Top 10 Best Computer Desks with Storage in 2022 Reviews

One of the ways of ensuring your work area is neat and organized for efficient working is by using a computer desk that comes with storage. This furniture unit offers exceptional support for your computer and other related peripheral devices like keyboard and mouse. Since it organizes an area by minimizing the clutter, the level of production will rise immensely. Even better, this item makes your life more comfortable because it offers instant access and lowers fatigue. And also, it’s sturdy enough to keep your computer in place and thus reduce the risk of tipping off.

While a computer desk with storage offers endless benefits, it’s essential to pay attention when purchasing because they don’t come the same. Whether you need a desk computer to place a large screen size monitor or your laptop, we have tailored this review for you. That said, here is a compilation of the top ten best Computer Desk with storage that is worth your purchase.

#10. Brazen-X Folding Wheeled Computer Desk with 3 Drawers for Home Office Furniture (Brown)

If you’re running out of space in your home or office and you want a computer desk, worry no more because Brazen X wheeled computer desk is a foldable model that can fit into a small footprint. You’ll always fold this desk into a half when not in use to save you extra-space. Also, it can complement any room décor. The steel tube design makes this desk reliable and sturdy. With three drawers, you can always store your documents and access them with ease. Also, the six wheels construction will enable you to shift this computer desk to a different environment. In case you’re looking for a modern and simple computer desk, then this one is a perfect choice.


  • Constructed from high-quality & non-toxic materials for durability
  • Has six wheels that enable you to move from room to room
  • Save you a lot of space because it’s foldable and sleek
  • It’s used as both a computer desk and a side table


  • Doesn’t support heavier desktop computer

#9. SHW 55'' x 60'' Large Steel Frame L-Shaped Corner Home Office Computer Desk (Black Cherry)

Transforming your office to have a lively and dynamic working area should not bother you again because, with the SHW computer desk, all your needs are sorted. This magnificent desk surface has a cherry color finish while the steel frames have an adorable black finish. The desktops are built with three grommets that help you to keep the cords in order. Moreover, the legs are adjustable, and that makes this desk stand on any kind of terrain sturdily. This desk is also simple and easy to assemble for convenience. You can place a computer on this desk without fearing sliding or falling because it’s constructed to last.


  • Saves you more space in-home or office since it has an L-shape design
  • Made from non-toxic and durable materials for long-lasting service
  • The adjustable glides balance the desk in irregular terrain
  • It’s easy to put together with a step by step guide


  • The holes to screw in bolts don’t line up appropriately

#8. Tribesigns L-Shaped 55'' Large Modern Executive Computer Desk with File Cabinet & Shelves (Black)

This executive desk fits suitably into a corner of your home or office to maximize the workspace excellently. Tribesigns l-shaped computer desk has a market reputation, and therefore, choosing this model should never worry you. The filing cabinet offers ample storage space for all your essentials, like documents or files. While it saves you a lot of space, it still enables you to have adequate space for studying, gaming, filing, and working. Besides, it has simple flashy designs that match with any ensemble. Even better, it has a distinctive front panel design that secures your privacy. For smooth movements, this desk comes with four wheels. This model is worth any coin that you pay because it’s super-functional.


  • The particleboard is dust-resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Built with a sturdy metal frame that makes the desk stay more stable
  • Has four rolling wheels that enable you to move anywhere freely
  • It’s easy to assemble with all tools and instructions included


  • It takes a bit of your time to put it together

#7. YJHome Portable Folding Adjustable Legs Computer Desk Table for Home Office & School (Brown)

Whether you are looking for an adjustable height desk or a foldable model, YJHome portable computer desk table is the option to secure. It doesn’t have any assembling needs and easy to fold up and down for space-saving needs. Besides, it’s sturdy, waterproof, and durable for high-end performance. Furthermore, it’s simple, fashionable, and elegant with a timeless appearance. The fact that you can adjust it heights means that you can level it to a height that you’re best comfortable with it. What’s more, it’s now being used as a writing, gaming, laptop, or office desk.


  • Constructed to stay sturdy and to offer long-lasting performance
  • Assembling is very easy without any extra-tool needed
  • It has a small and portable design to save you space
  • Height is easily adjusted to suit all your needs


  • Could be better with a longer and deeper top

#6. Casaottima L-Shaped Round-Corner Large Monitor Stand Home Office Computer Desk (Black)

Casaottima L-shaped round-corner computer desk is not going to let you down because it comes with more exciting features than the previous model. It’s elegantly designed with two rectangular desk and legs made of steel joint to have an l-shape for enough space with a compact conformation to be laced in the corner of a room. The round edges make this desk safe, and the legs have adjustable pads that ensure the table stays in place and stable on an uneven floor. The minimalistic and clean design make your home office to look glamorous and modern. Besides, the top side of the desk is of thick and solid wood that is stylish and easy to put together.


  • It’s versatile and can work as an office desk, study table, writing desk, gaming desk, etc.
  • Built with an ergonomic footrest that makes this table more comfortable
  • Its open-air style offers your office a sleek and modern look
  • Assembling this desk is quite simple and quick


  • Don’t offer keyboard or mouse space

#5. TY ARTS & CULTURE L-Shaped Natural Wood Tone Computer Desk Home Office Furniture (Black)

You will overcome all frustrations by trying out TY Arts & Culture computer desk since it does not require any lengthy assembly. Its surfaces are of high-quality wooden materials that smooth and durable. The frame is from steel materials that are also long-lasting and strong enough to support more weight. It can support heavier equipment like laptops, printers, desk organizers, and many more. Moreover, it does not take much of your space because it has an L shape. You can use it at home or in the office to store decor, books, cups, or any other items. The rounded edges keep you sustained injuries that could be associated with sharp-cornered desks.


