Top 10 Best Electric Hand Mixer in Reviews

One surest kitchen appliance that any household must-have is an electric hand mixer. This is because it helps home cooks mix pancake batter, mixing eggs for making an omelet or even mixing a whipping cream of their own choice. A lot of people find this tool helpful not only because it offers assistance in mixing but also because it is small in size making storage a breeze. Think of any baking or mixing that is done in the kitchen, and this tool wouldn’t miss in the job. The device works efficiently and doesn’t consume a lot of electric power.

Although this handy tool offers great help in our kitchen, it does not mean that all the electric hand mixer models on the market suit you. Many considerations should be followed to get a winning choice. Yet that is the case, we saw it suitable to make things simpler for you. Upon undertaking thorough research on these appliances, we managed to come up with a list of the Top 10 Best Electric Hand Mixer reviews. The appliances will hold up to your day to day use.

#10. Suliko Stainless Steel 200W 5 Speed Sturdy Beaters Electric Hand Mixer (Black)

Coming tenth on our list is Suliko 200W hand mixer that whisks, kneads and mix. The motor of this device is made of copper and has a cooling system that makes it unique from other models. In essence, that makes this unit work efficiently and persistently. Be ready to whisk up your delicious cookies, cakes, dough, bread, and cream with easy. The 5 varied speed settings which enable you to make different foods on one system. Also, it has a turbo function with an eject button that offers extra power and removes beaters or dough hooks respectively. Suliko is a must-have appliance in your kitchen, grab yours today while stocks last!


  • Convenient to make different foods because it has 5 different speed settings
  • Turbo function offer extra-power to boost mixing functionality
  • The motor has a copper core that works efficiently and persistently
  • Has a cooling system that is unique compared to other models
  • Built with a compact size that doesn’t take up much space


  • Cheap quality but works well

#9. VonShef Turbo Button & 5 Speed Stainless Steel Electric Hand Mixer Whisk (Red)

Are you looking for a multi-purpose baking appliance? VonShef electric hand mixer could be what you are looking for. This device is the ultimate kitchen gadget that makes your baking and cooking interesting. How about getting functionality at your fingertips! You can trust this appliance for easy kitchen procedures. Also, it is powered with a 250 Watts motor and comes with 5 stainless steel attachments that enable you to whisk, knead and mix with ease. The powerful beaters suit egg whites while the strong dough hooks are perfect for heavier mixes. Besides, the 5-speed settings with a bonus turbo boost offer you a simple way of adjusting power as needed. Moreover, it has various colors for you to pick your best.


  • Comes with attachments that are dishwasher safe
  • Has 1-meter cable that offers great convenience
  • Includes all the components required to drive the device
  • Made with 5 stainless steel attachments that are durable


  • You can’t use you for more than 5 minutes

#8. DmofwHi 300W Ultra-Power 5 Speed 6 Stainless Attachment Kitchen Hand Mixer

If you wanna prepare a delicious meal for your family members, then, adopt the use of DmofwHi Hand Mixer. The hand mixer is built with five-speed settings with high-quality stainless steel connections that help you manage different beating, mixing and whisking tasks. Also, the device is easy to use, powerful, beautiful and easy to clean plus it comes with a storage casing for convenient storage. The rated power of 300 watts is enough to drive all your cooking desires – capable of dealing with stiffer dough. Furthermore, it has a well-designed structure with a perfect heat dissipation mechanism that offers smooth operation and makes it durable.


  • It is durable and safe because it built with good heat dissipation mechanism
  • The motor of the system is powerful and efficient
  • All the attachments can be removed with ease
  • Comes with a storage casing for convenient storage


  • Mixing blades are not fit quite well

#7. CUSINAID Turbo Handheld 5-Speed with Dough Hoods Hand Mixer Electric (White)

CUSINAID electric hand mixer is a compact and powerful unit you deserve. Made from high-quality material, this mixer promises nothing but the best whisking, beating and mixing experience. Also, cleaning this device is simple and easy. Moreover, it comes with five-speed settings that work more efficient and quick. The one-button eject button makes the dismantling of these units convenient and safe. In terms of operation simplicity, you can’t imagine how this appliance is easy to operate. Besides, when the mixer is in operation, it does not produce any noise, therefore, it does not disturb others. What’s more, the curved handles offer a safe use when preparing batters, ingredients, whip dough, eggs, and cream.


  • Comes with a storage casing that makes it convenient to store attachments
  • Dough hooks and wider beaters are dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • One-button eject design makes dismantling convenient and safe
  • The stainless steel design is durable


  • Sometimes beaters become difficult to get out when ejected

#6. Black + Decker MX600B 5-Speed Premium Quality 5 Attachments Hand Mixer (Black)

This advanced mixer has a 250-watt power motor with 5-speed settings and turbo functions. The speed settings range from low speed to high speed. This allows you to choose the speed that best suits your mixture. Besides, it has beaters made of nylon to handle the hardest dough. Moreover, it has different mixing accessories which including helix beaters, dough hooks and whisk. Helix beaters give you an effective and efficient mixing of the ingredients. The dough hooks are used for mixing dough any other thick mixtures. The whisk helps in aerating your mixture


  • Has a well-designed storage casing to store your accessories
  • It has removable parts that allow for the easy cleanup process
  • The heels are designed to support the mixer in an upright position
  • The price is great for its value


  • It has fewer speed settings

#5. WEPSEN 23 Pcs Stainless Steel with Cups & Spoons Electric Hand Mixer for Beginners

WEPSEN electric hand mixer in different size options. Also, it has measuring spoons and 4 measuring cups for more convenience as you mix your ingredients. The different sized bowls are from high-quality stainless steel materials to last long and go without rusting. The wide flat rim ensures a steady serving, mixing or whisking. Additionally, it has 7-speed settings that allow you to set your mixture to mix at a speed that you desire or need at that moment.


