The 10 Best Electric Toothbrush in Reviews

If you give great attention to your teeth by brushing them regularly and adequately, you can live much longer. For sure, as long as you want to keep a dentist away, keeping your teeth clean and maintaining hygiene is the way to go. To ensure your teeth is left clean every time, it’s advisable to use an efficient brush like an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush works perfectly and effectively if you’re a health enthusiast.

Over fifty years, this electric toothbrush has gained reputations in most bathrooms over the world. While in the market, it might be a daunting task finding the best electric toothbrush that fits your needs, that’s why we went out of our way and researched on the best electric toothbrush with the help of a dentist. We analyzed different electric toothbrush spanning from simple to high tech electric toothbrush. That said, lets us now look at the best ten electric toothbrushes in review.

#10. Aqua Sonic Black Series 4 Modes W Smart Timer Electric Toothbrush

Opening our list is Aqua Sonic electric toothbrush that has been advanced to clean your teeth excellently — designed with wireless charging glass with powerful brush heads, built with more impressive features like smart timers that aid you in brushing efficiently, an ultrasonic motor that is capable of producing 40,000 vibrations each minute. If you aim at taking your oral routine to a new level, then you better settle for this reputable brand. The other exciting feature about this brush is the fact newly designed prop flex brush heads with firm bristles. The four unique brushing modes; clean, whiten, soft and massage, offers maximum oral care while maintaining them neatly.


  • The modes are selectable before turning it on
  • The brush timer non-intrusively pauses briefly and is a good help
  • The drainage hole at the center portion that makes the head to dry while being stored
  • The center portion can be removed and washed separately


  • If you bump a button while brushing you end up charging the cycle

#9. Vekkia 5 Modes 4 Advanced Electric Toothbrush

Finding an electric brush that is capable of removing plaque is areas that are hard to reach is desirable. Try now this electric brush from Vekkie that promises full oral care to your teeth. For sure, this brush offers gentle and efficient cleaning to your teeth, leaving them whiter and healthier than ever. With this brush, you can be assured to get rid of more plaque than when you go manual. Also, this brush is rechargeable, which makes it easy for you to use anywhere you be. Moreover, the bristles from this brush from DuPont nylon that matches so well with your teeth. Also, this electric brush has five cleaning modes; clean, care, massage, nursing, and deep cleaning that provides gentle and safe cleaning.


  • This suitable brush helps prevent cavities
  • The five cleaning modes offer you a gentle and safe brushing experience
  • The unique design brush head makes it easy to reach a back section of your tooth
  • Design with a non-slip handle with a compact design which doesn’t take space in your bathroom
  • Built with a battery that has a long lifespan


  • This toothbrush doesn’t come with a power adapter or a base

#8. Mornwell 3 Modes USB Inductive Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Mornwell electric toothbrush is all you need for a beautiful smile. It is a powerful toothbrush that comes with a USB inductive cable that offers quick charging to your appliance. This brush takes into action the sonic cleaning technology by producing about 31000 brush vibration per minute, which gives powerful cleaning capability. Using this brush from Mornwell will provide maximum conditioning to your teeth. The plaque is reduced fundamentally by the rotating toothbrush, and your teeth are left healthier and stronger. The three brushing modes add up to the cleaning nature of your teeth. If you want a brush that is more convenient and practical, then you better settle for Mornwell.


  • Super lightweight makes it portable
  • The brush is compatible with any source of power with USB port
  • Its battery has a long lifespan once charged
  • This toothbrush is more practical and convenient for home


  • The descriptions given might seems misleading

#7. Aqua Sonic VIBE Series Ultra Whitening 8 DuPont Electric Toothbrush

The VIBE electric brush also offer perfect and thorough cleaning to your teeth. The motor can vibrate 40,000 each minute, which means a deep cleaning on your mouth. Because the technology has shifted gears, charging is possible wirelessly. When fully charged, this incredible brush is capable of lasting up to one month when used for 4 minutes in a day. Moreover, it comes with a travel case that makes it easy to fit well in your suitcase. The eight different brush heads work at different times, which gives you the chance to choose the best for your purpose.


  • Ultra-fast wireless charging make charging to be so convenient
  • Capable of removing 10x plaque found along with your gum as compared to the manual toothbrush
  • The eight brush heads make replacement so easy and can last for four months each
  • The waterproof and lightweight design makes transportation easy


  • Could be useful if the brush was a bit bigger

#6. HANASCO Automatic Timer IPX7 Waterproof Pink Rechargeable Toothbrush

Save yourself a lot of time as you work on your morning oral care thanks to this remarkable rechargeable HANASCO electric toothbrush! If you want an advanced toothbrush that is capable of turning your oral care experience to a higher level, then this is the ultimate brush to have. Work efficiently as compared to the conventional one. HANASCO has super-quality, highly waterproof materials with staple base, two brush heads and a manual. As a health enthusiast, this is one of the must-have a gadget in your bathroom. Besides, this electric brush is usable by both men and women, so there is no need to worry about the gender issue.


  • The elegant design makes it an excellent addition to your bathroom
  • Comes with an extra replacement head and user guide for continued use
  • You can use while being in the shower because the brush is waterproof
  • The four brushing modes help you improve on your gingivitis


  • Has one button for both on and off that seems confusing

#5. ELLESYE 5 Modes 2 Smart Timers Whiten Teeth Electric Toothbrush

ELLESYE electric toothbrush is another brush that fits well people who have sensitive teeth. The brush can vibrate 4000 per minute, thus removing entirely the plaques that could have settled between the gums. Also, the rechargeable battery has a long-lasting life you can use it for three weeks, which can suit well your trip. The fact that it is waterproof makes it usable in the shower without getting damaged. Additionally, the 2 minutes timer enables you to brush each quarter of your teeth with only 30 seconds.


