Top 10 Best Hair Blow Dryers in Reviews

How about going out there with such a convincing look? It’s more contenting, right? All this is made possible with the use of the right devices. Among these devices is a hair blow dryer. It helps you to straighten and smoothen curly, long, short, straight, or any type of hair. With this, you can achieve your favorite style at any time. For your hair routine, investing in a good hair blow dryer is a grand choice. They help to dry your hair while leaving out the required moisture by your hair. This leaves your hair looking fabulous and always healthy. Not only does it helps in drying your hair but also taming frizz, shining your hair, creating curls, and many other benefits.

Out there in the market, there are a lot of hyped devices that will get you confused whenever you are looking for the best hair blow dryer. This comes in because they are equipped with different features that make them distinguishable. You no longer have to worry about that confusion because we have your problem solved in the best manner. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best hair blow dryers that you can choose from. The list below contains the top 10 best hair blow dryers.

10. Jinri Black Metallic Powerful 1875 Watt Professional Hair Blow Dryer for Shiny Hair

Lock all your gorgeous styles within the shortest time possible with a Jinri hair blow dryer. It combines both tourmaline technologies and infrared heat to offer you healthy styles and less frizz. With advanced coating technology, you are assured of more protection during your styling. Since it has two-speed settings and three heat settings, you can always select airflow that suits your hair type. Besides that, the cool shot button produces a stream of cool air to maintain your look all day long. Also, it is equipped with a DC motor which lasts longer compared to other brands.


  • Has flame retardant housing for longer usage
  • Safer with the leakage protection feature
  • Ionic technology reduces static electricity
  • Easy to carry around with its lightweight design


  • The hot mode can be very hot

9. Lassie 2 Speed Adjustable 1800 Watt Hair Blow Dryer for Both Woman and Kids

Do you know how to dry your hair correctly? Well, with the help of Lassie hair blow dryer you can do it better. No matter the type of your hair is it curly, straight, long, or short, this 1800 watt unit will help you style your hair in the shortest time possible. With the adjustable heat and speed settings, you can customize it to meet all your hair needs. Even better, it comes with a diffuser which is ideal for use by persons with curly hair since it diffuses air to all ends of your hair. The two sized concentrators help to narrow down the airflow for faster Drying and sleek styles.


  • Has a detachable filter to ease maintenance
  • Only weighs 2.42 pounds thus easy to carry
  • Made sturdy to ensure safer and stable tasks
  • Scalp massager helps to relax the scalp muscles


  • Lacks a stronger drying power

8. Abody Blue Lightweight and Quick Dry Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser and Concentrator

Regardless of your hair type, the Abody hair blow dryer helps to straighten your hair in the best way. It has a concentrator nozzle that helps to direct airflow for precise styling of smooth and straight hair. The styling pik on the other hand aids in lifting your hair from the root to create voluminous hair. Furthermore, the heating technology gets rid of excess moisture and only retains the needed moisture. With the 1875 watt motor, it delivers a stronger wind for all types of hair. This motor runs quietly to offer hairdressers a quiet and relaxing daily hairstyling time.


  • Equipped with a safety plug to prevent shocks
  • Designed from quality materials that last longer
  • Has a hanging ring that ensures easy storage
  • Easy to maintain with the removable air filter


  • The airflow is not very powerful

7. Heomu 1875 Negative Ionic Low Noise Hair Blow Dryer For Curly and Frizzy Hairs

A signature look will make you more productive and that’s why you might need Heomu hair blow dryer. It releases negative ions to get rid of static electricity for easy smoothening of your hair. The concentrator allows you to shape your hair to your favorite style at any time. Better still, it has a removable cover with a double safety net that prevents your hair from being stuck thus works efficiently for convenient operations. Also, the multifunction button allows you to adjust both heat and speed settings to suit your desires.


  • Approved by ETL thus safer for everyday use
  • Has a hanging hole for easy wall mounting storage
  • Takes less storage space with its compact design
  • Easy to operate with the clear instruction manual


  • The comb bends so easily

6. Lpinye 1800 Watt Fast Hair Blow Dryer with Cold Wind Constant Temperatures

Are you looking for a better gift for your loved ones? You can try out the Lpinye hair blow dryer. This unit is equipped with a low noise AC motor which allows you to create different styles on your hair. With the U-shaped heating wire, your hair will always look good because it distributes heat evenly. Safety comes first with such kinds of electric devices since it has a dual fuse and overheat configuration. Featuring two speeds and three heat settings, you can always customize it to suit your entire needs. Also, it has different concentrator nozzles to meet different hairstyles.


  • Has a working noise of less than 68db thus quiet
  • Equipped with a light motor for easy operations
  • Easy to clean it up with the removable filter
  • Saves energy since it has a low magnetic wave structure


  • Has less power compared to the Dyson model

5. Jinri Quiet Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Blow Dryer with Concentrator Nozzles

If you are looking for a lightweight hair blow dryer, this brand by Jenri is a great choice. It features an innovative heating element that helps to control airflow to prevent any hair damages. The negative ionic technology emits negative ions which smoothens your hair and locks in moisture. Additionally, it is designed from high-grade ABS components well known for their strength and durability. You can as well lock your gorgeous style at any time thanks to the cool shot button. Moreover, it has a removable filter which makes it easier to clean it and prevents any hairs from getting stuck.