  • The speed control button allows you to adjust the speed to suit you
  • Easy to clean compared to other models like the Aigostar brand
  • Performs different functions like mixing and storage of food
  • This brand is a little bit cheaper as compared to super-model


  • A bit heavy and weighs up to 5.5pounds

#4. AICOK 300W Stainless Steel with Beaters & Dough Hooks Durable Hand Mixer –Electric

AICOK electric hand mixer is a recommended hand mixer for your kitchen. This electric mixer has 6-speed settings that range from a slow stir to a high whip for stirring, mixing and whipping different food ingredients. Also, it has high-quality metallic materials and high-quality stainless steel making this kitchen durable. The accessories include two dough hooks that whip your dough and 2 beaters for mixing the ingredients. Its handle has a Matte style for easy holding and grip for a comfy usage in your kitchen. It does not occupy much of your kitchen space because it has a base that gives an upright posture.


  • Easy to use because it only requires some few adjustments to suit your needs
  • It does not contaminate your food as it does not have any plastic parts
  • Can mix different ingredients for a pizza, tart, bread or mashed potatoes
  • It is stylish equipment that blends well with your kitchen decor


  • The low setting for a slow stir tends to still be high

#3. Kealive Handheld Electric Mixer with 5 Speed & Turbo Button Dough Hooks & Sturdy Beaters

Kealive electric hand mixer is a priceless brand and works well to give you the best results. This hand mixer has a 200W motor function and 5-speed setting that allow you to set your desired speed. Moreover, it has a lightweight design and weighs up to 2.2 pounds hence making it more portable. Uses the one-touch eject button to enable you to remove the accessories with no difficulty. Also, the turbo function helps you to start the mixer.


  • Has an instruction manual to guide you on the usage of the hand mixer
  • Occupies less space of your kitchen because of its compact size
  • The high power gives you the best dough or bakes that you need
  • Accessories are of stainless for an easy cleanup


  • It can overheat if you use it with heavy ingredients

#2. Aigostar Hanson 250W 6 Speed Hook Attachments Electric Hand Mixer with Turbo Button

This is a brand that has all your cooking and baking problems solved. Aigostar electric hand mixer has 6-speed settings and a turbo function for any choice of cooking or baking. Besides, this hand mixer comes with a bracket that helps you keep your 4 accessories in an orderly manner. Also, it is equipped with a rapid cooling system that dissipates heat away in case of overheating. Besides, this equipment is storable because it has a self-stand and does not take much of your space. This is for sure the best brand for an electric hand mixer.


  • The beaters are stainless steel-made to avoid rusting
  • High power allows you to achieve the best mixture
  • Easy to use and requires no special skills to operate it
  • Produces less noise during its operations


  • Requires voltage converter for more than 120V

#1. SURPEER 300W 5 Speed Stainless Steel Attachments Kitchen Handheld Mixer Whisk

Are you looking for one of the best electric hand mixers in the market? SURPEER electric hand mixer should be your choice. This mixer has a 300W copper motor, fast 1500RPM, and 6 different accessories for the best bake or cook. Also, it is adjustable so that you can easily adjust its speed to suit your current needs. You can adjust it in 5 grades to achieve the best mixture ever. Besides, you can easily store it because it has a unique base. Moreover, it has strong quality plastic materials that last long enough without any frequent replacement. For more convenience it is equipped with a cooling system, overheating protector and eject button.


  • Allows you to mix different kinds of foods like mashed potatoes
  • The different kinds of stir bars allow you to cook in many ways
  • Easy to use because it has a simple designed
  • Its design is such that it is easy to clean


  • It does not turn itself off when done mixing

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electric Hand Mixer

Consider the following factors when buying an electric hand mixer for your home. The factors are just but a few to put into consideration beforehand.

The base

The base of the hand mixer will determine the stability of the unit. A small base of the hand mixer will mean that it will tend to topple many times when on use. The base should be wide and sturdy to offer great stability.

Beaters shape

The beater attachment is so important to consider. The one that comes with a little twist is worth considering. The shape will determine how the mixer will make things done. That’s why the one will a bit twist will beat up things faster than the normal one.


Any hand mixer should have at least 680 g of weight. This ideal weight will keep your hand mixer light at the same time doesn’t fall anyhow. Anything that will be lighter than that weight will tend to be so flimsy. So, take great on matters weight as you make your purchase.

The wattage of the hand mixer

The power rating for a hand mixer will greatly affect the functionality of the unit. Of course, it should not be that big because the work is light. For that case, a 350 Watts hand mixer is ideal. You may decide to go lower but the decision is yours.

Speed Settings

In this case, a turbo speed selection is not that important. The speed setting should never bother you that much. A normal speed setting is okay, after all, hand mixer job is very simple and quick. Our reviewed set has enough speed.


The best electric hand mixer is the one that let the job done, and get done it perfectly. What you only have to do is paying attention to the above guide. You can rest assured that you wouldn’t miss what match your needs. A hand mixer is a great deal when it comes to mixing and baking in your home. Therefore, make your kitchen up-to-date by acquiring this life-saver appliance. Our list is genuine and we come up with it after reaching all the viable options from the internet. Truly, this device offers you a great way to concentrate on real cooking, that’s why you need to grab one today. Have a great shopping moment!

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