The 10 Best Coffee Makers in Reviews

A coffee maker is a kitchen appliance that everyone should have in their kitchen. It goes unopposed that a single cup of coffee in the morning will bring a huge difference in most people. Regardless of the flavor you pick, taking coffee in the morning is going to brighten your day. It is for this reason why coffee has continued being essential in society for several decades is also evident that the dependency of coffee by most people is not changing anytime soon.

Owing to the benefits of coffee, it would be impossible to get these benefits without having the coffee makers. One challenge that exists is that there are so many coffee makers in the market as of now. Figuring out what will be ideal for you, therefore, will be a hard task. This post has the top 10 best coffee makers that you will want to consider for buying. Read on if you want to spare time you could have otherwise used for research.

Top 10 Best Coffee Makers in Reviews

#10. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker for K-Cup Pod and Ground Coffee

Whenever you buy this coffee maker, it means that you will have rapid brewed coffee right at your fingertips. The reason why we say this is because it gets your coffee ready in as less as three minutes. Its water adjustment function allows you to control the amount of coffee you wish to brew. This coffee maker has been made in an innovative design which makes it very compact and durable. Again, it will conveniently fit in the tight places on countertops or office tables. Its automatic cleaning button, on the other hand, will ensure that the process of cleaning is hassle-free.


  • You will have rapid brewed coffee at your fingertips since it gets the coffee ready in just 3 minutes
  • It has been innovatively designed in a compact but extremely effective and durable design
  • This coffee maker comes with 2 buttons that you press and allow the machine to clean itself
  • This is a single-serve brewer that has a versatile design in order to meet your needs


  • Some people complained that it only lasted a week

#9. Breville BNV250BLK1BUC1 Coffee & Espresso Machine, Black

This machine has the ability to come up with barista grade coffee with only a touch of a button. You will appreciate that it comes with a 40 oz. water tank that is easily removable for easy refilling. Again, it only takes 15 minutes to heat up meaning that you will not wait for long to get the coffee ready. Another convenient feature about this accessory is that it has the automatic shut off feature when left for long without any activity. The machine allows you to make perfect single-serve coffee and even the espresso drinks time after time due to its technological design.


  • It gives you the convenience of preparing barista grade coffee or espresso cups with a button touch
  • The coffee maker comes with a 40 oz. water tank that is easily removable for easy refilling
  • 3 milk frother has been included to come up with a perfect finish for your coffee beverage
  • This is a versatile coffee and espresso maker that gives you value for your money


  • The coffee will not be hot enough

#8. Nespresso by De'Longhi Vertuo Coffee & Espresso Machine

This is a versatile and automatic coffee maker that allows you to brew different coffee with only a touch of a button. That will, of course, be determined by the coffee needs that you have. Again, it comes with a removable tank whose capacity is around 1.2 liters that makes refilling an easy task. This machine has the ability to give you barista grade brewed coffee or the espresso cups in the touch of a button. The coffee maker arrives in an assortment of colors giving you the freedom to select your favorite color. Since this product comes from a reputable brand, you need to purchase with confidence.


  • Brew different coffee cup sizes with only a touch of a button as per your needs
  • It comes with a removable water tank whose capacity is around 1.2 liters
  • This coffee maker comes from one of the best sellers on Amazon
  • It gives ultimate coffee quality and only weighs 11 lbs. for convenience


  • It breaks down after a short time

#7. Ninja Specialty Fold-Away CM401 Coffee Maker, Glass Carafe

If you are looking to brew a rich coffee concentrate that can be used to create some delicious lattes, this is the machine to go for. The fact that it has been Sca certified means that it has been made to the best standards. Consequently, you should buy with ultimate confidence. This machine allows you to brew anything ranging from single cups or the travel size cups. Basically, it has 6 brew sizes to accord you the convenience that you deserve. Its fold-away frother, on the other hand, will turn the hot or cold coffee into some silky smooth froth.


  • This home coffee brewer has been Sca certified to prove its reliability
  • The fold-away brother will turn hot and cold milk into some silky smooth
  • Brew fresh over ice for some flavorful iced coffee which is never watered down
  • 6 brew sizes allowing you to brew anything from one cup to half carafe


  • It has outdated controls

#6. Zojirushi EC-YTC100XB Stainless Steel Coffee Maker (Black)

This is another coffee maker that you will want to have in your kitchen. It has the ability to keep your coffee hot for so many hours which makes it different from its competitors. What’s more, it comes with a removable tank that is completely washable. The fact that it is removable means that it will be very easy to refill. The highest brewing temperature for this coffee maker will be 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It will, therefore, get your water hot to the right temperatures for brewing your coffee. With its drip prevention mechanism, it will actually prevent the coffee from dripping once the carafe is removed.


  • 10-cup stainless steel coffee maker that will keep your coffee very hot for a long time
  • It comes with a removable water tank that will make the process of filling
  • Special design feature allowing for brewing iced coffee with measuring lines for convenience
  • It comes with a drip prevention mechanism to prevent coffee from dripping after removing the carafe


  • The carafe breaks in a very short time

#5. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker with Iced Coffee Capability

Here is another coffee maker that you will want to consider when doing your shopping. It actually brews K-CUP pods in just one minute. Its 75 oz. water reservoir will allow you to brew a maximum of 8 cups before requiring a refill. This will, therefore, save you time and simplify the morning routines. The fact that this product comes with a removable reservoir means that it will be very easy to refill. It also comes with a removable drip tray that actually accommodates the travel mugs with a maximum height of 7.2 inches. Among the beverages brewed will be tea, hot cocoa, coffee among others.


