The Top 10 Best Electric Kettle in Reviews

When searching for the best electric kettle, there two new trends that you’ll discover. First, there are many brands to choose from and secondly, they come with numerous technical specifications instead of its simple working specification. But does it help in any way? Yes, it does. The existence of several brands of electric kettle comes with their advantages and disadvantages. But many models come having stellar performance over their counterparts.

So, the big question is, how are you going to find the ultimate best electric kettle? If that is the situation you are now, then, the good news is, we are here for your good. In this article, we have decided to select you the best top 10 best electric kettle reviews. There is no more need to rummage all over the thousands of options available on the internet, the tailored list is everything you need.

With that said, here are our best 10 electric kettles for you to consider.

#10. TOPWIT 2L Stainless Steel Cordless Auto-Shutoff Upgraded Electric Kettle

If we were told to choose the simplest yet functional electric kettle for you, then we would hurriedly suggest TOPWIT electric kettle. The device is from high-quality stainless steel material that makes it long-lasting. The inner lid plus the bottom are strongly made and from food-grade material that ensures your health is well-cared for. The greatest features that we love about this appliance are the built-in thermostat controller, boil-dry protection and auto-shutoff capability. By that, you can expect the safety of its own. Also, it’s set you free, unlike the traditional stove kettle that requires someone on the lookout. Finally, the two-liter large capacity will take care of your family’s needs.


  • Comes with a large capacity of 2 liters to cater all your home needs
  • Made of 100% food-grade stainless steel material for healthy drinking
  • Built with auto-shutoff and boil-dry protection features for guaranteed safety
  • The kettle is efficient and effective in boiling water, prep coffee or tea


  • Slight leakage at the bottom

#9. AmazonBasics 1.7L Steel and Glass Heat Fast Cordless Detachable Base Electric Kettle

Do you need your water to boil within no time? You need to try this good-looking electric kettle by AmazonBasics. The 1.7 liter and 1500 watts automatic kettle will quickly boil up water for you to prepare coffee, tea or French press coffee. Because the base is detachable, you can serve your guests or friends with it with ease. The kettle is also convenient because it is simple to operate and clean. What a way to enjoy a drink less the fuss from this modern space-saving glass electric kettle. Purchase this kettle today and your headache of usually boiling water on the watch will come to an end.


  • It is a great appliance for preparing tea, cocoa, and soup instantly
  • Auto-shutoff features and boil-dry protection makes the unit safe
  • Readily detaches itself from its base for a cordless serving
  • The glass unit boils water faster and effectively


  • The whole top part including the spout is plastic-made

#8. Habor 1.7L Stainless Steel 1500W Auto-Shutoff & Dry Protection Double Wall Electric Kettle

Habor Doubled-Wall electric kettle is a stylish appliance that enables you to enjoy safer and faster hot tea or coffee at your comfort. The 1.7L stainless steel kettle is durable and rust-resistant. Operating with 1500 watts, you can expect efficient water boiling within no time. It also operates quieter than another electric kettle on the market. When water boils, the device shuts off automatically to avoid overheating or any other danger related to electricity. The outer region does not get hot because it comes with a double-wall structure that retains the heat in the inside. This device is a great choice to accompany your day-to-day use.


  • The double-wall structure will keep water or coffee hot for a longer time
  • Made from food-grade material making it safer and healthier
  • Offer you fast boiling with a large capacity of 1.7 liter
  • Built with an auto-shutoff feature for enhanced safety
  • The electric kettle is easy to clean and store


  • The lid does not open up fully

#7. VOSEN 1.7L Double Wall Stainless Steel 1500W Fast Boiling BPA-Free Electric Kettle

Coming next is VOSEN stainless steel electric kettle that is ideal for having a cozy and healthy life. Built with a thermostat that shut off immediately when the boiling point of water is reached. What that means is that safety is a guaranteed thing in this appliance. The whole material making up this device is stainless steel that is known for its durability and rust-resistant nature. Furthermore, it uses 1500 watts of electricity to deliver quicker boiling hence becoming convenient for cooking tea, sweet cocoa and more. For that reason, you can save more of your time on other important issues. This classy choice is the greatest replacement for ovens, microwaves, and even the generic kettles.


  • Come with an elegant look and double wall structure for aesthetic value
  • Made of 304 premium stainless steel interior to avoid rusting
  • It can boil water within 6 minutes saving you more time
  • Has a total capacity of 1.7 liters perfect for a big family
  • The unit features a thermostat for extreme safety


  • The unit works perfectly (no cons at the moment)

#6. AICOK 100W Auto-Shutoff 1L Stainless Steel Electric Gooseneck Kettle for Coffee or Tea

If you need a life-saver electric kettle, then the secret lies with AICOK electric gooseneck kettle. The ideal unit can extract delicious flavor from your tea or coffee. In addition to that, it has a magnificent thin spout that allows for controlled, sturdy, even, precise flow like barista making your tea stand out akin Kung Fu hero. Besides, the appliance is compact with a shiny exterior and a smooth curve for comfortable use. The ergonomic handle is not exceptional, because it enables you to serve the delicacy with confidence. Moreover, it closes in an airtight and spill-free way to prevent accidental spillage. When using this unit, it works quickly and quietly with auto-shutoff mode when water or any content boils.


  • Easy to use and clean because it comes with a detachable base
  • Auto-shutoff features make the kettle safe for home use
  • Lightweight for easy serving of your guest
  • It boils water, coffee or tea within no time


  • Could be better with an alerting sound for water boiling

#5. HadinEEon Cordless LED indicator Stainless Steel Inner Lid & Bottom 1.7L Electric Kettle

Are you a coffee or tea lover? You are missing a lot from HadinEEon electric kettle. As a fact, this device offers you the greatest way to enjoy the favorite all-time coffee or tea. The 1200 watts system brings about fast heating and you can count on this unit for continuous boiling. The advanced thermostat by British Strix will offer a control water boiling making it safe for home use. What’s more, the wide-open lid makes the content flow out of the kettle with easy and in a more effective manner. The glass making will enable you to check the progress of your water.


