Top 10 Best Electric Heated Blankets in Reviews

For chilly climatic regions, you need something more than the regular throw blankets to keep you warmer. It gets a bit stressful having to wear several layers of sweatshirts or sweatpants to keep away cold. Trying to fall asleep in a cold is not pleasant at all and adds up to your stress. Therefore, all along the winter period, an electric heated blanket can be your snuggle buddy. You can use it in your bed or couch during movie marathons or while sleeping. They are well designed to keep you warm and comfortable at different heating levels. Also, they provide you with a cozy life whereas saving your heating bills.

Picking the best brand is already a hard task for most people because all markets are flooded with a wide range of these units. Most buyers find themselves confused or picking the wrong brand. Anyway, we have solved all that for you by compiling the best brands you can choose from these markets. You can never regret it at all. The list below is a compilation of the top 10 best electric heated blankets.

Let’s get down to business.

10. DailyLIFE Blue Machine Washable UL Certified Cozy Heated Electric 6 Heating Setting Blanket

During cold months, Daily life electric heated blanket offers you much-needed warmth. It has 6 temperature settings to choose from to meet all your needs. With the automatic shutdown technology and 2 hours shut off, you are assured of safety each time you use it. Additionally, it is designed from micro plush fabric with inbuilt micro-thin lines that ensures even heat distribution. Its larger size allows you to embrace your entire body for maximum relaxation. Better still, the heat helps to relieve any pain by increasing blood flow and oxygen to tendons and muscles.


  • Certified by UL thus safer for everyday use
  • Easy to maintain using a washing machine
  • Warms up at a faster rate to provide heat
  • Has led controller for easier adjustments


  • It is a bit thinner

9. Bedsure Chocolate Soft Microfiber Sherpa 4H Timer Auto 5 Heat Setting Reversible Throw Blanket

If you are looking for a softer and more comfortable electric heated blanket, this brand by Bedsure is the best choice. It features 5 heat settings that ensure that you always feel and relax as you desire. With a microplush finish, it offers you the needed softness to allow you to take your nap more comfortably. Furthermore, it is equipped with an 8.85ft cable which allows you to heat your blanket more flexibly within a wider range. You can as well detach the controller and use it as a normal blanket to serve you different purposes. This makes it an ideal gift for your loved ones.


  • Can be used on bed, couch, office, and desk and so on
  • Designed from quality materials that last long
  • The 4h auto-off function helps to save energy
  • Made of materials that retain heat for long


  • The cord is shorter

8. YASHONG Navy LCD Display ETL-Certified Machine Washable Flannel Heated Electric Blanket

You are assured of full-body warmth during winter seasons with Yashong electric heated blanket. This unit has 6 different heating levels that allow you to choose one that suits your needs in the best manner. Never worry about your safety because this electric throw has been certified by ETL and features an overheating protection system. Better still, it has 8 heating time adjustments to enable us to appropriately select the temperatures. With the LCD screen display controller, you can always check on the temperature changing process. All this said, you can always enjoy a cozy slumber with the comfort that it offers you.


  • Designed from skin-friendly materials to keep you safe
  • Has 10ft connection line to enjoy warmth anywhere
  • Can be used as a normal blanket with no heating
  • You can use it as a shawl or cushion on your bed


  • Heavier compared to Bedsure model

7. VIPEX ETL-Certified 3 Timer Settings Forest Green Machine Washable Flannel Electric Heated Blanket

Seventh on our list is this high quality electric heated designed by Vipex. This throw features 10 heat levels to provide you with the desirable warmth in your bedroom or on the couch. It always offers you peace of mind since you do not need to worry about overheating. With this, it has been certified with ETL to ensure that it prevents overheating. The digital LCD allows you to carefully adjust the settings to meet all your needs. Maintenance is easier because all you need to do is to detach the controller and toss it into a washing machine.


  • Designed from odorless materials to avoid allergies
  • More convenient with over 10 feet power cord
  • Lightweight making it easier to carry around
  • The user manual clearly shows how to use it


  • Does not feel warmer with the highest heat setting

6. VELLAX Machine Washable Auto-off 4 Timer Settings 3 Heat Levels Heated Electric Heated Blanket

Are you looking for the best companion for any occasion? Vellax electric heated blanket is a great pick. It is designed from high-grade flannel fleece well known for its softness and durability. If you choose to turn it on, either way, all sides work efficiently to preserve the needed warmth. With three heating levels and 4 timer settings, you can easily adjust it to meet all your demands. The controller is easier to use and features a 9.5ft cord that allows you to use it in your living room, bedroom, and other places. Besides, it has an auto shut off feature that automatically turns it off after two hours of inactivity.


  • Can be easily maintained using a washing machine
  • The thermostatic control prevents overheating
  • Resistant to any form of wrinkling and fading
  • Has a durable and thinner wiring system


  • The extension has 8 outlets thus bulky

5. MaxKare 4 Heating Levels ETL-Certified Oversized Machine Washable Electric Heated Blanket

Sleep comfortably and soundly during cold nights with MaxCare electric heated blanket. It is available in a larger size making it ideal for use by one or two persons at home or office. This heating blanket is made of soft flannel materials that offer you the needed level of comfort. You can easily maintain it using a washing machine and dryer safe. Even better, it comes with a remote controller which makes it easier to adjust the settings as you desire. You are guaranteed safety since it has been certified by ETL to protect you from overheating. Since it is made of skin-friendly materials, you are free from any skin allergies or rashes.