  • This appliance has a versatile design since it can be used for brewing coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and even iced beverages
  • It minimizes noise when brewing coffee with its quiet brew technology
  • This appliance comes with the brewer maintenance reminder for convenience
  • It has a removable drip tray that will accommodate travel mugs with a maximum height of 7.2 inches


  • Shuts off during the brewing cycle

#4. Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine and Latte Pod Machine

This one is a pressure-based system that allows you to extract and squeeze the most aroma and flavor from your coffee. The 15 pressure bars actually refer to the pressure level used to extract coffee from every capsule for to guarantee the best quality. This product boasts an easy-to-use interface with a 7-level display. You will, therefore, be able to control the intensity as well as the size for your coffee. What you actually need to do is match the LED bars to the bars on the Dolce Gusto capsule.


  • This is a pressure-based system that allows you to squeeze and extract the best flavor and aroma
  • It boasts a very easy-to-use interface with the 7-level LED display making it easy to control
  • This product has been approved for the United States voltage and has an energy-saving design
  • Ultimate coffee freshness with technology that ensures freshness and the best aroma


  • It keeps leaking water

#3. Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee Maker with a Storage Tray

This is a perfect coffee maker that will actually satisfy all the cravings. One thing you need to note is that this coffee maker comes from a trusted brand so you need to have confidence when buying. It has a smart water system that will dispense the correct water amount depending on the brewing method. The temperature control feature for this system is going to heat water to an ideal temperature based on the kind of brew. It also comes with an in-built milk frother wand for versatility reasons. This machine also comes with an automatic brew detect feature that recognizes the attachment that you are using and responds appropriately.


  • It has a smart water system that dispenses the right amounts of water for the serving size and the brewing method
  • Its in-built milk frother wand allows you to create different styles of drinks
  • It has a temperature control system that will heat the water to your desired temperature
  • The brewing system has a stylish and an all-in-one design with a removable drip tray for easy cleaning


  • There is none for now

#2. EspressoWorks 10 Pc All-In-One Bundle with In-Built Milk Steam and Frother (Black)

This coffee maker has been equipped with the thermoblock system that gets it ready in as less as 45 seconds. It arrives in two color variations that give you the convenience to pick your favorite color. Since this is an all-in-one set, you will become a real Barista in minutes. The large water tank has a capacity of 1.4 liters and can be easily detached for hassle-free refills. To add to that convenience, you will be happy to realize that it comes with a convenient handle. The adjustable knob, on the other hand, allows you to heat or froth the milk so that you can enjoy delicious drinks.


  • It has been equipped with an advanced thermoblock heating system that gets it ready for use in just 45 seconds
  • The appliance comes with a 1.4L large and detachable water tank with a convenient handle for easy refills
  • It comes with an in-built milk frother and reservoir and has an adjustable control knob for convenience
  • 2 stainless steel portafilter baskets have been included for the double and single shot convenience


  • Stops steaming milk in a month’s time

#1. Philips 2200 Series Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Frother

Finally on this review is this product from Philips that will offer you the convenience that you deserve. You will easily select your coffee via its intuitive touch display. This way, it will be possible to make coffee and even espresso.
It is also possible to get everything from fine coarse with this machine. This is made possible through its 12-step grinder adjustment. The durable ceramic grinders will actually produce 20,000 cups of the finest coffee. You will also appreciate that it has a removable brew group for easy cleaning experience.


  • Easy selection of coffee via its intuitive touch display for making coffee and espresso
  • It has a removable brew group for an easy cleaning experience
  • 20,000 cups of the finest coffee with very durable ceramic grinders
  • Its 12 step adjustment for the grinder will offer fine to coarse options


  • It is a bit pricey

Buying Guide

Brewing temperature

The ideal brewing temperature for a coffee maker will be between 196 degrees Fahrenheit and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that you end up with the tastiest coffee, you will need to acquire a coffee maker that brews at very high temperatures. Reputable brands display the brewing temperature on their package and even online.


If you can rarely consume a glass of coffee in a day, making use of a single serving unit will be the ideal option. Alternatively, if you are the kind of people who would want to keep taking coffee every now and then, a bigger capacity will be the best. It is even possible to get a coffee maker that can make up to 12 cups at a go. Basically, go for those options that match your needs.

Accessibility and ease of cleaning

If you pick the options that you need to flip the lids open only to hit the top cabinet, it will not be good for your small kitchen. To make the most out of your coffee maker, you must first ensure that it perfectly fits in the kitchen. Additionally, picking the options that have a carafe that must be hand-washed means that you have the time to do so. Otherwise, you should pick the dishwasher-safe options.


Getting your kitchen a coffee maker will be among the most important decisions you will ever make. It is therefore important to get enough and correct information with regard to the best coffee makers. The above compilation has listed out the best that you will get today. It does not, however, mean that the market is confined to these options only. This is a list that contains the best of the best according to what users had to say. It is, however, good if you read through the full compilation before making any selection. This will enable you to compare the different options and narrow down to the best pick. The guide above also is going to make the shopping experience even easier.

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