The 10 Best Camping Air Mattress in Reviews

Truth be told, your home mattress wouldn’t be the best unit for your camping needs. Camping requires a sleeping unit having a small footprint to offer you easy transportation and storage. And that is what you’ll exactly get from a camping air mattress. However, the market currently offers you a wide range of air mattress, so where are you going to get the one that fits you. Hold on a bit, we’re getting there.

To get us started, it is advisable to consider the one that offers you comfort, the right size, and the appropriate support for your camping needs. Also, things like built-in pillows and pumps should be carefully considered. Your camping will run smoothly when you have the right gears stock, so be wise and look for this portable unit for your next camping activity.

In this article, we’ve set aside an exclusive list of the top ten best camping air mattress for reviews. We’re promising you one of a kind camping trip given that you’ll settle with one of these units.

#10. GRM Inflatable 18'' Elevated Airbed with Soft Flocked Top Twin Air Mattress with Pump & Pillow

We hope you are set to enjoy a thrilling camping experience with GRM inflatable camping air mattress. The airbed is very comfortable and roomy to accommodate couples during their camping adventure. It is easy to inflate and deflate the gear and folds easily for ready storage. About flexibility, this is a unit that more flexible compared to the traditional bed. The pump enables you to control the firmness of the airbed with ease. Also, the 3-in-1 leakage prevention manual valve is a great way to control the pressure inside this air mattress. Unlike other brands in the market, GRM is tightly sealed. The mattress is made from environment-friendly materials that are also non-toxic and skin-friendly. And lastly, this is the most affordable unit we have for you.


  • It features a great air closure performance with 3-in-1 air leakage valve
  • The queen airbed is made from a skin-friendly and non-toxic fabric
  • Has user-friendly bedding sheet design for great comfort
  • Easy to deflate and fold for easy storage


  • Require frequent air topping after use

#9. White Kaiman Electric Pump Flocked Top Inflatable Blow-up Air Mattress (Queen)

White Kaiman queen and twin inflatable camping air mattress is the other fascinating airbed that offers super-comfort and stability during a camping night out. Constructed with up-to-date features including a built-in pump for inflation, comfort coil technology for maximum comfort and waterproof top to keep you dry even during misty conditions. Additionally, it can deflate with ease to enable you to store with ease. The pump constructed on this mattress offers quick inflation, hence most of your time will be spared for camping enjoyment. At the top of this unit is soft velvet, which offers you a comfortable and serene sleeping environment during the night. You’ll fall into the slumberland as soon as you jump into this comfy mattress. What’s more, it has a 0.4mm multi-layer which is puncture resistant and made with PVC materials for enhanced durability.


  • Made from PVC materials that are thick and slow to puncture for long-lasting use
  • It comes with a drawstring storage bag and an instructional manual
  • The unique comfort coil technology offers support and stability
  • Easy deflates and folds for safe and secure storage


  • It is a new model in the market

#8. TILVIEW Twin Size Blow Up Elevated Inflatable Built-in Electric Pump Upgrade Version Air Mattress

The next notable unit is TILVIEW Twin Size camping Airbed. This sleeping gear is crafted with comfort and mind plus it is the lightweight and long-lasting mattress. It offers you comfortable accommodation during your camping period. Aside from that, this mattress supports your weight evenly yet still maintaining its shape and firmness. Early in the morning, it can deflate quickly to get a compact size for convenient storage. This airbed comes with an in-built electric pump with a power cable which takes only between 4 to 5 minutes to inflate. Genuinely speaking, this is the portable air mattress that you can take anywhere. Finally, if you wish to get high-quality sleep, placid and peaceful night, then, this is the right item.


