Top 10 Best Face Steamers for Homes in Reviews

What separates a professional cleanup session from a simple home facial operation is a facial steamer for home. How does this happen? Well, a face steamer helps to soften your skin while opening the pores. This makes it easier to scrape off the dirt, dust, dead skin cells, and makeup that remains in the skin. That is why you will always get that miraculous glow when out of a steamer. Getting this glow at the comfort of your home will not only save you on costs but also makes it more convenient to undertake such tasks. This is the point where facial steamers come in.

With all that said, what does it take to pick up the best brand out there in the flooded market? Well, it’s nothing much. We have asked around and dug up a little to come up with a list of models that you can choose from. This has made your entire work easier since all you got to do is pick from our list. The compilation below entails the top 10 best face steamers for a home that you can trust and choose from at all times. Now, take a look!

10. Greenlife Pink Essential Oil Face Steamer for Home for Moisturizing and Cleansing Pores

Forget all the stress of the day and keep your skin all soothed with Greenlife face steamer for home. This multifunctional unit can easily absorb the essence of vegetables and fruits that are more beneficial to the skin. The ultrasonic evaporator is powerful enough to penetrate through the skin 10 times more than the normal face steamer. Even better, it is equipped with a 120ml water tank which offers you 15-20 minutes of the skincare routine. It operates quietly to avoid disturbing anyone in the room with you. With only a weight of 1.15 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another.


  • Easy to clean since you only need some wipes
  • Comes with necessary tools such as a headband
  • Heats up at a much faster rate for quick results
  • Does not require any complicated steps to operate


  • Too many fruits can stack the hole

9. Lumcrissy Powerful Warm Mist Humidifier Face Steamer for Home for Acne Control

Always relax and indulge in a more soothing steaming experience with Lumcrissy face steamer for home. It produces soothing steam that softens the cuticle and cleans any dirt on the pores. Featuring a PTC heating element, the nozzle sprays strong, thick, and steady steam for up to 40 seconds. Since it adopts nano-atomization technology, it can penetrate your skin ten times so that you can enjoy the spa. Furthermore, it is equipped with an anti-creep touch panel that ensures easy operations. Whenever there is no water in the water tank, it will automatically turn off to avoid any accidents.


  • Easy to operate since it requires one key to start
  • Equipped with a 1.35-meter cord for convenient tasks
  • The water tank is made of heat resistant materials
  • Ideal for all skin types for better skincare treatments


  • The steam only lasts for 5-7 minutes

8. Ezbasics Blue Humidifier Moisturizing Face Steamer for Home with Aromatherapy Design

Do you have any trouble with sinuses? Ezbasics face steamer for home has got you all covered. It comes with a 5 piece blackhead removal kit that aids in unclogging pores and removing any blackheads. You are assured of a smoother feel and appearance because it supplies sufficient moisture to your face. Also, you can add your favorite essential oil to the pads for a well-soothing experience. After a long day at work or watching your computer, you can enjoy an eye spa to relieve any tension in your eyes. You can as well adjust the direction of the nozzle to allows you to concentrate on some areas.


  • The warm mist function helps to relieve sinuses
  • Offers you a continuous flow of steam for 10 minutes
  • Designed from non-irritating and non-toxic ABS materials
  • Turns itself off when there is a shortage of water


  • The water tank is smaller in size

7. Huayuet Pink Warm Mist Atomizer Face Steamer for Home for Sinuses Skin Care

Never spend much money on spa halls anymore because Huayuet face steamer for home cuts down all those costs. It uses the PTC ceramic heating element to vaporize clean water to keep your skin refreshed. Safety has been well-prioritized thanks to the auto shut-off mechanism that prevents dry burning. This unit is designed from high-quality ABS materials which are well known for their longer usage life and non-irritating results. Whenever you need aromatherapy, you can add essential oils to the aromatherapy cotton pads and place them on the inbuilt aromatherapy tablets.


  • You can easily adjust the nozzle to the desired angle
  • Equipped with a visible water tank to check the remains
  • Can be used by adults, babies, kids, the elderly, and more
  • Ideal for use in the shop, living room, and bedroom


  • Has a plastic smell when used for the first time

6. Queenwill Warm Mist Moisturizing Nano Ionic Face Steamer for Home for Women

Does your skin get during the winters? Worry no more, Queenwill face steamer for home offers you the best solution. It offers you fully powered steam 30 seconds after powering it on and penetrates the deeper skin. You can use it on all skin types since it adds moisture to dry skin and reduces congestion in the sinuses. Additionally, the included 5 pieces of blackhead extractor kit help to unclog pores and remove any blemishes and blackheads. You can use it in your living room, bedroom, or any other place because it has a portable design and can be used at any place at any time.


  • Has an auto shut off to avoid any accidents
  • Only weighs 2.51 pounds thus more portable
  • Made sturdy to ensure safe and stable operations
  • You can add essential oils to suit your needs


  • Lacks the cold mist function

5. Lonove Warm Mist Humidifier Face Steamer for Home with Stainless Steel Skin Kit

If you are looking for a lightweight face steamer for your home, you can try out this brand by Lonove. It only weighs 400 grams which makes it easier for you to carry it with you whenever you are traveling from one place to another. This unit helps to soften your skin while removing dirt, makeup remnants, oils, and dead skin. Also, this facial humidifier helps to improve oxygen absorption and cell vitality to keep you looking younger and improves your complexion. Whenever you use it once a day, the warm mist function will help with the sinuses issue and keeps you feeling better.


