The 10 Best Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer In Reviews

Newborns and small babies are so delicate, and it is advisable to treat them with a lot of care. Their immune system is very weak; hence, bacteria and germs can cause devastating effects on their health. If you are bottle-feeding your child, it is crucial to ensure that the baby’s bottles are thoroughly sterilized to ensure that they are safe. Getting yourself a baby bottle sterilizer will help to eliminate up to 99.9-percent of bacteria and germs ensuring your baby is safe.

It can be confusing to choose the best Bottle Sterilizer as there are wide variety of them in the market. Here is a list of the top 10 best bottle sterilizer and drier,  so that you can use it as a reference when purchasing one.

10. Bololo Baby Bottle Electric Steam Dryer and Sterilizer

Safe and powerful, the Bololo Steam Dryer and Sterilizer will assist you to eliminate up to 99-percent of Bacteria from the corners and the surface of your baby’s bottles. It comes with touch LED screen panel that is easy and simple to operate. In addition to that, it has a large barrel that can hold up to twelve bottles. This battle sterilizer could dry and sterilize the object automatically and can also do the 2 jobs separately.

One great thing about this steam sterilizer is that it only let clean air to get inside keeping the part clean continually. What’s more, it sterilizes both outside an inside parts of the accessories efficiently.


  • It kills 99.99 percent of bacteria with high temp steam
  • Comes with easy to use touch LED screen panel
  • Can dry and sterilize objects automatically and does the job separately
  • It features a large barrel that can hold 12 bottles


  • The operation is a bit slow

9. eccomum Baby Milk Warmer Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Heater

This is a 4-in-1 multifunctional baby bottle Warmer and can be used for both milk and Food. It is suitable for all battle sizes and uses steam at a temperature of up to 212°F. Moreover, it comes with touch button and an LED screen that will show accurate temperature and preset the feeding time on the early mornings and late nights.

The bottle warmer will keep the baby food and milk at a constant temperature while preventing nutrition loss. Besides that, this Food Heater has an anti-dry heating system that automatically disconnect power sources and will beep as a warning whenever there is no water in the device. Above all, it is made of food-grade PP material that are safe to use.


  • It is a 4-in-1 Multifunction sterilizer suitable for bottles of all sizes
  • Comes with touch button and LED screen that shows constant temperature
  • Efficient and easy to operate to meets all your sterilizing needs
  • Made of absolutely safe food grade PP material


  • Drying function is not efficient

8. Elechomes Bottle Steam Sterilizer Baby Bottle Warmer for Formula or Breast Milk

This is another excellent 6 in 1 baby bottle Warmer and Sterilizer that will put an end to all the feeding woes. It can warm 2 bottles simultaneously making it ideal if you have twins or extra-hungry baby. Ideally, the Sterilizer has a generous size, and it can fit glass, silicone, plastic and uniquely-shaped bottles alike. Because of this, it has a wide opening structure that enables you to easy, thorough clean up easily and quickly.

The Sterilizer features a time and one-touch temperature control that allow you to choose your perfect setting with ease. Thanks to its 24 hours, keep warm settings and delay start to heat it whenever you want.


  • It’s a 6 in 1 Warmer and Sterilizer with an LED Display
  • Can warm 2 bottles simultaneously to cut down on prep time
  • And 24 hour keep warm settings to keep your babies Food warm
  • Has a wide opening structure to enable you to clean it quickly


  • Not as spacious as other brands

7. Gourmia Jr. ETL-Certified Single Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

The Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Warmer is an attractive and sleek Sterilizer that offers parents quick sterilizing of bottles as well as an option for dry time. It features a universal bottle basket that will fit bottles of all sizes such as wide-neck nipple, angled and straight styles. Furthermore, this bottle warmer has parts that can be easily be removed for easy cleaning. Also, the parts are dishwasher safe for convenient and quick clean up.

With its simple controls, you will be able to set temperature and time with just press of a button. In addition to that, this Sterilizer will safely sterilize and warm, steam and defrost baby food quickly. Lastly, the product is ETL-certified.


  • It is a multipurpose warmer and Sterilizer in one compact appliance
  • Has simple controls that enable you to set exert temp and time easily
  • It fits bottles of all sizes even battles with wide-neck nipple styles
  • Easy to clean parts and are dishwasher safe


  • Large

6. Grail Baby 6-in-1 Multifunction Bottle Sterilizer Bottle Warmer

Designed to keep baby accessories and bottles sterile for up to 24 hours, the Grail Baby Bottle Warmer is what you need to keep your baby healthy and safe. It can be used as an Egg Cooker, Defrosting, Baby Bottle Sterilizer, Baby Food Heater and Formula Heater, thus saving you money and space.

It has steam disinfection with temperature up to 99 degrees C, which is sufficient to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. Moreover, it has a large capacity to warm water and breast milk at once. To conclude, this Bottle Warmer is easy to operate and features an LCD screen that will show real-time temperature.


  • 6-in-1 multifunction baby bottle sterilizer and breast milk warmer
  • Has steam disinfection that kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Double bottle design and anti-dry protection
  • Will precisely keep the water and milk at the target temperature


  • Doesn’t fit tall bottles

5. Bapama 4 in 1 Function Baby Bottle Warmer with Precise Temperature Control.

The extreme convenience of Bapama 4 in 1 Function bottle sterilizer makes it mother’s choice. It will heat Food, heat milk, warm milk and clean bottle by sterilizing them. With its double bottle design, you can be able to heat most food jars and warm milk simultaneously. Also, it is going to fit most baby bottles brands. The Bottle Warmer adopts electronic precision temperature control that will maintain a constant temperature in 24 hours while avoiding loss of nutrients.

