Top 10 Best Dart Sets in Reviews

There’s no doubt; most people enjoy playing darts on almost any occasion. It’s readily accessible to allow even newcomers to have endless fun. But playing it effectively needs continuous practice, hence becoming a highly specialized skills game. Like any other sport, owning the best equipment is paramount. Therefore, if you wish to take your game to a new level, you should ensure that you’ve got the best dart set with you. The dart set should contain equipment that is highly durable, comfortable to throw, and balanced, making them suitable for anybody who wants to be a better dart thrower.

Buying a new dart is not an easy thing to do more so for those in the know, because there’re tons of things to consider before you can settle with a specific option. Moreover, there’s a wide range of dart sets in the market now, limiting the chances of picking the best. Nevertheless, we’ll help you out through all your shopping endeavors. Here is a collection of the top 10 best dart sets in reviews. Let’s dive in.

#10. ADKX 12 Pack Steel Darts Set w/Non-Slip Iron Barrel Aluminum Dart Shafts & Flights

As an adult looking forward to playing dart games more conveniently, you couldn’t afford to miss these darts set from ADKX. They are designed high-quality aluminum and durable iron materials. Each dart weighs approximately 22 grams making it exceptionally balanced to aim at the target area. They are easy to store to avoid losing them since they are well packaged in a beautiful gift box. This set comes with an extra 12 pieces of plastic shafts and four style flights that make you always ready to play your game at any time. The dart barrels are made of environmentally friendly PVC materials that do not easily rust. They are well designed to ensure a firmer grip to ensure that you do not miss the target due to its slimness.

-Made lightweight making it easier to throw it to the target area
-They have a sharp tip to reduce the chances of missing the target
-Ideal for use at homes, clubs, bars and many other places
-Designed from high-quality materials that last longer

-Needs some adjustments to find the right spot

#9. CyeeLife 17g 100 Tips Tool 24 Flights 12 Aluminum Shafts w/Rubber Rings Soft Tip Darts

For beginners who desire to play dart games more efficiently, it’s worth it to try out CyeeLife darts set. The tips are of high-grade plastic materials, making them ideal for beginners and last longer. You can play dart game with your friends or family members since the 12 packs are enough for use by four players. With only a weight of 12 ounces, you can carry this whole set from one place to another without feeling its weight. Additionally, the entire set is covered with a plastic film that makes them more durable. It comes with extra tips for replacement in case they are broken. The flights are easy to install and takes a few minutes since it comes with a well-instructed manual.

-Ensures that you do not miss the target area they are balanced
-Can be kept sharper to avoid any bluntness with a sharpener
-Made sturdy to ensure stable and steady operations
-The flights are colorful thus they look elegant

-They are designed from heavier materials

#8. WINSDART 12 Pack 22.6g Steel Tip Darts Set w/Non-Slip Iron Barrel Aluminum Dart, Shaft

Are you looking for high-quality darts set? Look no further than Winsdart darts set. These darts are made from premium quality grooves that are well known for their strength and durability. They are well designed to ensure a firmer grip making it ideal for the learner to hit the target. Not only can you use at home but also in clubs, bars and many other public places.
They are made lightweight, with each dart weighing approximately 22 grams to ensure the right balance. A sharpener is included for sharpening the tips to ensure that you do not miss the target. This makes it an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your loved one who loves playing darts.

-Made from non-slip iron materials to ensure a firmer grip
-Designed from PVC products that are resistant to rust
-Easy to store and carry with the high-quality gift box
-Only weighs 14.4 ounces thus easy to carry around

-The rings are too tight to swivel easily

#7. CUESOUL Jazz AK5 Metal Professional Steel Tip Darts 21g 6Pcs Plastic Integrated Flights

When it comes to a lightweight dart set, no brand in the market can outshine this brand from Cuesoul. This whole set only weighs 14.04 ounces making it easier to carry from one place to another. They are designed from high-quality steel materials that are strong and can be used for a longer time without breaking. A beautiful carrying case is included to ensure that you can carry this whole set with you as you travel from one place to another. Moreover, the dart barrels feature pure brass with a black coating that ensures a firmer grip. The integrated flights are designed from innovative materials to provide a more balanced dart.

-Each dart weighs 20 grams for the swift and convenient dart game
-The case has a smooth design that gives it a beautiful look
-Have beautiful patterns that keep them looking elegant
-All the grip barrel have unique lines for a firmer grip

-Not ideal for experienced players

#6. Whimlets Professional Steel Tip Darts Set w/Extra Aluminum Shaft O-Rings Flights

For a more exquisite experience in dart games, all you require is this well-made dart set from Whimlets. It comes with a storage box that lets you keep your darts safely to avoid losing and more comfortable carrying them from one place to another. They are designed from high-class materials, which include brass, aluminum, and steel components that are strong and durable. Each dart weighs about 20 grams that ensure a sharp focus to avoid missing the target area on the dartboard. Moreover, they have up to 20 rubber O rings that prevent you from continually retightening these darts. You can as well sharpen any blunt dart to ensure that they stick properly.

-The tip dart is made of stainless steel materials that do not rust
-The whole set weighs 7.2 ounces making it easy to carry around
-Have a tactical finish that ensures a firm grip and looks elegant
-Can be used at college rooms, homes, offices, pubs and more

-The finishing wears off so easily

#5. SHOT TAKER CO.EST USA American Flag & Patriotic Bald Professional Darts w/Plastic Shafts

We introduce you to the latest and innovative steel tip darts set by SHOT TAKER CO. This ultimate combo dart set will allow you to play like a pro. Further, if you need a possible combination that suits your taste and preference, this is the set to watch out for. These professional dart bundles have all substitutable dart parts that are quite easy to set up and don’t need any extra tools. Grab it now and experience it for yourself, have an incredible time playing solo or with your family member. With this, you’re sure to take the dart gaming to a different level.

