The 10 Best Bedside Lamp in Reviews

Are you fond of reading at night just before you retire to bed? Then, a must-have tool next to your bed is a bedside lamp. This lamp is an essential companion to light up your bedroom environment. Offers a lighting mode that will automatically adjust your eyes as you prepare to sleep. Also, bedside lamp designs such that it can fit well to the bedside tables or even the sofa tables. Others are even more sophisticated because they come with Bluetooth speakers for fresh music. What’s more, this lamp brings a relaxed and joyous mood in the bedroom.

Most bedside lamp comes with four adjustable settings to regulate the brightness in your bedroom for off, high, low, and medium. Since these lamps perform highly and functional, they are almost found all over the market. Therefore, finding an appropriate bedside lamp can be a daunting task. Whichever the case, we have you covered. In today review, we’re going to look at the top 10 Best Bedside Lamp in Reviews. We’ve also included factors to consider before settling down with any brand.
Here we go…

#10. Air Putih Night Light Bluetooth Speakers Wake up Light Portable Bedside Lamp

First off, we have Air Putih Bedside Lamp. This lamp has 3 degrees brightness of warm light that can suit different occasion. The comfortable LED lighting brings you a tantalizing night vibe with a relaxed attitude. If you want to get seven colorful lighting mode, you need only to press the button for 3 seconds. Presence of an alarm clock enables you to set schedules and alarms notifications. You can also play music via Bluetooth on your phone, thus bringing a chilling environment in your bedroom. This is, indeed, an impressive appliance to lighten up your bedroom.


  • You can enjoy the beautiful music anytime anywhere via Bluetooth speaker
  • The alarm clock will always keep you right on your schedules and timings
  • Has a large capacity battery that lasts for a longer time
  • Brings a super warm light that suits various spaces
  • It has a seven lighting color that brings a sense elegance


  • The instructions were written so small impossible to read

#9. UNIFUN Portable Dimmable 2800K-3100K Touch Warm White Bedside Lamp

UNIFUN Portable Bedside Lamp is another best lamp that fits perfectly in your bedroom. A small and sturdy light that lay amazingly in your bedroom. The lamp is dimmable and works great on the white color, thus making your room look beautiful. Also, the white color has four levels of brightness; therefore, it can meet different people needs to prevent damaging eyes. You can easily hang this lamp on table umbrellas using the hanging handle hidden at the bottom of the lamp. The color-changing option is also a desirable feature that most people would like.


  • Has an easy touch control that makes switching on/off, changing modes a breeze
  • Adjustable brightness is comfortable and cozy for rest and reading
  • The 360 degrees light panel offers a more uniform delicate light that suits your eyes
  • Presence of a handle makes this lamp to hang on table umbrella


  • The charging indicator doesn’t change color to show charging progress

#8. Biilaflor 5 Level Dimmable 13 Color Changing RGB Sensor Control Bedside Lamp

Are you looking for a bedroom light that brings a lot of fun with varied colors and no fuss? Well, Biilaflor Bedside Lamp is undoubtedly what you should get. The lamp has many stunning features that outdo other brands in the market. The lamp has a 360 degrees touch control that is convenient enough to use. If you have special events, this lamp will ideally suit you because the white light has different lighting mode with about 256 combinations. Being a battery-operated the appliance, there are no cords running all over the room hence suiting your bedroom needs. Additionally, it emits a soft, eye-friendly light that fits your reading or sleeping atmosphere. The lamp has an extensive option of colors from red, green, and blue spectrum, making a great illumination background for relaxing.


  • The touch control makes it super simple and easy to use
  • Has colorful light that creates different effect to suit your mood
  • It is handy to be carried around the room during the night
  • Dimmable feature offers soft, eye-friendly light for reading


  • In-built battery requires occasion charging

#7. TECKIN Night Light Dimmable Warm White hanging RGB Touch Table Lamp

Next, we’ve TECKIN Night Touch Table Lamp. The lamp offers stable lighting with adjustable color temperature. The light source can be easily be turned between normal white and RGB mode. Individuals can switch to different ways depending on their needs to get cozy atmospheres. From the look, you can easily distinguish between this bedside lamp and a generic table lamp because this one has a well-designed top. This lamp is 9” in height thus meets the needs of being a suitable bedside lamp. Also, the ability to touch to turn on and off is great if you need some quick light in the middle of the night.