  • Has an ergonomic and heat resistance handle for convenient handling
  • Made from food-grade material for prolonged use and healthy living
  • Cordless design offers you an easy way to use the kettle to serve the guest
  • Has been fully approved by the FDA for greater use guarantee


  • There is no cover release for a safe opening

#4. Miroco Double Wall Stainless Steel 1500W Overheating Protection Electric Kettle

Expect the best from Miroco electric kettle because it is BPA-free with a cool-touch exterior for safe handling. And the unit interior is 100% stainless steel to ensure the section that comes in contact with water is rust-resistant. The double-wall construction makes it easy to operate while the simple construction makes cleaning a breeze. Additionally, the 1500 watts power rating makes the kettle boil water quicker. The on/off LED indicator will indicate the kettle is running and when it is off automatically. More exciting is the British Strix thermostat that controls the temperature as per the settings.


  • Uses 1500 watts to boil 1.5 liters of water in less than 6mins
  • Dry-boil protection feature offers great safety
  • The electric kettle offers an easy way to clean
  • The lid pop-out with just a single press


  • The lid doesn’t open up fully but easy to pour water

#3. Jocuu Gooseneck 1/2L Stainless Steel Thermometer & Status Indicator Electric Hot Water Kettle

Jocuu is an electric kettle that will leave you enjoying making coffee with effortlessly. The slim style is excellent for making this kettle liked by most families. Also, the spout is perfectly designed for precise pouring without any mess experienced. And you can now master your temperature with this kettle because it comes with an in-built thermometer. Moreover, it has been constructed to meet all world standards therefore you can purchase in whichever place you are. What’s more, the silicone edge covering is meant to offer tight closure. So, if you need an electric kettle that works perfectly, then, you should not look further than this amazing device.


  • Status indicators will enable you to check water boiling condition
  • The thermometer will enable you to note the temperature
  • The spout is perfectly designed for précising water pouring
  • The filter is reusable and paperless for convenient use
  • Easy to use and clean


  • It is only half a liter incapacity

#2. COSORI 5 Variable Preset 100% Stainless Steel 1200W 0.8L Electric Gooseneck Kettle (Matte Black)

Why don’t you give your morning tea or coffee the highest quality by leveraging on COSORI electric kettle? The kettle is capable of boiling water quickly to the precise temperature that you select. The five temperature presets will offer you perfect brewing. Also, one boiling is done, the system will shut off automatically. Every part of this unit is stainless steel, for prolonged use and rust-resistance operation. Moreover, it is user-friendly, making it a popular item for many customers. The control section is simple and visible enough. Add to your kitchen this appliance and you always smile with how it makes your life easy.


  • The 5 temperature presets offer you set temp of your choice
  • Fully made of stainless steel material that is long-lasting
  • Has an automatic shutoff for home safety
  • The Gooseneck spout offers precise pour


  • This kettle is packaged with a lot of Styrofoam (not recyclable)

#1. Stagg EKG 1200W Brew Stopwatch Variable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle (Matte White)

Meet Stagg EKG, an electric kettle that is best suitable for tea or coffee lovers. It comes with variable temperature control, minimalistic design and barista-level functionality all geared towards making you enjoy hassle-free coffee making. This pour-over unit will suit all your boiling needs. Also, it uses 1200 watts for quick and precise heating. More exciting about this electric kettle is the 60 minutes hold option that can retain the water temperature for one hour. Aside from boiling water and making coffee or tea, this kettle compliments your home décor. What are you still looking for? It is a great time to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea with this elegant unit.


  • Has a variable temperature control to meet all your varied temp needs
  • The best electric kettle that allows you to brew coffee like a pro
  • Has a sleek LCD screen to display heating progress
  • Comes with an aesthetic meets powerful design


  • The kettle is damn expensive but functional

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing the Best Electric Kettle

Materials Used

The initial factor to consider is the materials making up the electric kettle. From the look of things, the best material that makes an electric kettle long-lasting is stainless steel. Besides, the material is a rust-resistant and temperature controller. About that, borosilicate glass is another thrilling material that is making up most electric kettle because they are scuff and scratch-resistant.

Safety Features

Like any other electric appliance, an electric kettle you purchase should have safety features built-in it for friendly use. These safety features include the auto-shutoff feature as on most kettles above. That ensures it turns automatically off when you are not in the vicinity or when you get held up doing something else.

Temperature Control

Most 2019 electric kettles come with improved technology with temperature control settings. This brings about precision in your kitchen because you set the best temperature for preparing tea, coffee or boiling water. If the temperature unit is of great c0oncern to you, consider settling with the electric kettle having this setting.


From the above electric kettle, you have seen that each unit has a specification of capacity. This is the amount of coffee, tea, water it can hold at once. It is upon you to choose the capacity that meets your needs. There are those bigger kettles with 2 liters while other small kettles go down to a half a liter. We have included almost every capacity that you might need.


As we earlier promised you, our review has taken into consideration all that you need to know for the best purchase experience. Our review includes all the high-end electric kettles that are also affordable. You can rest assured that your purchase will be nothing but the best. The listing will even give you a choice to go for the one that you thing outdo the rest. Whichever option you decide to settle with, your choice is a reflection of what this year has for you in-store. The units are simple and functional, expect no failure at all. Make a prudent selection and you’ll never be the same again!

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