  • Made lightweight thus easy to move it from place to another
  • The board has a glossy finish that makes it waterproof
  • Sturdy to support heavier items stably without sliding
  • Easy to clean since it is from smooth materials


  • The screwdriver included doesn’t perform its task well

#4. YOLEA 41.7'' 4 Tier Storage Shelves Steel Frame Computer Desk for Small Spaces Home Office

Are you looking for a computer desk with a good to make your cleaning easier? Look no further than this model from YOLEA. This unit is suitable for smaller spaces; thus, you can use it in your office, bedroom, and dorm, home, or at your gaming place. It has 4 tier shelves for additional storage for items like hard drives, decor, or any other item. The surface is of high-quality materials that are long-lasting, waterproof resistant to wears. Also, the thick metal frames are stronger to keep this desk sturdier, no matter the weight it is holding. You can as well use this desk in a smaller room since it is compact so that it does not take much of your space.


  • Easy to install since it comes with all the need instructions and parts
  • Strong enough to support a maximum weight capacity 330 pounds
  • You can use it as a workstation desk, study desk and so on
  • Has adjustable feet pads to avoid scratching your floor.


  • Lacks faux wood sidings to prevent items from falling

#3. WGX Design for You 14'' Depth in Industrial Style Solid Wood Style Computer Desk with Storage

A spacious and sturdier desk is everyone’s choice when it comes to computer operations, that’s all that WGX DESIGN FOR YOU computer desk offers you. The board is from reliable, long-lasting wood materials. It has steel tubes that are strong enough to bear more load. The two shelves at the top are spacious sufficient to more items at a time like books, decors, computer stuff, and many more. You use it at home, office, study room, gaming centers, and so on to serve you different purposes. Assembly is a much easier task since it comes with all the needed tools and clear instructions; this will take you a few minutes.


  • Has a height of 82 inches for easier access to your items
  • Suitable for smaller spaces because it is made compact
  • Made sturdy to hold all the item in a stable manner
  • Designed from high-quality materials that last long


  • Heavier to move around since it weighs about 33.3 pounds

#2. Tribesigns 47'' Hutch & Bookshelf Home Office Desk with Space Saving Design (Retro Brown)

When it comes to a thicker desktop, it would be best to check out for Tribesigns computer desk. It has a thickness of 1.5 cm; thus, it can support a heavier load. This desk has a bookshelf and a hutch attached to it to offer ample storage space. You can keep this desk more stable on uneven surfaces and prevent your floor from scratching by adjusting leg pads. The edges are rounded to keep you safe from injuries. Also, it made of a sturdy metal frame that keeps it steady to hold more weight and more stable. The board is from high-grade materials that make it easy to clean, resistant to heat, wear-resistant, and more durable.


  • Versatile as you can use it as a computer desk, storage rack and bookcase
  • Allows you to store books, magazines, and any decorative items
  • Saves your time since it only takes 20 minutes to assemble it
  • Has an extra-large working space for working or studying


  • The instructions are not well elaborated for easy installation

#1. MR. IRONSTONE Large Gamer Workstation with Cup Holder Home Office Computer Table (Black)

As tough as iron, you’ll never regret having purchased Mr. Ironstone computer desk because of its outstanding features. First, this desk has an R shape design that makes it more stable and spacious enough to hold most of your stuff. Not only can you use it as a computer desk but also as a writing desk, gaming desk, and workstation, and so on. Secondly, the large surface can accommodate equipment like laptops, gaming keyboards, and gaming monitors. Thirdly, it is from high-grade MDF PVC laminated top and metal frames legs that make it one of the durable computer desks in the market. Finally, all the required tools and instruction are included, which in turn makes installation a much simpler task of few minutes.


  • More stable since it has adjustable feet that prevent wobbling over
  • Has a hook and cup holder to store your drinks and headphones
  • Can be divided into three sections for easy transport purposes
  • The laminated surface is made waterproof and easy to clean


  • Its tabletop is uneven

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Computer Desk with Storage

Size & Design

You should make sure that the size of the computer desk that you want to purchase has the right size and fits perfectly into the set-aside space. It also implies that space availability should be a determining factor when doing your shopping. Aside from that, the design also determines the suitability of the desk to any room location. For instance, the L-shaped models work well on corners to save you on more space. Besides, a desk with a drawer design will help you store all your essentials.

Ease of Setup

It’s wise to settle for a computer desk with ease procedures to set up, preferably without the need for many tools. At least, if an office can be set up within the first five minutes, the better. The manual guide should be included to make your installation quite easy and straightforward.


The other factor to consider is the built quality. Best models are built using exceptional steel and hardwood for guaranteed durability. These materials will offer sturdy and long-term support to your computer. People usually prefer hardwood tables over other materials because they last. Besides, the tempered glass is also known for long-lasting performance.


It’s worth considering a desk with storage utility to enable you to store personal essentials with ease. Shelves also are great additions that will allow you to keep your office neat and organized without unnecessary items hanging on the counter. Storage offers excellent convenience of accessing items on-demand with ease.


If you get the wrong computer desk, be assured it will affect your operation in a more significant way. The best way to avoid such occurrences is by following a guide and acquiring the necessary information about this piece of furniture. Don’t let the countless models flooding the market; all you need is a precise guide that will help you find the best computer desk having storage capability. We have made your work easier by piecing together a list of the top ten best computer desks for you to consider. You can simplify your selection process by using the buyer’s guide above, which entails all aspects that you’ll find when shopping.

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