  • This lamp is suitable for the living room, bedrooms and modern offices
  • It is ideal for reading in bright surroundings
  • The light provides you with a comfortable and relaxing moment
  • Made of toy grade ABC and PP plastic that is durable and baby safe
  • The RGB mode offers a decorative atmosphere for your bedroom


  • Doesn’t turn to the last color selected when setting on the next time

#6. HUGOAI Vibrant RGB Colors Memory Function No Flicker Bedside Lamp

Another well-established product is HUGOAI Bedside Lamp. This lamp is an ideal lighting tool that fits exactly your needs. The light gives varied shades of white from natural white to warm white and up to a maximum of 16 million color choices. With the adjustable brightness options, you can adjust the light to the level that suits well your eyes. The light-emitting by this lamp can suit reading, relaxing, working, and sleeping purpose. Also, the modern and sleek design makes is a beautiful décor and elegant item in your house.


  • It has a sleek design that makes it become a beautiful décor in your room
  • With adjustable brightness, you can set just the right amount of lighting
  • Many colors offer decorative and ambient lighting
  • Has precise control mechanism reducing the repeated operation
  • The lamp is chargeable with ease and convenience


  • Has a dimmer mode that is too bright for night use

#5. SYCEES 3 Color Temperature 120 RGB Colors 4 Color-Changing Bedside Lamp

SYCEES Bedside Lamp is a bedroom lamp that brings the night mood vibe with just a press of a button. This lamp has a lightweight yet sturdy and well-built with ease of use. Unlike other lamps that take ages to assembly, this lamp assembling is easy. Also, the 30 level brightness and 120 colors that offer almost limited mood light options. The lowest dim light can purpose as a night light, and the brightest light can generously light up your bedroom with ease. All the control that comes with this unit is straightforward and intuitive. You need only to rotate the top dial to change the settings. Grab yours today for a marvelous experience.


  • Has many brightness levels that offer almost limited mood light options
  • The control of this bedside lamp is intuitive and simple
  • Set up this appliance only requires plugging in the plug, totally easy
  • A built-in memory chip that memorizes your last setting


  • For now, this lamp has no cons

#4. LE LampUX Smart Wi-Fi Tunable White & RGB Colors Table Lamp

Bedside lamp has gone a top-notch, and this next choice has a smart feature that might suit your needs as well. LE LampUX Smart Table Lamp can be controlled with a wireless remote control to switch on/off, control brightness, etc. Whether you are at home or far away, there is no need to physically turn the appliance on, because your smart app will do everything for you, thanks to the technology! The lamp offers 2000k special amber light with 30minutes auto-off timer that helps you create a scene of a peaceful night. Also, using this lamp will transform your home into a party arena, bedroom, living room, etc.


  • Eye friendly diffused lighting make it an excellent option for a desk lamp
  • Smart app installation is smooth with no hub required
  • Easy to turn off the lights for your sleeping baby
  • Timer features enable you to set programs and schedules


  • Automatic color shift patterns are minimal and unattractive

#3. Brightech Noah Soft Accent Light LED Bulb & Cord Bedside Lamp Set of 2

Brightech Noah Bedside Lamp is a versatile lamp that offers a cozy warm white light through the night. This gorgeously traditional corded lamp works perfectly with any décor. The lamp is a handy device for your living room or bedroom. The natural wood base features a black, sleek finishing with a neutral cloth shade that enables it to stand comfortable hence conforming well to the contemporary décor. Besides, this lamp has impressive lighting that pitches your moods higher during the night. The warm light that is given out by this light is incredible.