-Exceptionally easy to store & deposit without damaging the steel tip
-Crafted grip offer ultimate control along the entire barrel
-The smooth surface designed for maximum speed
-It can be set up in multiple options

-The darts start to unscrew after a few throws

#4. IgnatGames Professional Darts w/Aluminum Shafts Rubber O'Rings Steel Tip Darts Set

This brass darts sets by IgnatGames is crafted beautifully and suitable for two players. It features an elegant darts steel tip with a case that will ensure you challenge yourself and take the dart gaming to a different level. With the highly-engineered design, the stylish EVA case provides you with additional security and durability against dust, impact, moisture, and sun. Besides, the steel-tipped darts feel and look incredible in your hand. Moreover, it has a cleverly placed barrel knurling of the steel tip darts that offer excellent grip points, which leads to consistent hand placement. What’s more, it comes with rubber O’rings that lowers the need to consistently retighten.

-Coms with stylish EVA case that provides extra durability
-Has an elegant and sturdy design that looks great
-Allows you to experience new darts games
-It’s easy to deposit and carry

-The front is a bit heavy

#3. CC-Exquisite 12 Standard/Slim 12 Aluminum Shafts 12 O-Rings Steel Tip Darts Set

Indeed, the perfect combination of barrel, shaft, and light can take a very long time to discover. CC-Exquisite darts set offers you the possibility of option and experiment; you’re in a position to try a separate combination of flights, barrels, and shaft length to get the right configuration like a professional. This superior steel tip darts set includes 12 extra-durable aluminum shafts (in two lengths), 6 x 22g high-quality unbreakable brass barrels, 12 flights in two different designs and shapes, 12 O-Rings to prevent loosening, darts multi-use tool, darts sharpener, and slim case. It has a different setup option that enables you to find your suit.

-You can discover the right configuration within no time
-Essential to develop and improve your skills
-This professional darts set is design to last
-Offers you multiple setup options

-It tends to break easily

#2. Viper GLD Element 90% 18g Tungsten Soft Tip Darts w/Storage/Travel Case

The VIPER Element is a GLD soft tip darts made from high-quality 90 percent tungsten and 10 percent nickel barrels, delivering incredible styling and balance. By using tungsten metal, it creates a very slim profile dart as to those dart without tungsten. As the percentage of the tungsten used increases, the smaller the profile of the dart becomes, and in turn, it enables for a very closer grouping of darts to improve scoring. It’s suitable for use with electronic dartboard plus it suits both newbies and advanced level players. You’ll enjoy playing with this darts set, place your order now!

-Has a slim profile that offers exceptional balance & styling
-Constructed with long-lasting tungsten and nickel barrels
-The dart grips very comfortably
-More rectangular flights

-Comes with only one set of flights

#1. Harrows Spina Black Titanium Nitride 90% Tungsten Barrels Blue Steel Tip Darts Set

If there’s a brand that has built their dart paying attention to the need for a perfect balance and sturdy grip, Spina model has done it right. With complex machining they’ve created a tailored dart throwing that meet the players’ personal needs. It features many impressive features that allows the player to enjoy a continuous gaming experience. The barrel has reverse-hook utility that offer it a strong grip. You’ll never feel any different throwing darts using this set. So, what’re you still waiting for? Grab yours today!

-It’s affordable compared to other top-notch darts sets
-Comes with eye-catching blue-coated rings
-Offer perfect balance with a powerful grip
-The grip on the barrel is excellent

-Could be better with a bit longer steel tips

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Darts Set

Steel Tipped vs. Soft Tipped

The first aspect to consider is whether you need a steel-tipped or soft-tipped darts. Most people love the steel tip darts, but that doesn’t imply that they meet everyone’s needs. Making such a great decision means that it’ll cut down your selection into half.

Number of Darts

The other key aspect to consider when purchasing for the best darts set is the number of darts. For example, do you need to have several darts that will enable many players to play at a go? The ten selections we’ve offered you entail some packages that are an excellent option for multi-player capability. They’re ideal for buying darts for home use with friends and family. On the contrary, if you’re an expert or competitive player who needs a player to use by yourself, it makes sense to settle with the one that has three darts in it.

Barrel and Shaft Material

With regards to barrel materials, there’re two options to consider, namely; brass and tungsten. If you’re facing a budget constraint and you’re a casual player, you can opt for brass because it is more affordable. On the other hand, tungsten material is quite expensive and used by professional players. If you want to opt for this option, opt for higher levels of tungsten.

Weight & Balance

This aspect is based on individual choice, and there is no wrong or right when selecting the appropriate weight & balance for your darts set. Opt for whatever you think it okay with you. The best darts weight ranges between 12g to 50g, even though it’s rare for players who purchase darts that are more than 30g in weight. Lastly, soft tip darts are way lighter than steel-tipped models.


We hope that the top 10 best dart sets review above will go a long way in offering you the basic ideas you may need to get started. If you want to take dart playing to a new level, keep a close eye on the list above and the buyer’s guide. Our review is based on honest customer reviews, and we guarantee you an excellent gaming experience if you opt for any of the above dart sets. Don’t be coerced by anyone towards purchasing a specific model; instead, you should read through this post and make your choice. Have a lovely shopping experience!

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