Top 10 Best Grow Lights for Indoor in Reviews

If you’re an indoor grower, then you know how important light is to your plants. Ideally, light plays an important role in photosynthesis in plants. As such, the absence of light will affect your yield. Thanks to the invention of grow lights for indoor that has made it possible for a farmer to still get the yield more than a field farmer. There are plants like the weed that don’t grow well indoor without a certain percentage of light. LED lights offer the best results, and with no doubt, they’ll offer you incomparable performance.

If you looking for this type of light for the first time, then the chances of getting the best model are lower because grow lights have saturated the market. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Because we occasionally do research, we managed to get the top 10 best grow lights for indoors in 2021 reviews. Just read through them, and we’re sure you find the model that meets all your demands.

10. DOMMIA 70W 2.5 Ft – 6 Ft Adjustable Dual Bars Flexible Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor

Your plants can survive better during extreme weather conditions with Doomia indoor grow light. It features a full spectrum of up to 800nm which mimics the natural sunlight to curb the shortage of light. The two flexible light bars are ideal for scenarios such as plants with different heights. You can easily the tripod stand from 37 to 78 inches and lock it in place for breeding, flower show, greenhouses, and so on. It only weighs 4.6 pounds thus it is easier to carry it from one place to another. Both the full spectrum red and warm white light offers your plants the needed wavelengths.


  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • The flexible gooseneck adjusts to any direction
  • Has a lightweight design thus easier to carry
  • Takes a few minutes to fully install it


  • Lacks on and off switch

9. ROLEADRO 6 Pack T5 Grow Dimmable Levels Full Spectrum Light Strips for Indoor Growing

You can improve the health of your indoor plants with Roleadro indoor grow light. It has an auto on and off function so you do not worry about forgetting to turn it off. With the 4 adjustable dimmable levels, plants are well catered for during different growth cycles. You can easily connect the 6 pieces of light bars in a line to provide adequate light. Additionally, it is safer for everyday use because it is equipped with overheating, over current, and over-voltage protection. It is suitable for plant propagation, horticultural operations, food production, indoor hydroponics, and many more.


  • Can be installed in the cabinet, plant shelf, or wall
  • Comes with clear manual for easier installation
  • Helps to shorten most plant growth cycles
  • Has a nice mood light that creates calming


  • The blue light is dimmer

8. Root Farm Store 45W All-Purpose Broad Spectrum Indoor Hydroponic Energy Efficient Grow Lamp

Root farm indoor grow light is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your lighting needs. This 45watt grow light is ideal for growing a wide variety of crops from seed to harvesting period. It has a distinct blend of red, blue, and whites that makes it possible to grow plants during different cycles. Compared to traditional lights, this unit is well known to last longer and conserve more energy. With the adjustable legs, you no longer move the entire system towards the light but rather adjust them. You can as well hang the light above your plants to act as a hanging kit.


  • Provides needed warmth for adequate growth
  • Made sturdy for stable and safe operations
  • Light output appears in a beautiful spectrum
  • Takes a few minutes to assemble it


  • The plastic legs are a bit flimsy

7. Ivation 7 Pod Adjustable Hydroponics Germination Starter Kit Indoor Growing Garden Kit for Plants

Do you need to grow some indoor plants in your office? Well, you can try out Ivation indoor grow light. This unit has 7 different individual pods that enable you to grow different herbs in your kitchen, school, and many other places. The telescoping post allows you to easily adjust the height of the lamp to achieve optimum coverage. With the three planting modes, you can choose the best for your plants depending on their growth cycle. The 3.5l water tank offers a more fruitful environment for the roots and stems to thrive better. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


  • Equipped with an easy to operate touch control panel
  • The built-in pump circulates water throughout
  • Only weighs 4 pounds thus easier to carry
  • Operates quietly without any disturbances


  • No cons so far

6. DAKASON Full Spectrum KS-1000 Up Graded Grow Light Dimmable for Indoor Plants for All Stage

When it comes to high quality indoor grow light, no brand outshines this model by Dakason. It is designed from high-quality materials with a longer lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. These LEDs have high energy efficiency that doubles the yielding more. You can use it in damp growing environments because it has protective glue on the lamp surface to keep from moisture. Additionally, the 380 pieces are evenly placed to ensure efficient light distribution to reach all the plants. You can as well adjust the light levels to meet different stages of plant growth.


  • The aluminum board ensures faster heat dissipation
  • Ensures quiet growth experience with no fan
  • Made waterproof to prevent any damages
  • Has 100w power for ideal plant growth


  • Has lower brightness compared to mars

5. iPower 24W T5 Fluorescent Rack Combo 2 Feet Heating Seed Starter Grow Light Stand for Plants

All seedlings, cuttings, veggies, and greens have a better chance to grow with Ipower indoor grow light. The bulb has a reflective inner finish that assures you of adequate light for your plants. Also, the fluorescent fixture has a wider reflector that assures you of maximum coverage. With the height adjustment feature, you can easily lower or raise the fixture to meet the needs of your plants. The fixture is designed from high-quality metallic materials well known for their strength and durability. Better still, assembly takes a few minutes thus saves your time.


