Top 10 Best Electric Deep Fryers in in Reviews

French fries, deep-fried fish, vegetables, and seafood can have the best flavor when cooled using the right equipment. You will always need the right equipment and the right techniques to cook with hot oil. An electric deep fryer is great additional equipment in your kitchen that makes your work much easier. It helps you to achieve crispier results in a quicker and much easier manner. With these kitchen units, you can easily cook your food substances as you desire because they have adjustable temperatures and timers. They not only make your kitchen work much easier but also ensures safer operations.

But since the current market is flooded with a wide range of products, it gets a bit confusing to pick one brand over another one. All in all, we have your work much easier by collecting some best brands that offer you the best results. We, therefore, have made compiled a list of the top ten best electric deep fryers in the market. Let’s go ahead!

10. De'Longhi Silver Livenza D44528DZ Easy Clean Larger Cool Zone Easy Draining Electric Deep Dryer

Are you looking for an electric deep fryer with a durable design? Well, you can try out this model by De’longhi. It is designed from high-grade stainless steel components that assure you of a strong and long-lasting unit. The easy cleaning draining system is well made to ensure that it quickly drains all the leftover oil. Any food particles remaining drop into the larger cooling zone to keep the oil odorless and cleaner. Additionally, the cool zone has lower temperatures that extend the usage of the oil which in turn helps to save you on frequent costs of purchasing oil.


  • Easier to control your cooking with adjustable thermostat
  • Easier to clean as its parts are dishwasher friendly
  • The removable basket filters food from the oil
  • Has a larger capacity to cook for more people


  • The screen filter covers a small area

9. Elite Gourmet 3.5 Quart EDF-3500 Triple Basket Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer w/Temp Knob

If you are looking for a larger capacity electric deep fryer then it would be ideal to try out this model by Elite gourmet. It has a total capacity of 14 cups which enables you to prepare 2.5lbs of food per batch. The heating element is fully immersible making it easier to achieve crispier food particles. Moreover, it is easier to clean this entire system because it has a removable non-stick inner container and a removable heating element. With the brushed stainless steel exterior, you are assured of a beautiful and long-lasting unit. Since the thermostat knob heats up to 375°F, you can easily cook a wide range of foods.


  • The indicator lights let you know when the oil is ready
  • Has a lightweight design for easier portability
  • Safer for use with the vented cool-touch lid
  • Easier to set cooking times with a timer


  • Takes up to 20 minutes to fully heat it

8. Cuisinart 1.1-Liter 1000W Brushed Silver Stainless Steel CDF-100 Compact Electric Deep Fryer

You can enjoy all your favorite food substances with Cuisinart electric deep fryer. This unit is designed from stainless steel materials that are strong and last long. The nonstick die-cast bowl is attached with a heating element that ensures faster and superior heating. With the removable charcoal filter, you can easily filter out any odors for the best results. You can as well adjust the thermostat up to 375°F to allow you to prepare different food substances. Besides, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight because it only weighs 5.84 pounds.


  • Has a compact design thus takes less storage space
  • Features a maximum oil capacity of 1.1 liters
  • Easier to clean up with the non-stick interior
  • Ensures first heat up and frying process


  • Stays hot for long after usage

7. Aigostar 3L 1800W Ken Removable Basket Deep Electric Oil Deep Dryer w/Temp Control & Timer

Do you need an electric deep fryer to cook for your entire family? Well, you can try out this model by Aigostar. It is equipped with a timer that allows you to set an appropriate time for your cooking food. The adjustable temperatures also make it easier to cook at the desired temperatures. With a 3 liter capacity, you can now cook for your entire whatever they enjoy best. You can use it to cook doughnuts, chips, chicken, shrimps, onion rings, fish, chicken, and many more. Moreover, the 1800 heating element enables you to fry your food at a quicker rate to achieve crispier results.


  • Has a magnetic breakaway power cord to avoid accidents
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable operations
  • The detachable parts make it easier to clean it
  • Takes a few minutes to fully assemble it


  • Lacks clarity on timer and temperature settings

6. Cusimax 2.5L Oil Capacity Thermostat Removable Lid Cool Handle Electric Deep Fryer w/Basket

Cusimax electric deep fryer is equipped with a wide range of features to meet all your frying needs. Both the timer and temperature control allows you to customize the settings to achieve the best results. The unique touch screen is user friendly and enables you to easily adjust the time and temperatures. Furthermore, the removable lid has a filter that reduces messes caused by oil splatters. With a wattage of up to 1200, you are assured of the oil heating up at a much faster rate.


  • Both the basket and removable lid are dishwasher friendly
  • Prevent any accidents with the inbuilt overheat protection
  • The basket remains cool to touch at all times
  • Has a 2.5l capacity for whole family use


  • The manual is not well written

5. KRUPS Silver 4.5 Liter KJ502D51 Stainless Steel 6.7lbs Professional Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer

Frying experiences are now made easier with Krups electric deep fryer. This unit features a 4.5l oil capacity making it easier to fry foodstuff for your friends and families. The adjustable temperatures allow you to fry your food as you desire to meet all your needs. On the other hand, the power on ready light notifies you when the oil is hot to reduce any food oil absorption. Even better, the triple baskets make it easier for you to two small batches or one big batch at the same time. You no longer have to worry about burning your hands because it is equipped with cool to touch handles.