  • The diffuser helps in focusing airflow for better style
  • Comes with a powerful motor to save your time
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • Portable since it has a lightweight design


  • The cord is a bit short

4. Xpoliman Gold and Green Powerful Hair Blow Dryer with 2000watt AC Motor

Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can always smoothen your hair with Xpoliman hair blow dryer. It is equipped with a powerful motor that provides healthy heat and high airflow to meet all your needs. By emitting negative ions, it eliminates any frizz keeping your hair smooth, moist, and free from any damages. With the multiple modes, you can easily adjust it to suit your needs every season. In addition, it comes with a comb which makes it easier to straighten your hair. On the other hand, the concentrator assures you of faster blowing to achieve any desirable style.


  • The diffuser is ideal for use on curly hair
  • Has 2 speeds and 6 modes to suit all needs
  • Safer with the double protection circuit
  • Only weighs 2.29 pounds thus more portable


  • The buttons are not well placed

3. Vagary 2200W Negative Ionic Professional Hair Blow Dryer with Cold Button

Your hair will always remain healthy, strong, and vibrant with the use of Vagary hair blow dryer. It features an ergonomically made handle which assures you of more comfortable operations no matter how long you use it. Its lightweight design also contributes much to its comfort since you can carry it from one place to another with so much ease. In addition, it has a long and thick cord which allows you to freely move around and lasts longer. The hanging ring makes it more convenient for you to hang it on the wall or bracket. This makes it a unique gift for your loved ones.


  • Can use on curly, fine, or super thick hair types
  • Has dustproof net to keep it clean at all times
  • Equipped with a powerful motor for optimum results
  • The concentrator is ideal for smooth straight hair


  • Lacks clear instructions on attachments

2. Rosily Ionic Ceramic Fast Drying Hair Blow Dryer with Nozzle Attachments

Many reasons will always prompt you to try out this hair blow dryer by Rosily. It is equipped with a removable filter which makes it easier to clean it to avoid any buildup of debris. With 2 speed settings and 3 temperature settings, you can easily adjust to suit your needs. You are guaranteed safety because it has a safety plug that will always curb any electrical shocks. Additionally, it has a longer cord which offers you more space to maneuver around while styling hair. This makes it a great gift for your loved ones during the Christmas holidays or birthday.


  • Can be easily hanged using the loop for cooling
  • Performs its tasks in whisper-soft sounds
  • Has well-designed buttons to avoid accidents
  • Made lightweight thus easy to carry around


  • The cord is heavier and bulky

1. Amaxy Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Professional Salon Hair Blow Dryer with Smoother

You are assured of smoother and shiny hair at all times with Amaxy hair blow dryer. This unit uses the red far infrared light which infuses gentle heat to the cuticle of the hair for better results. It has a lightweight design thus you will always carry it with so much ease in your hand at any time. With the two narrow concentrators, you can straighten sections of your hair for a shiny look. To avoid heat damage, you can easily adjust both the speed and temperatures to your desired level. On the other hand, the cool shot button provides cold hair to maintain your look.


  • Has a removable hair filter to ease maintenance
  • Ready for use since it heats up within 30 seconds
  • Operates quietly to avoid any unnecessary noises
  • The motor maintains consistent temperature settings


  • The cool flush button is hard to push in

Factors to consider when purchasing a hair blow dryer.

Adjustable settings

You should always consider purchasing a hair blow dryer with adjustable settings to suit the needs of different persons. You might as well be not comfortable with the same settings every day customizable one is a great choice. Most of them feature varied heat and speed settings to suit different hair types and needs.

Attachments included

Different hair blow dryers have different attachments. Most of them come with a concentrator for the passing of a stream of airflow on your hair for a better look. The diffuser as well is of greater help. The cool shot button provides you cold hair on your hair to meet your needs. All these will help you to style your hair as you desire.


You should always consider wattage whenever you want to know how a device is powerful. Most of the brands above feature a wattage between 1300-1900 watts. These work well for all hair types. For thicker hair, you can go for one with a higher wattage. In addition, the motors operate quietly to keep hairdressers relaxed and always comfortable.

Ease of storage

Such an electric device should always be stored properly to avoid any unnecessary accidents. With this, you can consider one with a hanging loop to allow you to hang it on the wall after use. Also, they feature a compact design which ensures easy storage without taking too much of your space.


To sum up, you should always weigh your needs first before settling in any of the above brands. They are all well designed to deliver the best results. So depending on your needs you will be prompted to go for one model and leave the other. Picking any of the above brands guarantees you more benefits with no regrets. Go ahead and make your choice and you will always enjoy the results that come with it. Have that shiny, smooth, and healthy hair at any time to enhance your look.

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