The 10 Best Beard Straightening Comb in Reviews – Buying Guide

Having curly beard that spread in a different direction in your face can affect negatively on your facial appearance. Well, attaining straight and uniform beard can be possible when you apply nutritional supplements or when you apply some oil. However, in this content, we have another magical gadget that would make things even easy for you – The Beard Straightener. It is capable of styling your beard in any way you want in just a few minutes.

Are you wondering where you’ll find this beard straightener comb? Worry less, because in these discussions we are going to help you out in getting the perfect and best beard straightener comb from the pool of combs in the market. To enhance your shopping experience is a buyer’s guide at the end of the reviews. With further ado, given below are the top 10 Best Beard Straightener Combs in 2019 reviews.


#10. ROFLY Electric Quick Beard Straightening Comb

Want the easiest way to style your beards? Try ROFLY Straightening comb. The only comb that offers a man the beard he might need. If you are looking to getting straight, curl, and shiny hair, then it is high time to try this unit. What is even more interesting about this comb is the fact that once you’ve made your style, it can last the whole day without necessary using a gel or a cream. For men who have a tight schedule and want a quick beard straightener, this is the right comb to use. Besides, it suits well men who are usually on the go because it can fit different bags and luggage.


  • It is able of saving more time during the busy morning and removes the requirements for touch-ups
  • A good investment that will last longer
  • A handy tool with great benefits for a beard style
  • It is a perfect gift for rewards, birthday and celebrations


  • It is enormous and can pose difficulties while in use

#9. Gorani Portable Anti-Scald Beard Straightener Brush

Another favorite beard straightening comb is Gorani. The robust functionality makes it be a must-have item for any young person. Apart from being simple and easy to use, it also meets all the requirements of DIY. The multi-functional beard is the best comb to style your beard whether you want to volumize, straighten, simple beard brushing or curl. The other thing making this comb to be outstanding is the fact that it can work out different types of beard. Additionally, it has a quick heating period, which means you’ll spend less time straightening your beards. The simple and safe operation also is a feature that is a selection for many.


  • The removable out layer shield the skin against scalding and burns
  • Less time is spend styling your beard because of the quick heating period
  • The brush distributes heat equally which prevent damage
  • Can be used with varied hair type i.e., curly, flat, straight, etc.


  • The cover slides off as you use

#8. CHARMINER Multi-functional Style Magic Massage Comb

If you wish to get both beard and hair straightening, then you need to try this straightener from CHARMINER. The best comb to get your hair styled. The hairbrush is designed uniquely by the combination of comb teeth and a hair dryer to volumize dry hair within some few seconds. Also, the negative coating ion barrel protects your hair. Additionally, the lightweight and well-designed handled makes it be carried and used comfortably. The temperature is adjusted to fit well your hair. You only need to do a preheating for only 2 minutes, and you’re ready to go. As a man, you’ll like something simple and functional, which is none other than CHARMINER Straightening Comb.


  • It can style your beards in a matter of seconds
  • Safe to use with adjustable temperature
  • The lightweight and compact design makes it easy during a business trip


  • Parts can separate so quickly after using for a short period

#7. DOLIROX Dual Voltage 110-240V Hair Style Electric Hot Beard Straightening Comb

Men have less to do about their beauty, but they can do some few facial changes to look handsome. For DOLIROX beard straightener is customized for men’s beauty. It not only offers a man the best look, but it also does the beard straightening quick and faster. Because we understand, that men wake up looking messy and weird, there is a need of acquiring a beard straightener comb that does the hair styling faster and quick. This option has heated ceramic plates that dissipate heat instantly and is well distributed. Besides, the temperature on the plate remains consistent; hence, your beard gets the best straightening power in every pass. For your safety, the brush has ceramic teeth with unique rubber that will prevent you against burn or free of scald.


  • The protection handle enables you to be more comfortable and safe while using
  • The high-temperature mode makes this brush to heat quickly and fast
  • The universal Voltage make in usage across the globe
  • Gives your hair and beard a long lasting and fantastic effect


  • The teeth aren’t beautiful enough to make a difference

#6. DDONG Beard Grooming Straightener Electric Hair Comb White

The next grooming beard straightening hair comb is DDONG. The powerful functionality makes it be a must-have commodity for any young man. The DIY instructions provided make it usable. With less than 15 seconds, you can shape your beards to look shiny and soft. Moreover, once you’ve straightened your hair, it is capable of staying in place for a long time even without using cream or gel. The safe material coating of ceramic plates with negative ions is the excellent protection against skin damage during beard straightening. If you search this beard straightener on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Tit Tok, then you’ll notice that it is the most popular beard straightener to try.


  • You can shape your favorite hairstyle in a more natural way possible.
  • Offer a long-lasting shaping effect to your beards during the whole day
  • Made from safe materials thus prevents excessive burns caused by high temperature
  • Best gift idea for your loved ones


  • Instructions are not readable because they are Chinese

#5. SEGMINISMART PTC Ceramic Men Beard Straightener Comb

SEGMININSMART Straightener Comb enables you to achieve your style mysteriously. Are you inconsistent trouble during travel because your hair looks messy? Or are you tired of occasionally getting up early in the morning with your beards looking weird and it takes you a lot of time with a standard comb? We understand that every individual needs a portable and powerful straight hair brush to beautify your beard. Well, give a try SEGMININSMART is capable of turning your facial look incredibly amazing.

