideal for straightening and Volumizing the hair. All its attachments are interchangeable which means that it is going to meet different styling needs. This is done conveniently by simply pressing the buttons. Even better, it comes in a compact and lightweight design. This means that storing it and carrying it wherever you go will be a very simple task.

Owing to its 4-in-1 design, you will no longer need to buy blow dryers, hair curlers, and other styling accessories. At the end of the day, this hair styler is going to save you tons of cash. You will also appreciate that it comes with an ergonomic handle and a 360-degrees swiveling cord making it easy to operate. Even better, the dryer has 3 heat and 2-speed settings for versatility.


  • Features an interchangeable brush head design with a simple press of a button
  • This is a 4-in-1 multi-functional hair brush that will save you money at the end of the day
  • Features an ergonomic handle and a 360 degrees cord which makes it very easy to use
  • Comes with three temperature and two speed settings for convenience


  • No drying power

2. STILIST Hair Dryer and Volumizer- Ideal for All Hair Types

One of the things that you can rest assured about this blowout brush is that it will be versatile when it comes to styling the hair. The reason for that is that it has 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings. You, therefore, get customizable options at your disposal based on your hair type as well as styling needs. It also prides itself on a 4-in-1 design to further bring you the versatility that you need.

This hair dryer uses the negative ion technology that helps to guarantee that there will be no hair damage during styling. It also prides itself on an ergonomic handle and a lightweight design making it very comfortable to use. As far as its safety is concerned, the hair dryer comes with the required safety certifications including FCC, CE, UL, and others.


  • This is a 4-in-1 dryer that will bring out different hair styles
  • Comes with three heat levels and 2 speed settings to give you the versatility you need
  • It features an ergonomic design which makes it very comfortable and very easy to operate
  • Guaranteed safety as is illustrated by the FCC, CE, and the ETL certifications


  • None for now

1. L’Ange Hair Volumizing Brush

This is a 2-in-1 volumizing dyer that comes with a protective cover and a cleaning brush. It also features a powerful DC motor and negative ion technology. In this regard, you can rest assured that there will be less hair damage from heat. For a convenient operation, this product features 3 heat settings and an LED indicator light. Its 9’ power cord will also make sure that you maneuver the product with utmost ease.

This product assures you to get the hair type that you desire including smooth, beautifully curved, and others. The good thing about it is that it takes the least time possible to deliver these results, owing to its lightweight size, you can be sure to travel comfortably with this product. Its settings are individually tailored according to your needs.


  • Comes with three heat settings and an LED indicator light which makes it easy to use
  • It brings you smooth and sleek strands of hair with mega volume
  • The brush comes in a sleek and compact design which makes it very comfortable to carry
  • This brush comes with a professional 9’ power cord for the best results


  • Bristles fall out after some time

Factors to consider when buying a hair dryer and volumizer


Different people will have different needs just as their hair will be different. In this pursuit, you ought to choose a hair dryer that allows you to customize the settings to your individual preference. Understanding this fully, manufacturers make these dryers and volumizers with different heat settings as well as speed settings. This way, it becomes possible to style your hair differently.

Ease of use

To get the most out of your hair dryer, make sure that it is user-friendly. All operations should be carried out without any struggles. The design of the hair dryer can also influence how easy you will use this hair dryer. In this case, it is good to choose a hair dryer that is light in weight with an ergonomic handle. That makes it fit well in the hand and remain comfortable regardless of the period of time it is used.


You should resist buying products that will compromise your safety. It is therefore very important to be on the watch out for products that have not met the required safety standards. There are different standardization bodies that can tell you whether the product is good for you. These include FCC, RoHS, and ETL just to name a few. With a safe product, you can be sure that your hair will never be damaged at any cost.


This is the compilation of arguably the best hair dryer and volumizers in the market today. The buying guide above highlights essential factors that you should consider when buying these products. We only provided the information that we believe will help you in choosing the best picks. That is due to the fact that decision-making is an individual choice and we are not in a position to do that on your behalf. All the same, we the information above, you can be sure to never go wrong with your choice so long as you are satisfied. Our research team did their best in coming up with the recommendations and we are sure the other bit will be easy for you.

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