  • Has waterproof construction to prevent damages
  • Designed from high-quality ABS plastic materials
  • Smaller in size for easier transport and storage
  • Helps to regulate moisture and temperatures


  • The power cord is a bit shorter

4. VIVOSUN VS1000 Samsung LM301H Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Dimmable for Indoor Plants

Do you need fast germination of seeds? Vivosun indoor grow light makes it all possible for such. This unit is designed from high-quality aluminum components well known for its strength and durability. It has a waterproof panel that keeps it free from any moisture that can damage this entire unit. These LEDs using uses the latest plant light technology with high energy efficiency. Moreover, it is equipped with a dimming knob that makes it well adaptable to the different growing stages of plants. Since they offer maximum light coverage, you are assured of better crop yields.


  • Has ventilation holes to prevent overheating
  • Can be easily adjusted depending on plants
  • The grow room glasses prevents UV rays
  • Made lightweight for easier transport


  • The light cord is a little lost

3. PARTFACTWORKS RA2000 Hydroponic Greenhouse Lighting Bulb Full Spectrum for Plant Flower

If you are looking for a high quality indoor grow light, this brand by Parfactworks is the best choice. It is designed from both high-grade plastic and metallic materials that assures you of a long-lasting unit. Featuring four cooling fans, your plants will always grow under correct temperatures to avoid overheating. The full spectrum contains all the lights that the plants needs need during their growth for better yields. Additionally, it has a wider coverage that ensures that each plant receives the needed light throughout its growth cycle. You can get this as a gift for your friends or family members.


  • Only weighs 5.8lbs thus easier to carry around
  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble it
  • Has a longer lifespan of up to 700,000 hours
  • They are cool to touch to avoid any burns


  • Not waterproof

2. WILLS 1500W Free Full Spectrum Dimmable Reflector Hydroponics LED Grow Light w/Hanging Hook

Keep your indoor plants blooming every time with Wills indoor grow light. It has a warm white, cool white, and red light that helps plants achieve a greater yield. The larger area has an upgraded aluminum heat sink that dissipates heat without any fans or production of noise. With the dimmable knob, you can easily adjust the brightness during the different growth cycle of your plants. Additionally, it only weighs 9.18 pounds thus it is easier for you to carry it from one corner of your house to the other. The on and off switch is easier to operate allowing you to achieve all the desired needs.


  • The reflector ensures a wider coverage area
  • Made from quality materials that last longer
  • Well designed to ensure a longer lifespan
  • Has a longer cord for easier installation


  • Not stable with only one ratchet

1. AeroGarden Black In-Home Garden No soil Herb Garden Basic Bounty Indoor Hydroponic Light

Gardening inside your home or office has been made an easier task with Aerogarden indoor grow light. You can now grow a variety of crops such as tomatoes, herbs, salads, peppers, and many more. With the vacation mode feature, you can keep your plants thriving whenever you are out on a vacation. Better still, it is equipped with a high-resolution control panel that makes it easier for you to adjust the settings. It allows you to grow up to 9 plants at the same time and you will achieve greater yields. Never worry about forgetting to add water because the smart technology automatically turns on and off to remind you of that.


  • Easier to assemble with no extra hardware or tools
  • Can be easily monitored through the Aerogarden app
  • Equipped with an easier to operate the touch screen
  • Sturdy enough for safe and stable operations


  • Smaller thus accommodates fewer plants

Factors to Consider When purchasing the best Grow Light for Indoor


This is the initial thing that you need to consider. For that matter, it’s good to use a measuring tape to have the right measurements rather than buying a grow light for indoor on guesswork. Because each grow light offers a specific coverage area, you need to know the model that fit you within the area you have at home.


The price or rather the brand is also a determining factor when purchasing the best grow light. If you’re starting, you probably need to go for a low priced or cheap solution. On the other hand, if you’re an expert, you probably want to settle for something unique and quality grow light. While making this consideration, it’s very critical that you know a brand and its quality before committing your funds to it. To start with, opt for a renowned brand that has a wide range of reviews, to be on the safer side.


If possible, opt for a full spectrum LED grow light because it will assist your plants to grow to their optimum nutritional level. Depending on the stage of growth, you’ll require a blue or red spectrum. Also, you may be required to have ultraviolet or infrared lights. If you want your plants to have maximum growth, then you better opt for a powerful light that has varying wavelengths as well.


Of course, it might be difficult to grasp the technicalities that work behind the grow lights for indoors at first- however, once you’re in a position to go through them, it’ll be easy-breezy to be in a position to plant your home-based crops. If you’re planning to go organic on your farm, then this is certainly the best way to start. Even if you have a wide budget needs, don’t worry, this post has tabled everything for you. Just spare your few minutes and go through it. Unlike the natural light that emits rays at an unbalance proportion, LED light from these units is balanced and curated. So, don’t freak, grab one too, and start your indoor farming. Best of luck!

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