Top 10 Best Car Amplifier in Review

A car amplifier can either make or break your sound system. Therefore you should buy the right amp to avoid any expense on the audio component replacement. Whether you need the amplifier for your entire car component speaker or subwoofers, all you n Ed to do is follow the buying guides to help you in your choice. Below are some of today’s most popular brands with excellent performance. Here are the top ten best car amplifiers in reviews in addition to their buying guide.

#10. PYRAMID 2 Channel Car Stereo Amplifier

The Pyramid 2 car amplifier is one of the best when it comes to design and performance. Its slim size design makes its installation very simple. It gives 1000W bridgeable output making it perfect for your vehicle sound systems. It also features a variable subwoofer crossover, variable gain control, and high-level impedance MOLEX input connector hence a powerful device. Other additional features include RCA level inputs, automotive type fuse protection, and LED indicator. Besides, your stereo amp and car will always be safe because of its thermal, overload, and short circuit protection. Hence, high quality and decent sound in a sturdy form factor. Lastly, the silver-plated RCA ports help in eliminating signal loss; thus, delivering the highest quality audio.


  • Provides a clean distortion-free signal
  • The automotive-type fuse protection makes it safe for use
  • Bridgeable
  • Offers input versatility
  • It provides a bass boost of up to 18db


  • Customers complain of it coming faulty

#9. Pyle 4 Channel Car Stereo Amplifier

If you are in search of a budget-friendly car amplifier, then Pyr PLAM1600 is all you need. It gives you a bridgeable 1600W output making it a perfect sound system for your vehicle. It also features a variable gain control, bass boost, and configurable electronic crossover network to enhance its performance. Besides, your car and the stereo amp will remain safe because it has thermal, overload, and short circuit protection. Its installation is so simple as it is of slim design hence covers only a little space. Other additional features LED indicators, soft turn-on circuit, RCA output, and much more. Lastly, this system also features a pulse width modulation system hence delivering an outstanding music experience.


  • Has automotive type fuse protection
  • The thermal protection always keeps the stereo amp and the car safe
  • Its intelligent design makes it easy to use
  • The bass EQ boost enhances its performance on sound quality


  • Most of their product description tends to be inaccurate

#8. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier

The Boss audio systems are one of the best when it comes to MOSFET options. Apart from being budget-friendly, it is also of good quality worth the purchase. This model is a class A/B amplifier of high-quality linear circuitry. Meaning it can cope very well with high power outputs. Its 1100 watts at 2 ohms gives an RMS of 825 watts makes it so effective. For optimal performance, it has the low and high-level inputs and a variable low-pass filter, giving you full control of the device. More so, you can control the woofer level by the wired-in remote. Besides that, for device protection, the automatic shut off protection monitors and detect heat issues or electric failures in the speaker.


  • The high and low input options it convenient
  • Offers bass boost function
  • Has linear circuitry
  • Gives the user full sound customization on their preference


  • Customers complain of false power claims

#7. Fosi Audio 2 Channel Stereo Amplifier

When considering class D amplifiers, then Fosi Audio is what you should consider having. It offers an advanced circuitry design, and that is what makes it better than the previous devices. Although it is cheap, it’s performance makes it perfect. Some of its features include a built-in protection circuit and a solid aluminum chassis for long time use hence durable enough. Besides, it is a home Hi-Fi integrated amplifier. Meaning of your pursue HiFi sounds, then this exclusive design suits you best. It also includes a power adapter and cord so you can use it directly. Furthermore, it uses the TI TPA3116D2 chip for definite and clarity sounds hence no inconveniences while playing loud music.


  • 18-month manufacturer warranty included
  • Comes with a 19V power supply
  • Best for speakers, bookshelf, computers, and desktop in your room
  • Advanced circuitry design


  • Not durable as expected

#6. JBL GX-A3001 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

For decades now, JBL has been designing the best sound systems, which means their products deliver bass according to your needs. And this design does not disappoint either. It sends up to 300 watts RMS. More so, the low-pass filter will help you clean your bass tone. The cast aluminum heat sink shunt off the heat generated, meaning you can jam without any problem. Its package includes a monoblock amplifier, speaker level input harness, manual, and self-tapping screws. Its installation is effortless because of its small design.


  • Mono subwoofer amplifier
  • Class A/B amp technology
  • Variable bass boost
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Has Speakers and preamp level inputs


  • May come faulty

#5. Cerwin- Vega B52 Stealth Bomber Class D amp

Cerwin-vega is a class D amp chipset designed to meet your expectations. It is worth that you buy a device that is value to your money, and that is what you get from this product. It is of ultra-compact high-density aluminum alloy chassis, which means it is durable and long-lasting. The MOSFETS output makes it even more suitable, thus enhancing its performance. Besides, the thermal protecting the device form burns, making it very convenient and longlasting. Lastly, the auto turn on turn-one makes it even more effective even though it has no additional features.