  • Features 4 different heating levels for daily use
  • The 10-hour auto-off gives you peace of mind
  • Ensures even heat distribution on all corners
  • Softer to provide you with enough warmth


  • Some parts remain cooler

4. Sunbeam Auto Shut-off Microplush Foot Pocket Comfy Electric Heated Blanket w/3 Heat Settings

Sunbeam electric heated blanket offers you a wide range of features to meet all your needs. The controller features auto-off and 3 heat settings to enable you to set the right temperatures and shut off the thermostat to save your electricity bills. This blanket warms up at a much faster rate to keep you feeling comfortable at all times. You are assured of a safer user experience with the overheat protection and UL certification. Whenever you need to wash it, you will have to disconnect and remove the controller. Also, the ultra-thin wires are well designed for added comfort.


  • More reliable and safer with the auto-off feature
  • Warms up quickly to keep you comfortable
  • Only weighs 5 pounds thus easier to carry
  • Has clear instructions on its safety


  • Not ideal for use by infants or children

3. Hyde Lane 3 Heat Settings Auto-Shut-Off Machine Washable Oversized Soft Sherpa Heated Blanket

You can get rid of any chills with this comfortable electric heated blanket by Hyde Lane. It provides therapeutic pain relief by promoting blood flow and dilating blood vessels. This throw can be used by couples and kids on a bed or couch. Since it is designed from unique micro plush fibers that are free from any chemical contaminated products to keep you always comfortable. The LED controllers offer you 3 different heating levels to help you lower your electric bills. With only a weight of 5.99 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling its weight.


  • Ideal for use by athletes or iron-deficient persons
  • Has a long power cord for more convenience
  • Made from durable and strong components
  • The faux fur is made soft for a cozy feeling


  • Complex to set perfect temperatures

2. Sable Red ETL-Certified Machine Washable 10 Heat Levels Auto-Off Electric Heated Throw Blanket

For a more relaxing experience in your bed or couch, you can try out the Sable electric heated blanket. It is designed from skin-friendly flannel materials to offer you much-needed comfort. With the handy corded controller, you can easily adjust between the 9 heating levels. To save your energy, this unit automatically shuts down the moment it fully heats for the set period. Moreover, it has double layers that ensure efficient heat distribution and preservation to keep you away from the cold. While washing it, you need to remove the controller to avoid damaging it.


  • Large enough for use by one or two persons
  • Crafted from durable polyester materials
  • Quickly heats up within five minutes
  • Ideal for use during indoor events


  • Not thick thus you can feel the cords

1. SERTA Slate Blue Queen Digital Controller 100% Soft Brushed Fleece 6.1lbs Heated Electric Blanket

Gifting your loved this coming holiday season with Serta electric heated blanket is one of the best ideas. This blanket makes use of high-quality fabrics to offers a longer-lasting throw. The heat that it provides helps to relieve any pain, ache, and sore muscles. You can now sleep at ease because it automatically shuts off and cools down after 10 hours of consistent heating. Even better, the digital programmable control allows you to adjust the settings with only a touch of a button. With the 10 heat settings, you can effectively choose the appropriate temperatures to suit your needs.


  • You can easily adjust both time and heat
  • Easier to plugin and adjust the settings
  • Ideal for use by those with arthritis
  • Comes with two handy controllers


  • The display module is not user friendly

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electric Heated Blanket

Materials used

A good electric heated blanket should be designed from comfortable and durable materials. It is ideal to go for a brand made of soft faux fur materials because they are skin-friendly and always keeps you warm. These microfiber fabrics are soft to touch and the better part is that they can be washed using a machine. It is not ideal for electric blankets made of scratchy materials because they cause discomfort.

Size of the blanket

You should as well consider the purpose you need the blanket for. It could either be used as a bed blanket or for lounging around the house. With this, you might need a larger size for your bed and a smaller for use on the couch. The size also contributes to how energy efficient your blanket will be. Also, they are a wide range of sizes to suits different bed sizes.

Dual temperature control

If you are sharing a bed with someone you might need to consider an electric heated blanket with dual temperature control. This ensures that each of you can effectively control the settings and adjust them to suit their needs. This prevents each smuggler from being too hot not too cold for maximum comfort.

Safety level

Since electric heated blankets are associated with the presence of electricity, it could be a bit worry some on how well we will remain safe while using them. You no longer have to worry because this unit features an overheating protection system and auto off system to keep you safe at all times. With this, you will always remain safe even if you forget to turn it off while sleeping.


You can now handle any chilly weather or winter season in a better manner with an electric heated blanket. Wait no more, go grab yourself one of the brands and we assure you of the best. Regardless of your needs and choices, no brand is better than the other but they only differ in their features. With this well-researched and condensed list of the best throw blankets, you will never ask for more than what they have to offer you. You will always feel warm throughout the cold moments. Good luck!

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