The Best 10 Battery Testers in Reviews

For a car or a boat to work well, it must have a charged battery. However, sometimes, a gadget might refuse to start because of various reasons which will lead to troubleshooting. The initial checkpoint for the failure is the battery. To ascertain whether there is an issue with the battery, a battery tester is an ideal appliance to use to check for low battery issues. Currently, there is a number of battery testers for checking a number of issues with your battery whether 12 volts or button cells batteries. With different types of battery testers available to choose from, diagnosing battery problems is made to be easy and convenient.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro in using any battery tester, acquiring the best can be hectic and difficult. With the main reason being, you have less time to evaluate a hundred brands in the market. And again, testing each and every battery tester is impractical and might end up confusing you. However, there is no need to worry about where you can get the best battery tester since we’ve sampled out the best 10 battery testers you can give a try. Having one of these brands will enable you to periodically check your battery for any problem.

The list begins…

#10. ONLINE LED STORE Battery Tester


Online LED Store Battery Tester is an accurate status analysis for both a 12V and a 24V battery which doubles up as an alternator as well. It is capable of delivering an exact analysis of charge and the status extend. When you want to test your battery, it quite simple, switch off the car engine, connect the RED battery clamps of the tester to the positive side of the battery and the BLACK clamp to the negative side of the battery, the battery state will get displayed and the state of the charge is followed. If you want to test the alternator, ensure the engine is running and follow the procedure above.

You don’t have to worry if you know less about car battery since this tester is designed for even those newbies. Made in a way that it is friendly, with helpful features such as extra-large clamps, intelligent LED status indicator with lightweight and compactness. Even when you don’t know where to clamp, you have instructed right by your side that detail every step of your action. Have the best way of controlling your alternator and battery!


  • Heavy-duty clamps for superior grip and accuracy
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V batteries
  • Has a lightweight and portable design
  • A crystal clear and easy to read LED display status indicator


  • Doesn’t show the alternator light, no green or red

#9. SCITOO BT100 Battery Tester


SCITOO Battery tester is a handy tool that enables you to analyze the health status of your battery, view your battery charge status and know the fault your battery might be experiencing by yourself. Avoid incurring a lot of cost by going to repair stores for battery status update, in fact, it’s the best appliance to save both your money and time. This tester is compatible with many battery types, ranging from 12V 100- CCA regular flooded, AFM flat plate, GEL, and AGM spiral batteries. What are you waiting for? SCITOO offers accurate results within a few minutes.

This battery tester is also compatible with many types of vehicles like motorcycles, light trucks, and cars. The ease to operate makes also this tester a choice for many. With 2.4” LCD display, 5 buttons keyboard and menu drove makes it be operated is an easy manner. Does have to be charged or inserted with the dry cells, it uses an automotive battery.


  • Compatible with most batteries and vehicles
  • Operating the tool is easy
  • Saves both money and time
  • The backlit display makes it possible to be used in the dark


  • Have no charging system test

#8. LEYUTUTEE Digital 12V Battery Tester


Want the best battery analyzer that informs you about everything regarding your battery before you begin any journey? Try LEYUTUTEE digital 12v battery tester is capable of informing you everything about your battery’s health. For instance, it gives you its actual cranking amps, voltage, internal resistance (ohms), capacity or remaining life. The tester is compatible with a number of battery types like GEL, 12V 0-1995 CCA regular flooded, AGM flat plate as well as AGM spiral batteries.

This gadget is capable of informing about all the conditions of your battery like the charge which is required, whether it’s deteriorating or any requirements of exchanging. You get all the info about your battery at hand and you are prepared in advance to tackle any issue that may arise. LEYUTUTEE is easy to use more so because it comes with a large LCD screen that makes everything visible. The backlit also comes in handy since you can use even when darkness approaches. The compact natures are essential is making the appliance durable and reliable.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and compact thus reliable and durable
  • One quick tester for all your 12V batteries
  • A reliable device that informs you about your battery’s health


  • Instructions given are not that clear

#7. OEMTOOLS 24359 Digital Battery Tester


Are you fond of calling a mechanic when your car incurs a simple problem to do with your battery and you’ll like to have the simplest way of diagnosis this problem? Then acquire OEMTOOLS digital battery tester for your car. It the simplest and accurate tool to use to detect any problem with your battery. It readily puts easy to understand results right in the palm of your hand. All the results are displayed in a large LCD display thus doing away with the need to make print outs. When it comes to navigating around this system, it is quite simple with well-indicated buttons which enable you to select an option.

In addition to that, the wide testing range enables you to get results based on EN, DIN, SAE, IEC and CA standards. Another feature known for OEMTOOL battery tester is its flexibility and portability thus making it be used anywhere anytime. The 22” cable also makes it easy to check your battery status without necessarily bending towards your battery. Pick this device if your battery has given you a headache.


  • Accurate and easy to use
  • Offers wide testing range (200 -1200 CCA)
  • Built to offer safety
  • Flexible and portable


  • The font size on display is pretty small, the larger font would help

#6. SUNER POWER Digital 12V Car Battery Tester


Coming fifth in the SUNER power digital 12V car battery tester. Capable of testing and Analyzing the battery load system and indicating battery conditions like battery life percentage, CCA, battery voltage, battery resistance in case of sudden shutdown. Additionally, the continuous test with battery power brings no damage to your battery while the reverse polarity and overvoltage protection make the battery to be ultra-safe. Moreover, the complete wide CCA test range (5-9555), offers accurate and reliable operation for more sized batteries.

Work precisely and fast for many types of batteries like Flood battery, AGM battery, Deep cycle battery, and GEL battery. If you’re not able to see small writings, then be glad, since this battery tester comes with large LED screen display thus making everything to be visible right on your hand.