The Bottle Warmer will automatically shut-off when the water inside dries up, preventing it from bursting. Other than that, the product is made of high-temperature-resistant advanced PP materials to ensure that your baby is safe.


  • Double bottle design for heating most food jars and warm milk
  • 4-in-1 functional bottle warmer in one appliance
  • Comes with electronic precision temperature controls
  • An automatic power-off to prevent bottle warmer from burning out


  • Needs to be cleaned frequently

4. Bable Multipurpose Baby Bottle Warmer with Accurate Temperature Control

This is a lightweight baby bottle Warmer which can effectively kill germs and bacteria. It is a multifunctional Bottle Warmer that will heat food supplement, keeping warm, constant water bath heating and allow fast steam heating. It will evenly heat baby’s Food or breast milk through steam to prevent nutrition loss. In addition to that, it has fast steam heating up to 99˚C and can heat 5 ounces of milk in just 5 to 7 minutes.

With its user-friendly design and LCD screen, this makes it easy to operate the Bottle Warmer and has a small design to fit one a nightstand. Overall, the bottle warmer is made of stainless steel and food-grade pp material that are BPA free hence safe for your baby.


  • Multi-Function Bottle Warmer that saves your space and budget
  • Keep the breast milk or warm water warm in advance
  • Comes with User-friendly design and compatible with most bottles
  • Power down automatically when the water inside is dried


  • Is prone to leaking

3. TrustedTransports 3-in-1 Baby Food Heater Bottle Warmer

This baby bottle sterilizer features a three-in-one design. You can use it as a dryer, deodorizer or sterilizer. It comes in a single compact size that will significantly simplify your nurturing life while saving you rooms space. Other than that, this Baby Food Heater is made of BPA Free Material and Skid-resistant Base to ensure safety. It will greatly simplify your nurturing life while saving your room space.

This product allows one-hand operation making it easy to use and can be operated by anyone. What’s more, the bottle warmer fits most bottles in the market. Lastly, you can control the temperature from 40℃ to 100℃ to satisfy your need.


  • 3 in 1 baby bottle warmer to save your room space
  • Made with skid-resistant base and high-temperature resistant material for safety
  • Warms milk evenly while it maintains the food nutrition
  • Helps to clean baby products conveniently


  • No reset option

2. Smartip Outdoor Portable Travel Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Smartip Outdoor Bottle Sterilizer is a perfect choice for travelling as it is lightweight and compact. It is portable, and you can carry wherever you go. In addition to that, it offers sufficient 360 degrees directional sterilization. It will not only sterilize the surface but also each corner of the battle or items you want to be sterilized. It has to capacity size, and you can assemble it to fit large size for milk bottles.
The Sterilizer features a hidden ear hook that will allow you to hang it up, making it perfect for travelling. Moreover, it is a super cute Bottle Sterilizer that is made of high-quality materials, and it is going to meet all your needs.


  • East to operate and quickly sterilize your baby’s bottle
  • It is portable and lightweight thus you can carry wherever you go
  • Allows 360° directional sterilization ensuring it is bacteria-free
  • Made of high-quality material making it durable


  • Takes time to cool down

1. BOPEN 6-in-1 Double Baby Bottle Warmer Steam Sterilizer

The BOPEN is one of the top-rated and best-selling Double Baby Bottle sterilizer in the market. It has a large capacity and Double Bottle Design to warm water and milk at the same time. In addition to that, this Steam Sterilizer can Defrost, heat formula milk powder, heat baby foods, keep warm and defrost breast milk. Moreover, the steam sterilizer can reach temperature up to 212℉ to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in bottles.
The Steam Sterilizer is made of high-temperature-resistant food grade PP material, making it durable and not easy to oxidize. Summing up, this unit has a double digital tube display screen that allows you to control the temperature at any time easily.


  • 6-IN-1 Multifunctional Steam Sterilizer that will meet multiple needs
  • Double Bottle Design and has a large capacity
  • Double digital tube display screen with easy control temperatures
  • Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in the bottles


  • A bit costly

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer


Safety should be the top priority as much as you need a bottle sterilizer for your baby. Look for one that is chemical-free and BPA free. It should also meet all the safety needs.


Quality of product and the durability go hand in hand. If it has better quality, then it will serve you for a long period. It is worth to spend extra money and purchase something that will give you much satisfaction that you need.


Here, you must consider the weight and size. Go for a sterilizer that will suit your needs at any time. Compact and light-weighted Sterilizer are the best as they are travel-friendly. In addition to that, look for one that can fit in a standard microwave.

Ease of use

You require to go for a bottle sterilizer that is easy to use. You do not need to go for a complicated bottle sterilizer that need a lot of technical knowledge to use it.


The number one priority for new mothers is to keep their kids healthy. Bottle sterilizers are essential in bottle-feeding as they assist in keeping the spreading of illness and risk of bacterial infection low. The bottle sterilizers listed above are easy to use and will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria in the bottles. Therefore, get one from the list above, and we are sure it is going to meet your needs.

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