  • Suitable for eye when feeling tired with your eyes
  • Supplies moisture to your skin for a smooth face
  • Powerful since it powers on after 30 seconds
  • Designed from BPA free materials thus safer


  • You cannot add essential oils

4. Newbealer 3 in 1 Face Steamer for Home with Aromatherapy Design for Cleaning Pores

Your skin remains flawless at times within the shortest time possible with Newbealer face steamer for home. It features a hot mist function ideal for activating skin cells and unclogging your skin pores. On the other hand, the cold mist aids in shrinking pores and repair sunburned skin. You can add some fruits, essential oils herbs, or dried flowers to the aromatherapy basket for special steaming. The adjustable nozzle allows you to point it in the direction that works best for you for optimal results. With the high-volume water tank, you can steam your face up to 20 minutes before refilling it.


  • The nozzle cover keeps it away from dirt particles
  • Operates quietly to avoid any disturbances
  • Designed from durable ABS materials
  • Has a slim design thus easier to store


  • The cold option does not offer a more arctic feel

3. Hangsun Adjustable Steam Output Face Steamer for Home with Mouth Nose Attachment

You are now assured of a better sleep throughout the night with Hangsun face steamer for home. This unit helps to open and unclog pores which allows you to sleep better than before. It deeply cleanses your skin and suppresses acne to improve the quality of your skin. You will always have a fair complexion skin because it removes metal deposits and weakens any pigmented spots. The separate inhaler attachment prevents you from fitting your entire face but only your nose and mouth. You can as well enjoy the aromatherapy experience at the comfort of your home since you can add some aromatherapy oils for a more soothing therapy.


  • Has ergonomically designed mash to funnel more steam
  • Comes with a measuring jug to add the right amount of water
  • The power settings allow you to control the steam
  • Takes less storage space with its compact design


  • No cons so far

2. Pure Daily Care 30 Minute Steam Time Face Steamer for Home for Unclogging Pores

Pure daily care face steamer for home is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your needs. It is well designed to produce much steam compared to the original nano steamer. The large water reservoir offers you a longer steam time to avoid frequent refilling. Besides, the magnification mirror at the top of the lid allows you to check on your skin to ensure that you can focus on certain areas. With the new included cool mist function, all your cleaned pores are sealed immediately after steaming. Better still, you can add your favorite aroma oils for a more steaming time since it features an aromatherapy chamber.


  • Easy to operate with the included clear instructional manual
  • Only weighs 3.61 pounds thus easy to carry around
  • Comes with a storage pouch to ease transport and storage
  • Maintenance is easy since you can use a warm wet cloth


  • Calcium builds up after longer usage

1. Vanity Planet Cold and Hot Aromatherapy Face Steamer for Home for Deep Cleaning

Soak your entire in the best steam ever with Vanity Planet face steamer for home. This unit has 6 customizable beauty modes which enable you to choose one that suits your skin in the best manner. It only weighs 2.66 pounds which makes it easier to transfer it from one place to another with so much ease. The hot mode is ideal for opening skin pores while the cold mode closes the pores and tightens the skin. Additionally, the digital display is well designed making it easier to check on the settings. Also, it is equipped with a large water tank that allows you the add some water for spa steam to cleanse and hydrate your skin.


  • The hydration mode keeps your skin moisturized
  • You can remove makeup and dirt using the cleansing mode
  • Made lightweight thus easier to carry around
  • Has a compact design hence takes less storage space


  • The power button takes a while to open the machine

Factors to consider when purchasing face steamer for home


You should always consider a unit that is portable to ensure that you can easily move around without facing any difficulty. Most of the brands above have a lightweight design that makes it easier to carry it around. This makes it much easier to steam your face while on the go. So you can enjoy a steaming experience at any time at any place.


Safety should always be your first consideration most especially for this equipment that involves some heat. Most of these brands an auto shut-off mechanism to avoid any accidents. They automatically switch off when they run short of water to avoid dry burning. This also makes it safer for use by kids, adults, babies, and many other persons.

The capacity of the water tank

Different face steamers feature different capacities of the water tanks. Some are equipped with smaller or larger water tanks. A smaller water tank signifies a shorter steaming time and a large one assures you of longer operations. Most of them offer you up to 15 minutes of steaming time for more convenient operations.

Addition of essential oils

If you would prefer adding some essentials oils, vegetables, or fruits while steaming then you should pay keen attention to that. Some feature aromatherapy baskets which makes it easier to add such stuff. Others have aromatherapy cotton pads to add a few drops of essential oils when the need arises.


A face steamer for a home is a greater investment most especially for those persons that are usually on the go and do not have time to go for professional spas. They are well designed to leave your skin glowing and smooth at all times. So considering your needs, you will be prompted to pick one brand and leave the other. All the models above are indeed the best and will suit your needs as you desire. Go ahead and make your choice and you are never going to regret it.

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