  • The high-quality PVC materials making this unit make it support up to 500 pounds
  • Uses an electric pump that quickly inflates the air mattress for convenient setup
  • Versatile and can offer sleep for campers or even guest at home
  • Made from high-quality material that is easy to clean
  • It is a great choice for all ages for a comfortable night


  • The instructions are shallow for first users

#7. Noble Queen Size Comfort Double High Top Inflatable Airbed Built-in Pump Air Mattress Quilt Top

If you need an air mattress that will enable you to get the best rest whichever place you’ll be then, Noble Queen Size airbed is your ultimate choice for camping. The in-built pump will enable you to inflate and deflate the unit quickly. Durability is guaranteed since the airbed is constructed from puncture-resistant and PVC materials. Also, for comfort, a soft flocking mechanism makes the top side of the mattress more comfortable. This luxurious mattress is raised to 18-inch for continuous enjoyment. In essence, you wouldn’t feel the difference with your home bed. Moreover, to keep your bed standstill, it has non-skid bottom construction which is not affected by your night tossing or turning. Choose it today for a reposeful and calm adventurous night sleep.


  • The airbed is constructed from puncture-resistant and durable materials
  • Has a soft flocking that makes the top of the bed extra-comfortable
  • The built-in pump offers quick inflation and deflation
  • The raised design of up to 18-inch offer ease of use


  • Comes with a formaldehyde type of odor when setup for the first-time

#6. JANTODEC 9'' Height Inflatable Airbed Blow Up Queen Size Camping Air Mattress with Storage Bag

JANTODEC luxury camping air mattress is here to give you the ultimate sleep experience you have yearned to have. Constructed with the state-of-the-art coil that perfectly maintains the shape and firmness of the inflatable mattress. And the air-filled coils and the inside layering swiftly supports your body, thus keeping then spine aligned while you sleep. With the waterproof flocking fabric, you’re assured to get fluffy sleep surfaces that offer a cool and quiet place to sleep. The durable and extra-thick PVC materials offer the feel of the real mattress, you’ll surely get the same sleep as it could be at home.


  • Includes a 12V adaptor that enables your pump to inflate your mattress quickly
  • Comes with a portable bag that makes storage and transportation easy
  • Offer better support to your body and lower the spine pressure
  • Perfect unit for camping, home purposes and even for relatives


  • Has small leakage but can be tightened

#5. Sunnyglade 18'' Height Inflatable In-Built Electric Pump Raised Airbed Camping Air Mattress

If you wish to feel the same way of getting out of bed in the morning while camping, then it’s high time to grab the Sunnyglade camping airbed. The raised design of 18-inch makes getting out of bed easy and comfortable. This mattress is crafted skillfully with high-quality materials that are also non-toxic and skin-friendly. You’ll discover that the top part of this airbed is water-resistant and damage resistance to longevity. In addition to that, you’ll get a comfortable and soft sleeping environment. This model is a pump that inflates it within no time. With a rib-like structure, you can expect any queen size sheet to fit without any trouble. Finally, why don’t you save yourself a lot of money by buying this space-saving unit?


  • It will maintain its form since it has a double layer construction
  • Seamless welding delivers airtight closure with no leaking
  • Constructed with high-quality and non-toxic materials
  • Has a raised design that enables you to use with ease
  • Safety is guaranteed with a quick and convenient setup


  • Comes with the brand new smell that goes off with time

#4. Sable Inflatable Airbed Flocked Top with Built-in Pump & Pillow Queen Size Air Mattress for Camping

Camping is going a notch higher with the introduction of Sable inflatable airbed into the market. This air mattress has a built-in raised pillow that supports your neck and head for a soundless and rejuvenating sleep. Aside from that, it is constructed with premium and durable materials. Also, the air coils fit your body shape and the sleeping position close to the real-bed. This unit will transform your camping experience into your oasis of flourishing comfort. Nothing beats this ingenious device since it offers you unprecedented and relaxing sleeping experience. It is a great unit to enjoy a night out while saving yourself a lot of money.


  • Constructed with PVC materials that are non-toxic and durable
  • Quick and simple to inflate and deflate using the electric pump
  • Raised like a pillow to offer support to your back and neck
  • It is affordable and made from high-quality materials


  • Every movement in this mattress is unmanageable

#3. Etekcity Upgraded 9'' Height Inflatable Blow up Raised Upgraded Twin Airbed Mattress for Camping

Etekcity Upgraded camping air mattress offers you a great way to enjoy solid sleep. It is packaged with a cordless and rechargeable air pump that makes charging more incredible. Even with a lot of turning and tossing on the mattress, it wouldn’t change its position. The soft surface offers you a comfy and nice sleeping environment during camping time. Also with the package is a carry bag that keeps the mattress and pumps stored safety and offers you easy transportation. If you wish to feel the same way as you could be at home, then this offers you nothing but that. The flocked top adds extra-layers of warmth for a placid sleep all night.


