Top 10 Best Electric Dartboards in Review

One of the best ways to have fun with family and friends is to play darts. It is a very competitive game that needs skills and focus, and that is what makes it an exciting game. Due to that reason, it is necessary to have dashboards at home to sharpen your skills. But, which one suits you more? There are two types of dartboards, regular and electronic. The reality is it all depends on your preference. When selecting a dartboard, there are many things to put into consideration. Our review below gives you detailed information about the best electronic dartboard in the market today. We know it is challenging to select the best with various brands today, but we promise you that the listed dartboards will meet your expectation. You may read through to find out more before you make any decision.

#10. Oreamnos Magnetic Dart Board Set

To enjoy quality performance dart sport, you can choose the Oreamnos magnetic dartboard that is safe and more than just a game. We know you might fear the sharp darts as harmful to kids, but this model can be a gift. It is safe for kids as compared to the regular darts with pointed tips. This durable and long-lasting magnetic flannel board is 18*15 inches in dimensions and can quickly hang everywhere. Darts are six pieces, three yellow and three red, with dimensions of 6*1.26*3.74 inches. This portable dual side dartboard is made nicely as a gift, and you can give it to your partner or friend.


  • Double-sided
  • Safe dartboard gift for kids
  • Portable and durable
  • High be quality and easy to use


  • None

#9. Franklin Sports FS3000 Electronic Dartboard

If you wish to get to dart fun with your entire family, then this electronic Dartboard set can perfectly fit your desire. It has a built-in LCD scoreboard that automatically registers your shots besides keeping track of your scores. This soft tip electronic dartboard comes preprogrammed with a pleasant voice and sound effects alongside 65 game variations. You can safely keep everything required for the game in one place since it has a built-in cabinet that can hold everything for the game, including the six soft tip darts and the other six replacement tips. Feel free to join the fun today with this FS3000 Electronic Dartboard.


  • Soft tip dartboard
  • Large LCD Scoring display
  • Has both enjoyable voice and sound effects
  • Six soft tip darts and other six bonus tips for the replacement


  • Cheaply made

#8. GLD Products Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat 727 electronic Dartboard is a GLD product. It has a missed dart catch ring and a thirteen Target face that can accommodate up to 8 players. The button interface on it is easy to use for control with automatic voice feedback. This model comes with six soft tip darts and built-in storage. The multiplayer model has got 43 games besides 201 options in it. It measures 22.5*19.5*1.5 inches of length, width, and diameter, respectively. Moreover, it only requires 3 AA batteries for smooth operation.


  • Has 13 target face
  • Multiplayer and can accommodate up to 8 players
  • Automatic voice feedback
  • The control button interface is easy to use


  • Comes without the batteries used to operate it

#7. LONGTA Electronic Dartboard

LONGTA Electronic Dart Board Set is of brittle sisal fibers that are compressed together for disability. Moreover, the durability is more strengthened by the carbon diffusion technology for steel in the bullseye ring. There are no bounce outs due to the staple-free bullseye. By the use of thin galvanized wires, the darts easily slides off the spider and lands in the target area. This model has 18 games with 159 options in it. Besides, the six darts are 18 dart tips and a LED display for registration and follow up of the scores. It also requires 3 AA batteries to operate.


  • Has ten target face beside a dart catch ring for the missed darts
  • Comes with an easy to follow assembling instructions
  • Durable construction
  • Utilizes carbon diffusion technology


  • Does not come with the batteries

#6. Eagle Dart Bluetooth 4.0 Luminous Electronic Dartboard

Eagle Dart dartboard is a standard 15.5 face overall with dimensions of 14*21*1 inches. It readily comes with its mounting template and can use up to 22g dart. 2 AA batteries are for its operation or an A/C adaptor. If you wish to play dart online, then this can be the perfect choice for you. It has a standard sized Bluetooth of 4.0 dartboard that requires iOS 8.4 or Android 4.3.


  • You can play it online
  • Powered by both 2 AA batteries or an A/C adaptor
  • You can use darts of up to 22 grams
  • Utilizes Android 4.3 or iOS 8.4


  • Some without the app

#5. DARTSLIVES 200S Soft Darts Board

Do you wish to reduce the noise made by your dartboard? DARTSLIVE-200S is quiet as compared to the previous DARTSLIVE-100S. Even though it retains the easy to stick segments, the outer sections have also improved. You can download the app on your phone or tablet and play it from home to your favorite the excitement at home by enjoying award movies and dartslive theme. From home, you can rate your scores through your phone or tablet. This model has got new exclusive games, intensive training modes, and challenges track your performance using your phone.