  • Class D chipset
  • Very powerful and easy to fit
  • Compact amplifier
  • Has the value of money


  • Not durable as expected

#4. Kenwood KAC-M1814 4-Channel Compact Amplifier

Kenwood has been making amplifiers for a long time now, and that is why you will find their amps in use by thousands of audio systems. This product not only powers small to medium-sized woofers but even in regular component speakers. The best part is the digital amplifier technology used. It allows you to use the MOSFET switching power supply, therefore outstanding. Its package includes 1m RCA cable and four channels to hook up the speakers. Lastly, this is suitable for the non-overpowering subwoofers component, most likely the component speakers; thereby, of good quality and price friendly.


  • Uses digital amplifier technology
  • 2-ohms holding capacity
  • Has speaker level input without signal sensing
  • Strong and durable


  • Tends to have noisy outputs at low volumes

#3. Polk Audio PA D2000.2 Car Amplifier

This two-channel car Amplifier is a price-friendly device and of value to your money. With the Polk device amplifier, you get 500 watts RMS, one bridged mode with 4-ohm in bridged mode. It is known to be robust, compact, and sleek in design. Besides, the toroidal transformers ensure that its elegant design remains under2″ tall, thus producing efficient power. The device also has a reverse DC voltage, thermal, DC offset, and short circuit protection. That means it is safe for use. More so, you can adjust to a low or high bass frequency range without inconveniences. Lastly, it’s nickel-plated construction ensures there is a maximum signal transfer, which is very convenient, so no noise destructions.


  • Line level inputs and outputs in producing quality sound
  • Durable
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Efficient class D bridgeable design


  • Has no dedicated low pass filter

#2. Rockford Fosgate R250X4 Prime 4-Channel Amplifier

This car Amplifier can run a 2-ohms stereo on all the channels and also 4 ohms bridged on rear channels. It features a selectable punchy bass for tuning low frequencies. It has variable crossovers to protect your high-frequency speaker or tuning only bass to your subwoofers. In addition to this, is that it is a class A/B amplifier, it is among the best car amplifiers. Other unique and outstanding features of this product are that it’s power supply thermal sensing and realtime output, a cast aluminum heatsink, over current protection, and four gauge power connectors. Finally, you can bridge for use with several subwoofers because it works excellently with components systems.


  • Separate front and rear gain control
  • Has an overcurrent protection besides a short current circuit
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Uses class A/B circuit technology


  • Tends to be overpriced

#1. Audiopipe 1800w Mono Class D Amp

We consider the Audiopipe 1800w mono class D amplifier to be the best because of the high-quality power that suits even the highest end-sound system. It is a premium choice amplifier, and that is what makes it unique. Built with performance in mind, it ensures that the CL series puts out consistent power and sound from your systems. More so, the heat sinks with the cooling fins embedded on top of the plate excellent heat dissipation, thus preventing overheating. Lastly, class D Monoblock is known for hitting hard sounds; therefore, it produces more power.


  • Has LED powers and protection indicators
  • Pulse width modulated MOSFET power supply
  • Phase adjustable
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty included
  • Advanced circuitry


  • None

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Car Amplifier

When it comes to purchasing sound, there are many things you need to consider in terms of RMS power, dcb, and many more. Here are the things you possibly need to consider when choosing your best car amplifier.


Here is the main factor that brings about performance and the logistics of RMS. Power is one of the main reasons for buying a car amplifier. Insufficient ability to run your car amplifier is a big mistake. Therefore you should consider the amount of power to back your amp. You have to remember that your amplifier is always the source of power for your music as to which your woofers and speaker system rely upon.

The amplifier compresses the electrical currents to output different watt numbers that identifiers your OHM. The higher your OHM, the more capabilities and also, the better the amplifier. Some amplifiers can produce up to 8 OHM depending on the wirings to the subwoofer. Both maximum peak and RMS power are essential metrics that need to be together for a good car amplifier. Your equipment can as well get damaged if you have a peak performance that can’t handle high wattage kinds of music.


Majorly channel decisions depend on your choice of channels. The main difference between the channels comes in through power, heat, and audio quality. Concerning the channels, there are six different types of car amplifiers in the market. All these are differentiated based on their power measurements. They include; mono channel, dual-channel, three-channel, four-channel five-channel, and six-channel.


The size of your car amplifier also depends on you, if you need one for your under-seat or another that can fill up almost half of your car trunk. Either of this is fine, but you will have to consider the performance and cost. Therefore you have to choose wisely.


We thank the continually evolving industry that keeps on coming with new products of excellent performance. Choosing the best car modifier in the overflooded market can be a cumbersome task. Therefore we took this duty as ours to get the top ten best car amplifiers in the market with the best reviews. We gave an upper hand to performance, durability, and long-lasting products to the test of time. From our research, a sound amplifier is that which has a variable low pass filter adjustment. This adjustment gives better control and workload delegations to provide better performance on your system besides shaping your equalization. Feel free to purchase any of the products above, and sure enough, you won’t regret in life.

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