As a family, you wouldn’t be happy to see your man looking shaggy and messy. Therefore, it is high time to shop this brush to give back the good looking face, which is possible with this fantastic brand. It uses a heat technology with temperature preventive layer bristles thus offer care against heat damage and guarantees you clean look all the times. Also, the electric hair brush endowed with negative ions removes split ends, frizz, and add shine while repairing the quality of your hair. Besides, it is the best brush to provide healthier and natural smoothness.


  • The cord is of the right length
  • The brush rotates 360 for more comfortable usage
  • Sturdy feel and look great to hold it. Sits comfortably in the hand
  • Heat up quickly, and the display is conducive


  • Could have come with a handbag to store it

#4. Yitrust LCD Detangling Beard Hair Straightener Comb

Since you were beautiful, you have to maintain the look with a simple brush that ensures your beards look amazing and incredibly perfect. To achieve the look, you have to use the right gadget. One of the famous straightener combs is by Yitrust. It has not only proven to be functional, but it also gives quality results – it leaves your beard in a uniform manner and incredible nature. It seals your hair cuticles perfectly and closes your hairs natural moisture which in turn removes split ends, frizz, knotting and also adds shine and repairing your hair quality. Your hair naturally left with smooth, lustrous, and silky look. Also, the 360 degrees movement cord enables you to hold the gadget at any angle, which makes your work more comfortable as you work on your beards.


  • The 360 degrees swivel power cord enables you to hold the device freely
  • Eliminates frizz and knotting
  • Gives your hair a natural, lustrous look
  • Made of high-quality flame retardant plastic which prevents burning and scalding
  • The most convenience & global beard brush straightener


  • Heat up time is a bit long

#3. Arkam Premium Ionic Beard Straightener Comb

Are you aware that life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be? Every time you get out of your house, you would like your hair to look impressive, however, sometimes your hair is unable to cooperate. You do all your best to meet this look by using straighten & iron, but your struggles hit on a dead rock. Well, we have cared right away. With Arkam, you only have to do one beard straightening and will be enough for the whole day. It is capable of turning your shaggy and messy beard into a debonair charm. Embrace this brush if you’re yearning for a perfect facial look.


  • Single Stroke Technology saves you a lot of time because you’ll only need a single brush stroke
  • Adjustable settings enable you to get the desired hairstyle quickly
  • Can groom even thickest beard
  • Makes your beard look fuller, longer and healthier


  • Meant only for a longer beard

#2. SHINEFUTURE LCD Display Beard Straightener Comb

SHINEFUTURE is also another best option for an enthusiast beard perfectionist who would like to look handsome all the time. The heat up temperature is only about 40seconds, which fundamentally saves you a lot of energy and time. This beard straightener is made possible with the PTC technology that enhances the overall use. The dense comb and more extensive structure aid in lowering the time required for straightening in a big way.


  • The faster heat up saves you a lot of energy and time
  • The flexible hanging hook makes hang the comb easily
  • The anti-scalding design is useful to prevent damage to your skin
  • A perfect companion to go with on a trip to straighten your beard


  • Only recommended for long beard

#1. No1accessory Multi-functional Quick Curler Beard Straightener Brush

Searching for a quick beard straightener for men that is capable of dealing with side hair down, volume up, curly hair, etc., Search no further with No1accessory Beard Straightener Brush. The brush is very safe to your beard because it has a special ceramic coating heat plate that offers sufficient protection to your beard. The other impressive factor about this brand is the quick heat up, with only 15 seconds you get started doing your beard.


  • Controllable and comfortable in hand for detailed styling
  • The quality performance offer a styled result that is long lasting
  • It does not cause any beard damage because it has a unique ceramic coating that provides protection
  • The quick heat up is ideal for fast evening touch up


  • Take quite a long time to heat up

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Beard Straightener Comb

Your beard length

This comb is the essential factor to consider before settling down for any beard straightener comb. The combs come in different sizes as well. The longer the size of the beard, the longer the comb it requires. Medium combs are usually perfect for medium size beard.

Application time

For how long do you want to spend straightening your beards? For quick solutions, you’ll consider going for a quick brush that might require a small amount of oil for quick straightening. On the other hand, you might want to spend time with combs that require more heat treatment.

Where you do the straightening

Will you be doing your straightening in the car? Hallway? Bathroom? Or in the bedroom? Beard straighteners with long cord enable you to work anyway. Power source also can affect where you’ll do your straightening. A right straightener will allow you to do your style more comfortable and relaxed.


Sticking to your budget is crucial when purchasing a perfect beard straightener, so be keen to avoid overspending or paying for something that doesn’t worth the price. If you end up buying something so cheap, you might regret later since underpriced products are sometimes defective.


Need chemical or natural solutions? If you are capable of answering that question, then you have the answer about the same. The goodness with our list is that we have offered the best products that don’t have too much chemical dependent.


Now you have the best collections of beard straightening combs, and it’s upon you to make the right decision by using the buyer’s guide we have included above. Looking handsome and organized begins by ensuring your beards are combed to look uniform. With this combs, you can achieve your required style within some few minutes. Instead of regularly going to a solon, you better make everything straight in any place you might be. As a man, you want to look great as you chat with friends or going for a date with your loved ones. Find yours today for an extremely incredible makeover!

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