Top 10 Best Baby Play Mat in Reviews

Every parent desires to keep their kids on a clean and safe surface, that’s why one greatest option to have is a baby play mat. Placing on such a surface will enhance the child’s ability to engage with fellow kids happily. Besides, this unit offers your kid a great tummy time and playtime. The mat acts like a baby play gym. What’s more, this may help to strengthen your kid’s neck, upper body muscles, and the head. Your baby will also get advanced crawling skills.

That’s said, it now your turn to purchase one for your baby. However, the market offers a wide range of baby play mat which might deter you from getting the best. But do not worry, we got you covered. In this review, we managed to gather the top 10 Best Baby Play Mat Reviews for your baby. Read through this extensive content to enjoy thrilling shopping experience.

#10. Ashtonbee Waterproof Foldable Reversible Play Mat for Kids & Toddlers

Ashtonbee’s baby play mat is one of the large units yet built in a lightweight and compact design. Also, it is 0.4” thick with five layers when it is folded hence offer great convenience to move around. That also offers a great way of storing. If you are an on-the-go parent, then this mat suits your baby’s needs during camping or when you’re on a trip. Besides, it is waterproof to make cleaning a breeze; simply wipe the dirt, food residue, milk stain or water using a damp piece of cloth. Besides, this gear has education writings on its sides which are eye-catching to interest your baby. Let your baby enjoy a great playing area from this overwhelming mat.


  • A great way to keep your kid safe and entertained
  • The mat is extremely easy to clean with a simple wipe
  • It is compact and lightweight to suit parents on-the-go
  • Has educational prints and patterns that attract kid’s attention


  • Embossed letters that rise can leave an imprint on the kid’s skin

#9. Skip Hop Reversible Waterproof Multi-Colored 86'' x 52'' Vibrant Village Play Mat

If you want your child to get twice the fun and a stylish playtime, a phenomenal play mat is here for you. Skip Hop play mat was designed to double the kid’s fun and puts the safety of your child on top. The colorful look and kid-friendly pattern will enhance his or her creativity. Also, the modern décor print is gorgeous and will leave your kid smiling all day. Additionally, the unit is completely PVC-free and has classic foam which offers a jumbo-size cushioning play area. The mat suits both the playroom and the living room. Make a simple roll-up if you want to go anywhere with it – it is light and easy to store.


  • Has a marvelous modern décor and it is kid-friendly
  • Designed with single sheet construction rolls up for convenient storage
  • It is waterproof to make cleaning a breeze
  • Offers baby-safe floor covering during playtime


  • The mat is thinner than ½ ‘’ and made with weak foam

#8. MQIAOHAM EVA Foam Foldable 16 Pcs & 16 Interlocking Edges Play Mat – Beige

If durability and flexibility are some features you want to get in a mat you wish to purchase, then give a try MQIAOHAM Beige play mat. The mat is suitable for yoga, playroom, exercise, floor protection, etc. Also, it is a safe to foam mat with BPA free, lead-free, phthalate-free. Besides, this mat is made from a soft, durable and safe foam material. Aside from that, it fully complies with the US and Europe safety standards. When it comes to a large play area, this unit is exactly your choice because it gives 46.5” x 46.5” play area. Surprise your child today by picking this great gear.


  • It offers a large play cover area with safety in mind
  • Made from soft, durable and safe foam
  • Has a strong and flexible material that makes it portable
  • Nin-toxic & complies with US and Europe safety standards


  • Locking seems a bit weak

#7. Moroly Non-Toxic Play Mat for Toddlers' Outdoor & Indoor Use (Green Forest)

Do you have a mat that is too small for your baby to play and move around? Or perhaps it gets dirty after a short time and hard to clean? Moroly Mat is here to solve all those problems at a go. The mat is super-large which makes the major choice for most nursing mums. Also, it is foldable and reversible and made from odorless safe materials. More interesting is the strong tensile strength which makes it durable than other materials. Moreover, the waterproof materials which are made to make the mat easy to clean and store.


  • It is easy to clean and easy to store because of the waterproof nature
  • The material is cushioned great to support your kid’s body
  • Has a strong tensile strength that makes it durable than other materials
  • Super large baby play mat that suits your kid to play and move around


  • It is harder to clean unless you use a dry cleaner

#6. Uanlauo Foldable Extra-Large Waterproof Thick Foam Portable Play Mat (Bear)

Uanlauo portable play mat is a thick large unit that supports your child playing activities. This unit enables you to set a safe environment for your baby to play around with comfort and joy yet in a stylish manner. The mat comes in two sides. Even though the mat has a simple pattern and colors, the mat will motivate your child for hours of creativity. Additionally, it has undergone various tests to ascertain that it suits children. Even better is the incredible surface that will give your kid a greater area to train how to walk. Needless to say, it is extremely tough and durable, it will last your family many years of use.


  • Come with extremely tough and durable materials
  • It has undergone stringent US safety standards
  • Has simple patterns and colors that motivate kid’s creativity
  • Can easily fold and waterproof for easy cleaning


  • Has a square raised all over the mat that brings uncomfortable

#5. LITTLE Bot 6.5 ft. x 4.5 ft. waterproof durable Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat – Large

If you ever thought about the next evolution in home comfort, then LITTLE Bot is a great deal. As a fact, this is a great alternative mat for families and babies. The unit is easy to clean as compared to rugs or carpets. What usually makes parents raise concern is the constituent of the mat, we are here to inform you that this choice has no harsh or harmful chemicals in it. Even better, it undergoes a rigorous test to meet the US and Europe standards for greater safety. Additionally, it is versatile and long-lasting which is ideal for outdoor activities, yoga and anywhere on a soft floor.