  • Reduced noise
  • Improved easy and comfortable stick segment
  • You can play from home
  • New exclusive games


  • The app seems wired to some

#4. Bianges Electronic Dart Board

With the Biange electronic dartboard, the game becomes more fun with less hassle. Besides, you do not need to have a scorekeeper to write or calculate the scores. The darts are soft and thus safe and suitable for children as well. The surface is made of a high quality and durable nylon and ultra-thin segment dividers that are capable of reducing bounce outs. Sixteen players can play with their scores recorded and displayed simultaneously on the 4 LED displays that can accommodate four-player scores. This unique model has 27 games besides 243 options to choose from. It is voice prompt for players to throw the 6, 18 grams soft darts of premium quality.


  • Can accommodate multiplayer
  • Has two hooks on the backside for easy hanging
  • Safe for kids
  • Premium quality


  • Darts break easily

#3. GLD Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

You can now bring light to your dart game by purchasing a viper ion illuminated dartboard. The innovative dartboard has extra bright light. The bright LED lights throughout the segment to enhance the game. Besides, it has games within it that entirely rely on the ion light system. No one is expected to sit at the game watching in the name of the game is occupied, since it can support up to 8 players with any game combination. You can easily explore new tactics of the game with the 48 games and 315 variations provided. The premium construction of translucent tough nylon that has been tested for durability. It comes with six starter darts, a game manual, and routing hardware.


  • Durable construction and can last longer
  • Enjoyable with up to 8
  • Has 17 exclusive light-based games
  • Illuminated dartboard segments to boost your experience


  • Low quality included darts

#2. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

WIN.MAX electronic dartboard has an elegant design with an ultra-thin spider that allows for tighter shot groupings. Besides the large surface area that reduces the bounce-outs, whereas it increases the number of landed shots. You need not worry about your wall protection from the errant throws since it has a large missed dart catch ring. Be assured of fun from the next time of purchase as this model comes with all you desire for this game. It includes 52 soft tip darts points, power adapter, instructions manual, and 12 soft tip darts.


  • Concave segment holes to prevent bounce-outs
  • Easy to read and control with bright LED display
  • Sturdy ABS cabinet
  • 27 games with 197 scoring options


  • Different sizes of customers

#1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

You should upgrade to play like a pro with all game requirements and features by getting an Arachnid cricket pro 800 talking electronic dartboard. This model has all you can require to play dart as a pro with its eight players score display. Besides a. 4 player X & O scores simultaneously display. The level of entertainment is improved with the three-level heckler that is optional among the 179 options as well as the 39 games. It is meant majorly for lifetime fun and competition with the tough nylon segments for durability.


  • Has micro-thin segment dividers to reduce bounce-outs
  • For improved playability and durability
  • 3 level Hecker feature
  • Dart averaging for ’01 games


  • Poor

Factors to consider before buying an electric dartboard

Electric dartboards have gained popularity in the previous years; for this reason, we researched the best electronic dartboards to ease the tiresome choosing. We considered various factors that can bring about excellent performance and durability to the test of time. Below are the factors you should consider upon purchase of an electric dartboard.


Since electronic cardboard is from different manufacturers, they can either be LCD or LED display. The display shows elements like scores, players, and much more. Depending on your preference, it is good to select one that suits you best. We find an LED display to be more convenient because they are more clear. LCD, on the other hand, tends to be duller; thus may be difficult to read.

Preloaded games

It is also an essential factor of consideration because most electronic dartboards come with different preloaded games. And since you need to sharpen your skills and enjoy more, you must find yourself a suitable one. The types of games included are 01 games, cricket, and round the clock. Those are just some games included; hence you should check the number of preloaded games available that suit you.

Power source and sound effects

Some dartboards use power supply while others use batteries. Depending on your preference, purchase one that you find to be more suitable. For instance, some of them may call out the next player to play. Others use an LCD to read results, but all brands are different.

No of players

The number of players is also an essential consideration factor because you will know which one suits you best. For instance, you do not need to go for an 18-player dartboard while only 8-players will play. So it all depends on your needs and plans to find a favorable one for yourself.


Good brands offer an excellent warranty to their customers. The same thing applies to electronic dartboards. Hence they must have good reasonable assurance. The extended warranty guarantees you a long-lasting product. And since they are of different brands, the warranty comes in different periods. Some may come with two or others with a year warranty. So consider one with a favorable warranty period.


From the descriptions above, you can have an overview of what makes electronic dartboards better than their counterpart. Electronic dartboards tend to have additional features that are of great importance to a player. The standard dartboard only defeats it when it comes to durability because they use steel tip darts, whereas electronic use soft tip darts. However, when it comes to functionality, the above products take the lead because it is safe for family use. You will also find it to be a very favorable, price-wise product. We are sure getting any of the above dartboards will help you sharpen your skills more. Please order any of our top 10 best electronic cardboard in review to avoid inconveniences.

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