  • Capable of testing and analyzing your battery load system
  • Offers reliable and accurate operation of more sized batteries
  • Compatible with many battery types
  • Comes with large LED screen and heavy-duty clamp, durable and reliable


  • Has no name brand, but does the job well

#5. Calculated Industries 8715 Accu. Master Battery Tester

By Calculated Industries

Here comes a ‘know before you go’ device that ensures your car battery is in the right conditions before you make any decision to travel. Check your battery every morning you wake up before driving with the easy to use the device from Calculated Industries. This battery checker is capable of analyzing wide arrange of battery issues which will prompt you to respond to them appropriately. These may include cold cranking amps, voltage or internal resistance.

The AccuMaster’s sturdy body has a no slip-finish thus fitting comfortably in your hand with flexible and insulated cables that are thicker and safer as compared to others and have a 27” reach. This is the best tool to keep in your car whenever you go. Keep away the mechanic and avoid spending a lot of money in what you can resolve by getting yourself this battery tester.


  • The sturdy body enables you to hold in your hand
  • This durable portable diagnostic tool needs no battery
  • Enables you to estimate battery capacity and condition rating
  • Safe because it does not discharge or drain the battery
  • The battery can be tested in or out of the vehicle


  • The display is faint, hard to read in daylight

#4. TT TOPDON AB101 Battery Tester


Need to get regular updates about your battery? Give a try to TOPDON AB101 battery tester that promises to info the situations of your battery without delays. It absolutely offers extensive information regarding the status of your battery. Capable of testing cranking, charging and other common faults for all automotive Cranking Lead Acid Battery. Directly detect the bad cell battery and promptly reminds you to replace it, and test without discharging your car’s battery. Besides, the polarity reverse connection protection enables the tester, vehicle, and battery to be in good working conditions without being damaged from the reverse connections.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers precise and efficient test
  • Capable of testing cranking, charging and common battery issues
  • Comply with the testing standards
  • The reverse connection protection does not damage your battery or the vehicle


  • Quite okay for basic battery testing

#3. DLG DI-205C 12V 24V Battery Tester


DLG DI-205 battery tester comes eighth in our list. Design such that its functional unit offer four main test results indicating the status of the battery and electrical system of the vehicle. These include battery capacity (voltage, CCA, Internal resistance, SOH) and charging system. The full test results are displayed with the date and time in the thermal paper. The interface of this system is done with English and Spanish, thus cater to the needs of both people who are familiar with either of the languages. The heavy-duty carrying case doubles up in making the machine durable and portable.


  • Great valuable meter
  • Capable of providing a charging system test
  • The carrying casing makes the machine to be safe and secure
  • The battery tester is easy to use


  • The cable is short for charging test, but it still works well.

#2. FOXWELL BT705 Battery Tester


This battery tester from FOXWELL is meant to analyze your car battery problems and battery related concerns. FOXWELL BT705 Battery Tester enables you to check the health of your battery with only 5 seconds of your time, although it is a basic device, it is a good tool usually guarantee results to private car owners. It also shows a car cranking system and the charging system. In most cases, this tester is meant for the enthusiast, independent repairs and small garages.

The good thing about this battery tester is the compatibility nature which enables you to use with different types of batteries. You can conduct other tests like conductance test, ripple voltage test with the built-in thermal printer offering quick, easy solutions for technicians. This tester is worth trying out, therefore don’t hesitate to pick this gadget for your car.


  • Provides cranking and charging test to your battery
  • Offer accurate and precise reading of the battery health
  • Resolve car health problem timely without disconnecting the battery
  • Super sturdy and elegantly simple


  • Great product for an individual with limited experience in battery operation

#1. ANCEL Battery Tester


Get yourself a battery tester from ANCEL which is design for 12 V battery testing, 12V starting and charging system with an accurate display of the battery parameters within 2 seconds. By offering you advice on the battery conditions, it prepares you in advance to offer mitigating effects to make you enjoy your ride without unexpected issues. This battery and system tester is able to test 12V lead acid batteries of all brands like Regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM Spiral, GEL, and deep cycle battery.

In addition to that, this system is housed with a rugged which makes it easy to hold on your hand without slipping. The lightweight hand-held battery tester does great for your battery maintenance bay. And the backlit display screen enables you to read even in a dark environment.


  • Super compatible with various type of batteries and vehicles
  • Offer quick and accurate results
  • Operating the battery tester is safe
  • The outer casing is strong hence make the device to be durable


  • Offers only basic test

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Battery Tester

Rugged design

Go for a tester that is built in a sturdy and firm design. Because the tester will be used mostly with your car, ensures that it is capable of withstanding bumps, scraping, rough handling and knocks. The outer casing should be tough to prevent breakages.

Clear display

The display should not only be large but also be clear to enable you to see the readings without straining your eyes. Additionally, ascertain whether the tester you are choosing should have a backlit display, which is appropriate to be used even when dark encroaches.


A good tester will comfortably fit in your hand and you can carry it easily around. The compactness and lightweight feature also will all be contributors to gadget portability.

Function range

Ensure to go for a battery tester that offers you with varied calibrations measurements like the voltage, current in amperes and many more.


As the norm be, companies with reputations have the tendencies of offering high-quality products, choose from a brand with a well-established name. Trying a new brand is risky and you might end up losing your money.


As long as you choose a battery tester that fits your car, analyzing your battery will be made simple and easier. Gone are the days, where you’ll park your car beside the road to go and consult a mechanic. Battery testers not only get their use with car batteries but also be used with standard home batteries and button cells. The advantage with these battery testers is the fact that they offer a wide range of battery diagnostic like, load testing, battery overall health, motor draw which in turn prepares you in advance to respond to any alarming battery issue. Try one of the lists above and your battery miseries will be over.

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