  • Comes with a memory foam that is soft to touch for comfort
  • Completely safe for you and your baby because it’s non-toxic and odorless
  • Has a compact size perfect for easy use and storage
  • It is versatile and long-lasting play mat for kids


  • It is not pet-friendly and somehow hard to clean

#4. Wonderview Double Side Crawling Thick Extra-Large Play Mat for Kids & Toddler

As the name suggests, Wonderview mat creates the safest place for your baby to roll, play, tumble, sit and stand without any fear. Also, it is easy to fold and store. One surest thing about this mat is that it leaves the kids to explore boldly. Moreover, this mat has a soft color to ensure your child’s eyes are fully protected. In essence, the play activity boosts baby coordination, muscles, and even balance ability. The surface is non-slip and non-toxic making the greatest option for your kid to play freely.


  • It is 2/5” thick and pliable to make your child feel cushioned and comfortable
  • Comes with soft colors to ensure the baby’s eyes are protected
  • Has a zippered carrying bag for easy storage
  • Constructed with a safe, non-toxic and non-slip surface


  • The two-fold is very big

#3. Infant Shining 58'' x 78'' Waterproof & Anti-Slip Folding Mat for Kids (Happy Zoo)

Infant Shining waterproof mat for kids offers greater support and comfort. This mat is safe for children of all ages. The high-density foam material lowers the noise and impacts effectively. A mat with a comfortable and soft touch is always the best choice for a baby’s playtime and crawling. Also, the lightweight design is a great option to take with you to the park, beach or anywhere! Safety is highly advocated with this brand because we want to ensure your kid remains safe at times. So, don’t hesitate, grab this model today to make your child feel loved and cared for.


  • The playmat folds flat that offers easy storage
  • Comes with a unique anti-slip design that protects kids from sliding
  • It is completely BPA free and has undergone various test
  • Cleaning is easy with only a wipe with a soft damp cloth


  • The quality is low and very thin

#2. Tribe West Large Soft Microfiber Natural Rubber Stylish Play Mat Cusco Grey

Tribe West stands as an innovative play mat made of naturally hygienic and harmless substances to offer your kid a clean and comfortable surface to crawl freely. The durable nature and portability feature enable your kid to unroll anywhere without endangering their lives. Let your kid enjoy the environment staying on this padded mat. Storage is easy, you only need to roll up and place in a zippered bag and take it along. This mat is the cleanest of the time with only the need for wiping dirt or milk stain with a piece of a damp cloth.


  • Comes with a natural base and plush that are durable
  • The non-slip surface makes it comfortable to the baby
  • It is versatile and portable hence you can go with it anywhere
  • Has a stylish design that complements your home décor


  • The mat comes in a small size

#1. FORSTART Foldable Non-Toxic Foam 79'' x 71'' with 0.6'' Thick Crawling Mat

Taking the first position is FORSTART foldable crawling mat. The mat is super easy to fold with XPE foam material to create a charming place for your toddler to play around. Every mat from this model has soft colors to offer protection to the baby’s eyes. Furthermore, the play activities involve in this mat enhances the baby’s coordination, muscles, and balance ability. With a lightweight design, you can rest assured to carry it wherever you go. Cleaning this unit is simple and quick because you only need to wipe the dirt with a piece of a damp cloth. Additionally, the gently textured material enables the baby to play even safer and a great choice to prevent slipping or sliding. What are you still waiting for? This baby play mat is what you’ve been searching for a while.


  • Has a lightweight design that enables you to take it anywhere
  • Made of waterproof and non-slip surface that makes cleaning a breeze
  • Comes with an easy to fold design that doesn’t take much space
  • It is BPA free and non-toxic that offers a safe place for baby to play


  • Punctures easily from pet paws

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Baby Play Mat

To make use of your money and to keep you on budget, here are some factors you ought to follow when buying the best baby play mat.


To ease movement and transportation, any baby play mat you select should have a lightweight and ergonomic look. This enables you to fold or roll so quick so that you can move it all over your house. If you plan to carry all the child’s toys, a portable play mat will serve you better.

Toys & Accessories

Kids usually get in love with toys and other accessories a play mat comes with. Other accessories like time pillow is a bonus to any modern baby play mat. So, pay attention to what any set offers to ensure you obtain the best out of your hard-earned money.

Multiple uses

Kids grow with time and the toys and accessories are rendered useless with time. That’s said, it is recommended for you to pick a playmat that can serve your toddler when she or he is older. In this case, you ought to consider play mat with expandable areas that meet the needs of older children.

Padded Surface

A play mat with a padded surface will offer great support to your kid’s body without causing any strain. Ascertain that the unit you are purchasing has enough cushioning to keep your child safe all day.


Indeed a baby play mat is a necessity for any parent with a young baby. The mat offers you great relief on your arms while ensuring your baby’s development and entertainment requirement are met. Don’t overlook the factors given above, because they give you a leeway in acquiring what best suits you and your baby. That’s why this review is important for you. We have offered you the best quality products and not forgetting the safety of your child. Grab one of the choices above to make your child stay comfortable and joyfully.

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