  • The bedside lamp is long lasting and energy saving
  • Has a convenient on & off switch for smooth operation
  • It is versatile and works with almost any décor
  • Has a lightweight and sleek design to save up more space


  • Brighter short lamp with flimsy shade

#2. Bodaker Romantic Dimmable Color with Bluetooth Speaker Touch Bedside Lamp

Bodaker Touch Bedside Lamp is yet a super bedroom device that will lit up your night with glamorous lightings. The lamp is an excellent quality touch light with alarm functionality. Also, this unit gives offer the precise amount of light, which is not too dim or too bright hence add a night touch of ambiance to your room. The LED time display screen will enable you to check on time without necessarily touching the lamp. The Bluetooth speaker that comes with this unit is essential is playing fresh music that soothes your bedroom atmosphere.


  • The battery capacity is too large and can work for longer hours when fully charged
  • Has an alarm clock that keeps on your schedule and activities
  • A perfect combination bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker
  • Four brightness control suits different occasions


  • The speaker doesn’t have lots of basses

#1. Oneach USB Nickle Finish Set of 2 Bedroom Modern Bedside Lamp

Taking the 1st position is Oneach USB Modern Bedside Lamp. The lamp comes as a set of 2. With a friendly and convenient design, it makes a great assistant for you and your family. The USB port found in each table lamp enables for continuous use and rich lighting experience. This lamp also meets modern and stylish designs. Moreover, Alexis gives an elegant feel to your home minimalist, style, current, etc. If you wish to get a serene and tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom, then this is the right device to purchase.


  • Has a friendly and convenient design
  • Presence of the USB ports on the sides makes charging easy
  • Makes your home look glamorous and decorative
  • It is a versatile appliance that is usable in various environments
  • Setting up the lamp is a breeze


  • The dim light is brighter than expected

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Bedside Lamp

Consider this few elements before you go for a particular bedside lamp. Ensure to pay attention to all the factors because it will enable you to have a smooth shopping experience.

Intended Usage

What is your intended use of the bedside lamp you wish to purchase? Are you planning to use it to read using it by your bedside? If yes, shop for a light that has a powerful lamp and higher wattage. Also, a lamp that has natural ways of switching off is desirable without the need of you getting out of your bed. If you are looking for a light that adds décor to your bedroom, you need to choose a lamp with aesthetic value (well-designed) rather than functionality.

Lamp Placement & Proportionality

The lamp that suits your kitchen area doesn’t necessarily suit well in your bedroom. How has the lamp you’re acquiring been design at the bottom? Can it be placed on the edge of a table without falling off? Choose a bedside lamp that doesn’t take a lot of your space in the bedroom. Also, the power outlet is one fundamental thing you should not ignore. Try as much as possible to avoid extensions cables running all over the bedroom area by leveraging on the main socket and positioning your bed well.

Bulb & Shades

Which type of a bulb do you need? Incandescent and Older CFL bulbs work best, but they consumed a lot of energy. That said, Modern LEDs are known as being user-friendly, economical, and versatile options, so, choosing it is to your advantage.

Smart Functionality

More advanced and sophisticated lamps come with intelligent features like Bluetooth speakers, Digital assistant to switch on/off the lights, etc. The question you need to ask yourself here is, whether you want to have smart features or not. Controlling these intelligent features will require new devices like echo device, Google home appliances, etc.


The appearance of your bedside lamp is vital because it makes your bedroom look glamorous. So depending on what you most consider, choose the plan that suits your needs. However, this factor should not be a certain point in the best bedroom lamp.


By now, we’re sure you have a definitive idea about the type of the bedside lamp you need to purchase. Although it might seem simple selecting a bedside lamp, it is a worth check on the above buyer’s guide to increasing your chances of acquiring the suitable bedside lamp that meets exactly your needs. We’re confident that your bedroom look and feel will be different and awesome after picking one of the above bedside lamps. Any query about the products we’ve reviewed above, write us a line on the comment sections below.

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