  • AC & DC adapters enable you to recharge your pump or home or in the car
  • The pump nozzle is universal and can work with other inflatable units
  • The 2-in-1 valve design offers quick inflation and topping up air
  • Inflation and deflation of the air mattress only takes 90 seconds


  • It is bulky and heavy airbed model

#2. Missyee Inflatable 22'' Raised Height Premium Flocked Top with ERGOCOIL Technology Air Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress with a firm and delivers equal body size then look no further than Missyee camping air mattress. Additionally, the blow-up bed’s strong coil design offers the best durability that makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its in-built pump operates quietly and perfectly compared to other model’s pump plus it inflates the airbed in 3.5minutes. When your sleep time comes, the mattress inflates quickly for instant response. On top of that, the top layer is a waterproof flocked for a comfortable sleeping experience. Give it a try today and you’ll have a story to narrate to your family.


  • Built with a waterproof flocked top that helps grip fitted sheets to keep them intact
  • It includes a drawstring bag that makes it convenient to store and carry
  • Built with a quiet and efficient built-in pump for quick inflation
  • Offer you comfortable and convenient sleep in a camping site


  • It comes with a little PVC smell

#1. Eslibai Safety Inflatable Guest Airbed Max 600lbs of Capacity Built-in Pump Air Mattress (Queen)

Coming at [BestAZimage dpid=”dpid” alt=”#1 is Eslibai upgraded camping air mattress. This airbed offers you a new relaxation anytime anywhere. With the built-in electric pump, you can be sure to pump in the air in less than five minutes, which is more efficient than hand pumping. Besides, it saves you energy and time as well. The brand is well-established and has received a lot of appreciation from many buyers. It is from new PVC materials that are odorless and skin-friendly for healthy sleep. Additionally, the thick PVC material will deliver a sweet sleep all night in your camping period or even at home. Moreover, the double high-structure offers an easy way to lift your body from the bed. It is a nice unit and worth its cost, grab it!


  • The comfortable flock-top enable you slumber into bed quickly
  • Saves you more space when you move into a small apartment
  • It has quality craftsmanship that doesn’t allow any leakage
  • Made with high-quality eco-friendly materials
  • Fold with easy and fits into the attached carry bag


  • It is the most expensive model in this list

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Camping Air Mattress

If you’ll need to find the unit that best suits you, here are some requirements and aspects to consider for the best camping airbed.

Hand vs. Electric Pump

The initial factor to consider is the pump selection. If you’re camping area is close to your car, then the electric pump is the most preferred. However, if the camping spot is a far distance from where you park your car, then a hand or foot pump is your generous option. So, be sure to choose the pump that met your needs.


The main reason why you are opting for an air mattress over the traditional mattress is the portability aspect. But each mattress comes with different weights, which prompts you to consider its lightweight. In addition to that, it is worth checking their compact and their ease to fold.


If you have a small footprint to lay the mattress, then a queen size airbed wouldn’t be recommended and if you try to fit, it wouldn’t fit comfortably. And also doing that with bulge out awkwardly. The size of the tent will determine the size of the air mattress that you’ll buy. It is important to leave some extra space to keep some tents and other camping gear.


Most people underrate to consider the budget aspect but it’s equally the same as other considerations. When you’re out shopping, it is worth considering the budget to ensure your stipulated budget is followed. But don’t rush to buying a cheap unit because they compromise the quality. On the other hand, you shouldn’t rush towards purchasing expensive airbed unless is goes handy to your budget.


In a nutshell, finding the best airbed for camping is for sure a captivating thing. And going camping while you know your gears are set is a great way to enjoy a blissful camping experience. The air mattresses that we have offered you above will work in the same way as indoor mattresses. Also, the above models will excite your next camping trip because they are sumptuous and offers you a tranquil sleeping environment. Brace up, and start a thrilling camping experience. It’s never too late, the above models will live up to your expectations, grab one today!

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