  • Allows you to cook different batches at the same time
  • Can be dissembled for storage and cleaning
  • The triple baskets are dishwasher friendly
  • Ideal for use by both learners and experts


  • The two small baskets are way too much smaller

4. Masterbuilt Silver 10 Liter MB20012420 Aluminum Extra-Large Steamer Electric Deep Fryer

For a more versatile electric deep fryer, this brand by Masterbuilt outshines other models in the market. It can fry up to 20lbs of foods thus suitable for entire family use. Both the lifting hook and the cooking basket ensures a safer way of managing your cooked food. The hinged lid can be easily removed making it easier to clean up the inner parts. Unlike other models, this brand is made of aluminum components well known for its strength and durability. With the patented drains, it makes it very much easier for you to rest your food above the liquid.


  • Allows you to fry, boil or steam your foods
  • The drain valve ensures a quicker cleaning
  • Does not require extra tools for assembly
  • Conveniently fries foods with no smoke


  • Heavier compared to Krups model

3. Ninja AG301 10x10 Inch Black & Silver 5-in-1 4Qt Indoor Bake Roast Dehydrate Electric Grill

Any day of the year you can prepare outdoor grill flavors at the comfort of your home with a Ninja electric deep fryer. It has a 500° grilling grate that leaves char-grilled flavors and marks. The rapid cyclonic air moves all over your food to give them ideal browning and good chaffing free from any burns. You can easily choose your cooking functions and adjust the timer and temperatures to achieve the best results because it has an easier to use control panel. With only a weight of 14.5 pounds, you can easily carry it from one place to another without feeling much of its weight.


  • Operates without producing any smoke particles
  • Has a non-stick cooking pot for easier cleaning
  • Comes with a recipe book to try new flavors
  • You can grill your fish without falling apart


  • The tray and the grill are not stackable

2. All-Clad Silver 3.5 Liter Easy Clean Pro EJ814051 Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer w/Timer

You can improve your frying experiences and performances with All-clad electric deep fryer. This item has a 3.5l oil capacity and therefore can accommodate 2.65lbs of food capacity. Temperature and the timer can be easily adjusted to allow you to fry different varieties of foods. Maintenance is such an easier task because the bowl, frying basket, and oil storage box are all dishwasher friendly. You no longer have to worry about tiresome draining of oil because it automatically drains and filters oil after frying. Even better, you can monitor your frying process with a large viewing window.


  • Ensures easy cleaning with the semi-sealed panel
  • Has an elegant appearance to match your decors
  • The indicator lights alert you when food is ready
  • Takes less storage space in your kitchen


  • Has a smaller oil draining hole

1. Duxtop 208 – 240V 3000W Professional Induction Stainless Steel Electric Deep Fryer for Home

When it comes to a more spacious electric deep fryer, this brand by Duxtop becomes the best choice. It has a larger capacity of 8.5 quartz that makes it easier and quicker to prepare crispy foods. This unit is equipped with a 3600-watt heating element that allows you to evenly fry your food for crispier results. You can as well adjust the thermostat to cook foods such as onion rings, French fries, chicken nuggets, and many more. With the heavy-duty stainless steel construction, you are assured of a longer-lasting unit. Even better, the three removable baskets have hooks that make it easier to drain oil.


  • Three baskets can be used to cook varied batches
  • Can be used in cafes, snack bars, and so on
  • The cool-touch handle prevents any scalds
  • Takes a few minutes to assemble it


  • Not suited for larger restaurants

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Electric Deep Fryer


You will need to consider size to cook the needed batches with a single cook. If you alone or with a partner, you might want to consider getting a compact or a smaller electric deep fryer. If you live with your family members then you could consider a larger sized unit to accommodate the needs of your entire family. They are available in different sizes to allow you to choose the appropriate size.

Adjustable temperature options

You might want to cook different types of foods and therefore it would be ideal to have full control over the oil temperatures. This is because they require different heating temperatures. Different food fryers have different controls. Some are equipped with an adjustable thermostat while others have a digital control selector.

Presence of oil filters

With an oil filter, you can easily drain the remaining oil and store it safely away from the dryer. Deep fryers tend to leave some unpleasant smells that are usually caused by oil sitting inside the fryer for a longer period. As time passes this smell becomes so nasty and unbearable. Storing oil separately makes it easier for you to get ready for the next usage.

Easier cleaning

Last but least you might consider purchasing a deep fryer that is easier to clean after usage. Most of these units are equipped with removable parts that are dishwasher friendly. Additionally, most of them also feature a non-stick coating both on the interior and exterior to make such a task a breeze. This also makes it easier to wipe away any stains.


After going through the above list, you must have found it easier to pick a particular brand in these confusing markets these days. All the above brands are indeed the best and offer you crispier results. Depending on your needs and preferences you might be prompted to pick one brand over the other. All in all, you are prone to meet your demands regardless of the brand that you for. After all this, all you can just do is to pick your best choice and you are really good to go.

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