  • Built with a rechargeable battery that has a long-lasting life
  • The timer is a perfect reminder for the brushing area
  • Comes with six replacement toothbrushes heads, that are durable
  • The waterproof design makes its use in the bathroom to be perfect


  • Seems heavy and the design is not ergonomic

#4. Liberex Cordless Portable Oral Irrigator Water Floss Electric Toothbrush

If you’ve been yearning to get an excellent cleaning of your teeth, then your oral care has been made so easy with Liberex Cordless electric brush. Capable of removing all food debris efficiently and effectively within some few seconds. Apart from removing the food debris, this brush is capable of going deep inside your gums and doing away with a plaque that could have made see the dentist. It is also an excellent oral irrigator for travel.


  • Portable and convenient making traveling easy
  • The 360 degrees long nozzle for deep cleaning
  • A dental irrigator that can remove foo debris effectively
  • Comes with a USB charging cable, which makes charging easy


  • The handle needs to dry all the time, and else it will be left dirty

#3. PUNICOK JINRI Portable 3 Modes Dental Teeth Electric Toothbrush

Having the best gadget to keep your teeth clean is nearly making your dental health stay right. I suppose you try JINRI oral irrigator. Since cleaning some other hidden region in your oral is so tricky, this electric toothbrush is so effective because it unhides any food residues stuck in the areas. Also, because everyone has different regions of the oral he/she want to clean, this brush takes care of almost everyone with the three modes of cleaning.


  • The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry while you travel
  • Offer a more effective way to clean your teeth
  • The three deep cleaning modes make it meet the different oral care
  • Has waterproof material that makes it be used even in the bathroom


  • Would be nice if the button could hold down to use it with no auto on/off

#2. Paramed Cordless 3 Modes Deep Gum Cleaner Rechargeable Electrical Floss

Preserving the health of your teeth is so important to avoid later adverse effects like limescale, decay, plaque, and bacteria. That said, using an effective brush is so crucial, that’s why we offer you this high-quality electric toothbrush from Paramed. Manually flossing is unable to do the deep cleaning that is done by this overwhelming electric brush. Paramed is what can offer you perfect cleaning on your dental whenever you go.


  • A perfect cleaner for anyone with crowns, bridges, and braces
  • The waterproof design makes it be used even in the bathroom
  • The three cleaning mode offer your preferred cleaning method
  • It nozzle can rotate 360 degrees for deep cleaning


  • The bristles on the outside are not that strong

#1. Akche Dental Quick Charge OLED Screen Display 3-Mode Rechargeable Irrigator

Closing our list is Akche rechargeable irrigator that lets you show off your smile very confidently every time you meet with friends. The additional OLED screen enables you to check on the water temperature, usage time, charging level, ppm value, and the power display. Besides, it can be charged wirelessly because of the wireless inductive super-fast charging station. The brush also has a minimalistic design that makes it suit anywhere. Moreover, this irrigator has three cleaning modes; standard, pulse, and soft. The soft cleaning modes will suit your children, while the healthy way is the standard cleaning mode for adults.


  • Has a portable design that makes it easy to move with
  • Holds to perfect amount of water to floss my mouth
  • The 360 degrees long nozzle cleans your mouth efficiently
  • Good pressure to clean and not hurt my gums
  • Wireless charging mode offers fast charging


  • Works suitable perfect

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Toothbrush


A right electric toothbrush should have a timer that will offer you precise brushing time. Dentist recommends that you buy an electric brush that will clean your teeth within two minutes. Every quarter of your dental should undergo a maximum time of 30 seconds brushing, and therefore once the time elapses, the brush should alert you to shift to the next quarter.

Cleaning Modes

Electric toothbrushes are designed to meet various needs. In most cases, we have standard cleaning and deep cleaning. However, others are sophisticated and have unique modes of brushing the tongue or even sensitive teeth. While choosing the style that will suit you well, consider consulting a dentist if you had an issue with your teeth before.

Pressure sensor

The electric toothbrush is in most cases, design such that you don’t push so hard onto your teeth, which could have damaged both your gums and teeth. As you acquire one, check to ascertain that the brush you are buying has offered enough as you brush.

Tongue cleaning

You might wonder why it is crucial to clean your tongue, yes. Did you know that most bacteria found in your mouth resides mostly in your tongue? Purchasing this electric brush should offer appropriate ways of cleaning your tongue without leaving you with pain.

Brush Head Replacement

An excellent electric brush will offer easy ways of changing the brush head, so that thorough cleaning regularly. The more you use one brush for a more extended period, the more you get poor results. Dentist recommends replacements after continuous use of three months.

Battery Life

Like a most rechargeable battery, our electric brush has a replaceable rechargeable battery. A suitable electric toothbrush will have an accessible mode of charging like using a USB cable with long-lasting lifespan. Luckily enough, we have reviewed electric toothbrushes with durable batteries.


If you wish to keep the dentist away, then you have all that it takes to keep your teeth clean which the above magical electric toothbrushes. Whether you aim at getting a sophisticated electric toothbrush or a standard electric toothbrush, going for the one that best meets the requirements of being efficient is appropriate. Avoid going for a brush that sells so cheap because it might frustrate you later. An electric brush that makes you smile with confidence is worth purchasing. Given that you’ll stick to our guide, we are confident that you acquire the toothbrush that will fit you well. Make every coin counts by obtaining a high-quality electric toothbrush from our reputable platform.

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